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20 years since SC order Delhi yet to meet 10K buses target

first_imgNew Delhi: It was in July 1998 that the Supreme Court directed the Delhi government to augment its fleet of buses to 10,000 by April 2001, but over 20 years and six governments later, the total buses in the Delhi Trasport Corporation (DTC) cluster fleet stands at 5,576. According to the government data, till March 2019, the total functional buses in Delhi were 5,576 — 3,897 DTC buses and 1,679 cluster buses. The orange buses are operated under the cluster scheme, which was introduced in 2011 to replace the erstwhile blue line buses. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), however, is aiming to roll out about 4,000 more buses to make the count cross 9,500 by May 2020 — although its tenure is ending in February. Of the 4,000 new buses to be added, 1,000 will be standard floor cluster buses and 1,000 will be low floor cluster buses. Apart from clusters, 1,000 CNG low floor buses by DTC and 1,000 electric buses will also be added. In its manifesto in 2015 Assembly polls, the AAP said it will expand the bus services in the city. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings “We will expand bus services in the city on a massive scale, adding at least 5,000 new buses to the city fleet in five years. This will reduce the cost of transportation and pollution in the city,” party’s manifesto read. In February 2015, Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister when the AAP swept the elections and bagged 67 of the 70 seats. But the promise to give 5,000 new buses could not be fulfilled in 4.5 years. The Kejriwal government has blamed non-availability of land for new depots and repeated failure of tenders issued by the DTC for procurement of buses. In July 2018, the Delhi government filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court saying the city is far from its total required 11,000 buses having just 5,554 operational buses. It said there were 1,275 low floor AC buses, 2,506 low floor non-AC buses, 101 green standard floor non-AC buses and 1,672 cluster buses. The data from the Transport Department claimed that there are 58 bus depots in the city till March, having a capacity to park 5,561 buses and are fully utilized. “By March 2020, the department is aiming to increase the number of depots in the city to 70 having a capacity to park 9,500 buses,” a Transport Department official said. Although the data from the Transport Department says the total buses by March were 5,567 in the city, another data released by the Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi earlier this year claimed that there are 5,884 buses functional. It stated that there were 5,847 buses functional in Delhi in 2013-14, which went up to 6,118 in 2014-15. The number reduced to 5,659 in 2015-16 and in the next year it went up to 5,826 buses. The number fell to 5,884 in 2017-18 and remained constant for the last financial year 2018-19. It claimed that the city will get additional 3,000 buses by the next year and the count will be 8,884 functional buses. “Every year, a number of buses are scrapped when they were not found fit for usage, so the number may vary from time to time,” the Transport Department official added. The average daily ridership for DTC buses was 33 lakh between 2018-19, while that of cluster buses was 12.24 lakh. After Delhi Metro, the public buses are the most used public transport in the city. Collectively, the average daily ridership of the two buses is more than that of the Delhi Metro — 22.85 lakh.last_img read more

Iraq crisis spurs first rise in global refugee numbers in five years

19 June 2007The number of refugees worldwide has risen for the first time in five years, largely because of the crisis engulfing Iraq, while the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has nearly doubled as well, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today. About 9.9 million refugees received help from UNHCR last year, an annual increase of 14 per cent – or about 1.2 million – and the highest figure since 2002, according to data released in UNHCR’s latest Global Trends report on the eve of World Refugee Day.The key reason for the surge in numbers, the report’s authors stated, is the violence in Iraq, which has forced 1.2 million people to flee the country since the start of last year, predominantly to either Syria or Jordan.Overall, the biggest national group of refugees remain Afghans (2.1 million), followed by Iraqis (1.5 million), Sudanese (686,000) and Somalis (460,000), but UNHCR noted that thousands of Afghans and Sudanese – as well as Liberians, Burundians and Angolans – were among the 734,000 refugees who returned home voluntarily last year.The refugee figures do not include the estimated 4.3 million Palestinians living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territory who fall under the mandate of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).The number of IDPs being assisted by UNHCR reached a record high of 12.9 million, a dramatic increase on the 2005 figure of 6.6 million. The report said this was driven mainly by improved registration systems, more accurate statistics and UNHCR taking up the lead role for IDP protection in some countries from other agencies.But persistent or fresh conflict in Colombia, Iraq, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste has also contributed to the jump.In total, UNHCR provided assistance last year to almost 33 million people, which includes asylum-seekers, returnees and people deemed stateless as well as refugees and IDPs. This represents a sharp increase on the previous year’s 21 million, but the leap is due partly to new methodologies for collecting and assessing data in some countries.Meanwhile, High Commissioner António Guterres joined more than 160 southern Sudanese refugees yesterday as they made their way home from exile in neighbouring Uganda, where some had been living for two decades.Mr. Guterres, who is on a three-day mission in Africa to coincide with tomorrow’s World Refugee Day, described the repatriation programme to southern Sudan as one of the few bright spots in the region.About 155,000 southern Sudanese have been returning home since the Government and rebels signed a comprehensive peace deal in 2005 ending the long-running north-south civil war.“Life will not be easy; you will face many difficulties,” Mr. Guterres told the returnees, who received a bundle of aid items, food stocks and information on landmines and HIV/AIDS prevention. read more

UN agrees to host two more rounds of climate change talks before

12 April 2010Participants at the United Nations climate change talks in Bonn have agreed to intensify their negotiating schedule in hopes of reaching a strong outcome in Mexico later this year after world leaders were unable to agree on a binding treaty in Copenhagen last December. “At this meeting in Bonn, I have generally seen a strong desire to make progress,” said Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), following the talks over the weekend in Germany.He cautioned, however, that while additional “meeting time is important, it is itself not a recipe for success.” In addition to the negotiating sessions already scheduled for 2010, governments of the 175 countries that participated decided to hold two additional sessions of at least one week each to intensify the search for ways to limit carbon emissions and provide assistance for developing countries.Dates have not yet been set, but the additional meetings will take place between 11 June, when the UNFCCC Convention subsidiary bodies wrap up their session, and 29 November when the UN Climate Change Conference will begin in Cancun, Mexico. “The UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun must do what Copenhagen did not achieve: It must finalize a functioning architecture for implementation that launches global climate action, across the board, especially in developing nations,” said Mr. de Boer.The end result of the previous climate change conference held in Denmark in December 2009 was the Copenhagen Accord, a non-binding document which has now been signed by at least 117 countries.Mr. de Boer stressed that negotiations this year need to finalize mitigation targets and action, a package on adaptation, a new technology mechanism, financial agreements, ways to deal with deforestation, and a capacity-building framework. read more

Sri Lanka fails to show progress in 2018 corruption index

Speaking on Sri Lanka’s performance on the CPI 2018, Transparency International Sri Lanka’s Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere said, “It is important to note that the CPI deals with perceived levels of public sector corruption and as such the existence of a legislative framework, without the will or operational ability to ensure timely justice, reflects on Sri Lanka’s clear lack of progress to date. However, with the likely conclusion of several high-profile corruption cases in 2019, it is essential that all authorities uphold their impartiality and independence. If the application of the law is interpreted as selective or politically motivated, it could prove detrimental to the anti-corruption drive and the justice system”.Transparency International noted that a cross analysis with global democracy data reveals a link between corruption and the health of democracies. Full democracies score an average of 75 on the CPI; flawed democracies score an average of 49; hybrid regimes – which show elements of autocratic tendencies – score 35; autocratic regimes perform worst, with an average score of just 30 on the CPI. Sri Lanka’s CPI score suggests that it falls between a flawed democracy and a hybrid regime. Sri Lanka is ranked 89th in the world and 3rd in South Asia, behind Bhutan (25th) and India (78th). The CPI performance of Sri Lanka underscores its stagnant anti-corruption environment, which has seen the country’s CPI score fluctuate between 36 and 38 since 2013, despite the anti-corruption mandate provided to the government. Sri Lanka has failed to show progress on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), compiled by Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption.Sri Lanka has scored 38 on the CPI 2018 retaining the same score from 2017; on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). read more

The St Catharines riding a Liberal stronghold for over 40 years

Red roots run deep in the St. Catharines riding Liberal incumbent Jim Bradley won his seat in 1977 and has been re-elected in every subsequent election, serving a total of 11 terms. That means Bradley’s constituency office here on Secord Drive has served the St. Catharines riding for over 4 decades.If he’s re-elected, Bradley would become the longest serving Ontario MPP ever. Surpassing Harry Nixon’s 42 year record set back in 1961, but second time PC Candidate Sandie Bellows says that’s not going to happen, because residents have had enough of the Liberal government and NDP candidate Jennie Stevens agrees that Liberal support is slipping.The riding of over 110,000 people includes most of St. Catharines except part of the City’s south which belongs to the Niagara Centre riding. For candidates the top issues include healthcare, and affordable living and with support seemingly split, its unclear just what will happen during tomorrow night’s election. read more

DR of Congo UN human rights chief applauds deployment of emergency force

The top United Nations human rights official today applauded the unanimous decision by the Security Council to authorize the deployment of an international emergency force to the Ituri district of in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). “This is the Security Council at its best,” Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement. “And a demonstration that the Secretary General and the Security Council can act swiftly, hand-in-hand, to protect the lives of the civilian population in conflict areas, a paramount human rights and humanitarian concern.” The Council unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing the deployment of an international emergency force to help stabilize the situation in the DRC’s volatile northeast, where ethnic fighting has killed more than 400 people. The French-led force will be in Bunia until 1 September to contribute to the stabilization of the security and grave humanitarian situation there, as well ensure the protection of the airport, the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the camps and, if the situation requires it, to participate in the protection of the population, UN personnel and the humanitarian presence in town. Earlier Friday, the High Commissioner voiced his concern over the plight of the civilian population in Bunia and the level and extent of the atrocities committed there, especially against women and children. He also strongly deplored the use of the mass media to incite hatred against particular groups and called on all parties to stop the killings of civilians and do their utmost to prevent further violations of humanitarian law and of the most fundamental human rights. “For those who are engaged in such crimes,” he stressed, “there can be no impunity.” Meanwhile, on the ground in Bunia, no fighting was reported today, according to a UN spokesperson in New York. The number of dead bodies collected so far by the local Red Cross, working together with the UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC), now stood at 415. MONUC was also continuing its efforts to re-start negotiations between the militia groups. “In the meantime, general humanitarian activity continues,” Hua Jiang said at a press briefing. “War-wounded patients at the UN clinic in Bunia town have been transferred to the medical facility at the airport. There have been no new war-wounded patients since Tuesday.” In related news, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the refugee influx from the DRC into western Uganda has subsided, with no significant new arrivals reported in the last week. The last major group of refugees – estimated at 1,500 – arrived in Uganda on 20 May, when they followed that country’s troops returning from the DRC’s Ituri district. UNHCR said the majority of the refugees, mainly ethnic Alur who are found on both sides of the border, were opting to stay with friends and relatives rather than being moved to the government-designated refugee settlement. The agency immediately arranged for the transfer of some 17 refugees who were willing to go to the settlement. On Monday, the Ugandan Government and UNHCR plan to assess the numbers of refugees willing to relocate to settlements, and to make logistical arrangements for their transfer. read more

USGS announces 2009 mineral research grants

first_imgThe US Geological Survey (USGS) this week announced the recipients of the agency’s 2009 mineral research grants. The grants will assist researchers’ study of a range of minerals essential to US economic and national security. Grant recipients will study uranium, rare earth elements, copper, tungsten and lithium. Funding for the grants was provided through the USGS Mineral Resources External Research Program. Robert Bodnar of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) will study how the Coles Hill uranium deposit in south central Virginia was formed. The research is expected to document the geologic characteristics of the deposit, determine the age of deposit formation and result in a model that will help with the assessment of uranium potential in other regions of the Eastern US with similar geologic settings.Jaroslav Dostal of St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, will investigate uranium and rare-earth element deposits of the Bokan Mountain granite complex on the Prince of Wales Island in southeastern Alaska. From this study, analogies to similar deposits around the world will be made and the potential for similar deposits in Alaska and western North America can be assessed.Craig Hart of the University of Western Australia will investigate the regional geology and age of igneous rocks, including those of the Pebble copper deposit, in southwest Alaska. The research is expected to yield a better understanding of regional controls on the formation of the Pebble copper deposit and assist with the assessment for similar deposits that might be concealed in this region of Alaska where rocks are largely covered by younger material.Michael McKibben of the University of California, Riverside will study how tungsten and lithium are released into the environment when ore minerals are dissolved by water. The research is expected to provide critical data needed to construct models used in geo-environmental assessments of a number of mineral deposit types that contain tungsten- and lithium-bearing minerals.last_img read more

SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 arrives many more apps on the way

first_imgWhile Microsoft is busy sorting out the SkyDrive apps situation on iOS, it’s also announcing the release of the brand-new SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360. The cloud storage glue that binds together Microsoft’s desktop and mobile operating systems has finally expanded to embrace the living room-dominating game console.On Xbox, the SkyDrive experience is primarily about viewing and sharing the pictures and videos you’ve stored in the cloud. The tiled interface makes it easy to flip through images, and there’s also a party slide show mode — handy for festive occasions where you want some photo ambiance on your big screen before firing up Wipeout for Kinect and watching your friends embarrass themselves. Because it’s pulling SkyDrive data from the cloud, Microsoft also touts the apps’ ability to “instantly” display photos taken with your SkyDrive-connected phone. It works just as well on the Xbox as it does on any other platform with a SkyDrive app.You’re not limited to displaying your own content, either. SkyDrive for Xbox supports shared folders, too, so you can pull up albums your friends have invited you to view.SkyDrive is a huge addition to the platform, but Microsoft isn’t stopping there. More than three dozen apps are due to arrive by January of 2013. Some really big names are on their way, including MTV, PBS, Flixster, Maxim, Deezer and Slacker Radio, and one near and dear to me and my fellow Canucks — Hockey Night in Canada. As always, content offerings will vary by region and you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use some of the apps. Fortunately, it’s holiday time right now and you can pick up a 12-month prepaid card for $39 on a number of different websites.More at The Windows Blog and Major Nelsonlast_img read more

18 people dead after Chineseowned building collapses in Sihanoukville

first_img Load More Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August While there has been no word as to exactly what the development was for, authorities revealed over the weekend that the building was Chinese-owned. Sihanoukville has seen a wave of Chinese development in recent years, particularly related to casinos and hotels.Four people have reportedly been arrested over the incident including the Chinese building owner, the head contractor and head of the construction firm involved. The Cambodia landowner was taken in for questioning.First reports on Saturday stated three people had died with dozens more trapped, however the death toll has steadily risen over the weekend with spokesman Oar Saroeun telling Reuters, “The steel structure has collapsed on itself and we don’t dare move it. We can only wait and listen for any signs of life.“We are afraid more of it will collapse on them. We will work through the night to remove the steel.” Lack of premium mass strategy begs questions of SJM’s Grand Lisboa Palace launch: analysts At least 18 people are reported dead and dozens more injured or missing after a building collapsed on a construction site in the Cambodian town of Sihanoukville.According to reports, the seven-story building was around 80% complete when it collapsed early Saturday, falling onto workers who were sleeping on the site. RelatedPosts Genting’s Resorts World Las Vegas names five key additions to executive teamlast_img read more

Gov Scott honors 3 CubanAmericans

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Governor Rick Scott presented three Cuban-Americans with the Governor’s Freedom Award, Thursday, for their fight for freedom and democracy in Cuba.The ceremony took place at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora.“We receive this award on behalf of my friends who were political prisoners and those who remain in prison,” Angel de Fana said.Scott also told the crowd that he will not do business with Cuba until its people are given freedom and democracy.“It was wonderful to give three freedom awards to individuals. You can’t imagine how they lived their life,” said Scott. “It’s hard to believe that many miles right here from Miami.”Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Digital Analytics Provider comScore To Acquire AdXpose

first_imgcomScore, a digital analytics provider that measures online ads and audiences, is set to acquire AdXpose, an analytics firm. AdXpose provides publishers and advertisers with real-time feedback on the performance of digital advertising campaigns.The deal is expected to close in about two weeks for $22 million, based mainly in stock transactions.According to a press statement, AdXpose provides “billions of campaign data points” to its users, who can then use this information to improve live digital campaigns.“With audience-buying becoming increasingly prevalent in digital media planning today, there is a growing demand for analytical tools that enable greater transparency and accountability in ad delivery. The AdXpose technology will enable comScore to bring this important dimension of advertising effectiveness to its clients,” says Dr. Magid Abraham, president and CEO of comScore. Publishers and advertisers are both investing significantly in metric measurement for digital content and advertisement. Conde Nast, Hearst and Bonnier all launched campaigns in recent weeks to greater define and track audience interaction with digital content; both Conde and Time Inc. say the companies are releasing digital sub numbers to ABC. Time Inc. is slated to share these numbers in January 2012, when its full magazine portfolio is available on the tablet platform.last_img read more

State Releases Plan For Maritime Workforce

first_imgIt’s a topic talked about often around Petersburg – what kind of jobs are most needed for the fishing fleets and boats of this coastal community and how to fill those jobs. A new plan released by state this spring identifies the highest work force needs around Alaska for seafood harvesting, processing, fishery management as well as ship operations and repair. The plan also lists steps forward to fill those jobs.(KFSK photo)The maritime industry is Alaska’s largest private employer with more than 70,000 jobs across the four sectors. More than 50,000 of those are in commercial fishing and seafood processing. But employers have told the state that the supply of skilled workers is not meeting demand – and that’s where this document comes in.“The Alaska maritime workforce development plan really represents a way to really look at the workforce development system, from the k-12 education system, post-secondary education, any specific occupational training and then what employers are demanding, what kinds of skill sets they need and figuring out ways to bridge those two systems so that the education and training system is delivering workers with the right skill sets at the right time,” said Wanetta Ayers, business partnerships director with the state’s Department of Labor.An advisory committee of industry representatives worked with five state agencies and the University of Alaska to draft the plan over the past two years. Kris Norosz who works with Icicle Seafoods in Petersburg was co-chair of that advisory committee. “I think the big message is there’s a lot of jobs in the maritime industry in Alaska. Many of the jobs require very similar skills. Just because you might get started on a particular career track doesn’t mean that you can’t veer off and go into something different, but still use those same skills.”The plan names four sectors of the maritime industry. Those are seafood harvesting, seafood processing, management of fisheries and ship building, operations and repair. It also lists 23 priority occupations where a workforce is not meeting industry demand. They range from permit holders and crew members for fishing boats under the harvesting category, to plant managers, machinists and refrigerant specialists for processing plants. Under research and management, the needs are fish biologists and hatchery managers among others, while captain, deckhands and ship builders are needed for support industries.Norosz said the plan lists strategies for helping people secure those jobs. “And those strategies might include reaching down into the middle school and high school level to make kids aware that opportunities are available, what they need to be work ready when they graduate from high school. You know we want em drug free, we’d like to have the free of any criminal record and we want them physically able to be ready to work.”Norosz said other strategies are designed things for people who want to change careers. She noted the plan has already produced some newly trained workers through the University system. “You know as a result of just putting this plan together, we’ve already connected people to take refrigeration classes that were offered up at the Mat-Su campus that none of us knew even existed. So I think we got 12 people through that in April. And now that instructor’s going down to Dutch Harbor Unalaska to talk to the processors there and offer a class right there at one of the plants.”Norosz said the university is also developing other training opportunities. “I know that the company I work for Icicle makes an annual donation to the University of Alaska. We put up 40 thousand dollars last fall, which the university was able to match. So with that 80 thousand dollars, they’re developing a two week program for people to go through a program for people to become employable as quality assurance technicians.”Once workers are trained, the next step is connecting them with job opportunities and employers.To that end, the department of labors Ayers said the agency plans to rollout a new website portal for people to explore careers and opportunities online. “For example you’ll be able to go in on the maritime jobs site and take a look at biometrician let’s say or even an electrician, that’s also one of the priority occupations in the maritime industry and see not only the labor market information for that, what’s the typical wages, what kind of outlook for growth in that particular occupation and then also listed on that same page are what the training resources are to be able to prepare for that occupation.”The plan is available here.last_img read more

Robert Downey Jr talks about Avengers Endgame ending

first_imgNot only Robert Downey Jr. but other stars of Marvel Cinematic Universe has talked about the Endgame ending. As per Chris Evans, “Every time you think Marvel’s pulled every single trick out of the bag, they actually saved the best stuff for this one.” Whereas, Jeremy Renner stated that the storytelling of Endgame movie is insane and “you don’t know what to expect.”That being said, the most recent trailers of Avengers: Endgame has somehow spoiled Tony Stark’s part for a lot of fans. As per the recently released teasers and special look, Tony Stark has finally made his way to the planet Earth and has even asked Steve Rogers aka Captain America to trust him in his fight against the Mad Titan Thanos.There are several theories that suggest that Avengers: Endgame movie is going to be the last time when we are going to see Robert Downey Jr. playing the role of Tony Stark. Some has even suggested that just like Christopher Nolan’s Bruce Wayne, even Tony will get retired and may have cameos in future Marvel movies.Avengers: Endgame is scheduled to release on April 26, 2019. Robert Downey Jr as Tony StarkFacebook / Iron ManAvengers: Endgame movie is only a couple of weeks away and movie’s lead star Robert Downey Jr. has finally talked about the ending which we all have been waiting for.In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. plays the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The character was deeply wounded (physically and emotionally both) after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Along with Nebula, he was left stranded on the planet Titan. In the very first trailer of Avengers 4, we got to see Tony alone in the spaceship, drifting alone in the universe.After Infinity War, fans were left wondering how the events of Endgame are going to take place. Ever since the release of Infinity War, fans have been coming up with different theories about the superheroes. Most recently, fans were wondering how Ant-Man will crawl up to Thanos’ back and will make him explode. Josh Brolin has debunked this theory but nonetheless, the internet is filled with several crazy theories when it comes to Avengers: Endgame. As per Robert Downey Jr., fans will never be able to guess what is going to happen and how the events will unfold in the upcoming MCU movie.”I guarantee you there is no way anybody could guess what’s going to happen,” Downey Jr. recently said.last_img read more

Where Is The Price Of Oil Headed This Company Predicts

first_img Share Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: X Ed MayberrySuzanne Minter with Platts AnalyticsThe name “Benposium” comes from Bentek Energy, which was acquired by Platts in 2011. Platts Analytics specializes in price forecasting in oil and natural gas, liquified natural gas, shale oil and other commodities.The Benposium focused on production, transportation and storage, electric power, emerging gas demand, global LNG, U.S. exports and weathering the storm and profit from the lower-for-longer price world.Suzanne Minter managed their oil and gas consulting group, and joined News 88.7 business reporter Ed Mayberry for the Bauer Business Focus. 00:00 /03:35last_img

Dallas Dance BCPS Superintendent Awaits Fate

first_imgDallas Dance is anxious to know whether he’ll get another four years at the helm of Baltimore County Public Schools.The schools superintendent asked the school board to let him know by the end of November whether his contract would be renewed when it expires June 30. By law, however, the board cannot sign a contract with Dance before Feb. 1.“For me it was about reassuring the county,” the 34-year-old administrator told the AFRO. “Even though the board doesn’t have to sign a contract until February, I think it is important to send a message to the community about whether they will have to move in a different direction or not.”Dance said he is proud of the course the school district has taken under his leadership.When he came to the job in 2012 as a fresh-eyed 31-year-old transplant from Houston, where he served as one of three chief school officers in the Houston Independent School District, Dance said his first test was figuring out how to build on the legacy of former long-time superintendent, Joe Hairston.“Just trying to figure out how to take a good school district and make it better” was a key challenge, said the educator, who earned doctorate and master’s degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Union University.Even more difficult, however, was the work involved in building relationships with the community and getting different stakeholders to coalesce around a shared plan.“Relationships is key to success in this position,” Dance said. “When I first came there were a lot of communication and trust issues.”The superintendent’s critics, for example, point to his seemingly unilateral decision to change the high schools’ schedule from seven to eight periods back in 2013.Others point to the dustup that occurred when it was discovered Dance was being paid as a consultant and trainer for SUPES Academy, an Illinois-based firm that was contracted by BCPS to provide training to its principals. Dance has himself acknowledged the misstep (he later resigned from the job).The superintendent said his administration has worked hard to move past those barriers, however, and he is most proud of what they have done in terms of making connections with parents, businesses, lawmakers, etc. Laying that groundwork has translated into more support—monetarily and otherwise—for the district.Such was the case with Blueprint 2.0, a five-year strategic plan spearheaded by Dance that is focused on improving academics, safety, communication and organizational effectiveness.Under the plan, for example, Dance set a goal of boosting digital learning by putting individual computers into each student’s hands and of ensuring all BCPS students are fluent in a second languageOther initiatives have also begun to have an impact, such as a computer tracking system that helps to flag students in need which has helped to boost graduation rates, including those of Blacks and other minorities. According to the Maryland Report Card, in 2011, the four-year cohort average graduation rate for BCPS high-schoolers was 82 percent and 80 percent for Black students. In 2014, the average graduation rate increased to 88 percent for all students and 87 percent for Black students, earning BCPS the designation of a national “District of Distinction” by District Administration magazine.Dance added that a significant percentage of Baltimore County schools are consistently named among the nation’s top-ranked institutions and several are Maryland and national blue ribbon schools.As a result of the advances spearheaded by Dance, BCPS was accepted into the League of Innovative Schools, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded a $1.5 million grant to BCPS, according to the district’s website. Additionally, Dance was selected by President Barack Obama as one of 10 national “Connected Educator Champions of Change” in 2014 and was appointed to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans and to the executive committee of the American Association of School Administrators.Dance said if he is given another term as superintendent, he wants to build on what his administration has already achieved and to put more emphasis on issues such as the gender achievement gap and on equity.“We have not had enough conversations about how adult decisions affect students,” Dance said, highlighting issues such as disparate funding and unequal equal access to highly-trained teachers and high-quality courses, such as AP classes, in certain schools.In order to continue making those improvement, however, the school board will have to make a decision on his contract, which he said is currently still being negotiated.“Stability in leadership is important in any organization when you’re trying to get certain things done,” concluded. zprince@afro.comlast_img read more

Generally Speaking A Primer on General Relativity

first_img“The one sentence statement of general relativity is that ‘gravity is the curvature of spacetime,’” explains Dr. Sean Carroll, assistant professor of physics at the University of Chicago. “Really, the differences come in understanding what that sentence means.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Carroll says that origin of the theory of general relativity dates to 1905, when scientists, notably including Albert Einstein, realized that space and time are related characteristics of a four-dimensional existence. “When you meet someone for coffee,” says Carroll, “you have to give four numbers of where to meet. Three of them are in space — latitude, longitude, and height above ground — and the fourth is what time to meet.”However, within this new 4-D framework, says Carroll, Einstein could not understand gravity, and how it worked in spacetime. He decided that rather than being a force, like electromagnetism, gravity must be a property: a geometric curvature. Even though we agree that the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, this rule changes when a curve is involved. When that same triangle is put on a sphere, the angles add up to more than 180 degrees. Likewise, when the curvature of spacetime is recognized, the basic rules thought to apply to gravity are changed.Lately, though, general relativity has been looked at closely. Carroll says that while no evidence exists for the overthrow of the theory of general relativity, there are some points where general relativity may not apply. “General relativity is doing really well,” he explains to, “but there are two places where it might break down.”These two places, Carroll says, have to do with very short distances and on very large scales. With very short distances, in terms of quantum mechanics, there are problems with gravity and with general relativity. The theory does not apply in the same way as it does with longer spacetime distances. “In classical general relativity, spacetime has a geometry; in quantum gravity, there should be a wave function that tells us what the likelihood is that spacetime has one of various geometries,” Carroll explains. Even though no experiment exists yet that has cracked the theory of quantum gravity, a new test is being developed in Europe to try and work toward just that (read about it on other breakdown might occur on large scales. There is still much about the larger scales that remain hypothetical. General relativity is one of those things. “There is still a question of how much curvature is caused by a certain amount of energy and mass,” says Carroll. “Einstein suggested an equation that related energy to the curvature of spacetime, but it may be right in some circumstances and not in others.” He explains that breaking down dark energy and matter is necessary to understand the implications, but that, so far, their existence is only known through their gravity. “That could be a sign that general relativity breaks down at this scale.”Carroll also addresses the case of special relativity. “Special relativity is special because it is a special case of general relativity. General relativity is, well, general, and special relativity is one particular case.”In the case of special relativity, gravity is “turned off.” Carroll explains that gravity can be ignored in this subset because it is such a weak force. “Special relativity deals with the idea that different people moving at different velocities will have different perceptions of what they see, and gravity is not taken into account.” But, he continues, work with particle accelerators show that special relativity is extremely accurate for many experiments.Understanding general relativity is more a function of realizing that gravity is a property of spacetime, and one of its properties is gravity, which is actually a curvature. The effects we see, explains Carroll, comes from the fact that particles cannot move in a straight line. “Particles are trying to move in straight lines,” he says, “but there are no straight lines because spacetime is curved.”By Miranda Marquit, Copyright 2006 PhysOrg.comcenter_img Citation: Generally Speaking: A Primer on General Relativity (2006, April 13) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Cutting pollution wont cause Global warming spike

first_imgFears that efforts to reduce air pollution could dramatically speed up the process of global warming may be unfounded, according to a study unveiled recently.. Scientists have long worried that air pollution, while having a devastating impact on human health, may paradoxically have been acting as a ‘brake’ on the heating of the atmosphere, said researchers at the University of Reading in the UK. Pollution particles help clouds to form with more water droplets, meaning they reflect more of the Sun’s energy back into space, they said. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfUntil now, the extent to which pollution inadvertently helps to cool the planet has not been clear. If the cooling is strong, it would mean that efforts to clean up the air could actually accelerate global warming, making efforts to tackle climate change even more difficult. However, new research published in the journal Nature has shown pollution affects different clouds in different ways. While some clouds get thicker, others become thinner, meaning pollution is unlikely to offset more than half of greenhouse gas warming, researchers said. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe findings offer greater hope that current plans to curb global warming by moving to cleaner sources of energy may still work without leading to an unexpected extra source of heating, they said. “Until now, it was assumed that thicker clouds form when water droplets condense around the particles in polluted air, delaying rainfall, and allowing clouds to reflect more sunlight back into space,” said Velle Toll, lead author of the study, now at the University of Tartu in Estonia. “To test this, we studied satellite data from clouds near sources of pollution. In fact, there was little change in average water content across all the polluted clouds we found, showing that pollution makes little difference overall to many types of clouds. Some clouds got thicker, but other areas thinned out,” Toll said. Th study reduces a big area of uncertainty for future forecasts of the climate. “Our study provides more evidence that cutting emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollution is a win-win situation for the health of people’s lungs and for preventing the worst impacts of climate change,” said Toll. The researchers scoured the world for clouds formed over areas of pollution using near-infrared satellite images. Clouds affected by pollution appear ‘brighter’ in these images, researchers said. They located hundreds of polluted clouds around the world, produced by tiny pollution particles from sources such as volcanoes, cities, ships, factories and wildfires. The team analysed whether changes to clouds simulated by climate models are accurate, in order to better predict future climate change. “The fear that reducing air pollution could lead to a spike in global warming has been a lingering concern for climate scientists,” said Nicolas Bellouin, study co-author from the University of Reading. The study provides assurances that polluted air has a limited ability to prevent the atmosphere from heating up, in addition to being bad for people’s health. “There is now one less excuse for us not to cut emissions of both air pollution and greenhouse gases, or we will continue to see temperature rises that put people and the natural world in danger.”last_img read more

2 grown up Harry Potters will compete on Broadway

first_img2 grown up Harry Potters will compete on Broadway soon NEW YORK, N.Y. – This fall, Broadway-goers will get a chance to see both Harry Potter and “Harry Potter.”Daniel Radcliffe, who played the boy wizard in the J.K. Rowling franchise, will return to Broadway in “The Lifespan of a Fact,” co-starring Bobby Cannavale and Cherry Jones. Leigh Silverman will direct.The show will begin performances on Sept. 20 and will officially open on October 18. It will face-off against the Tony-nominated play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” which picks up 19 years from where Rowling’s last novel left off and portrays Potter and his friends as grown-ups.“The Lifespan of a Fact” centres on the investigation of a Las Vegas teen’s suicide. Radcliffe’s Broadway credits include “Equus,” ”How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” FILE – In this Sept. 23, 2016 file photo, Daniel Radcliffe arrives at the Empire Live event in London. Radcliffe, who played the boy wizard in the J.K. Rowling franchise, will return to Broadway in “The Lifespan of a Fact,” co-starring Bobby Cannavale and Cherry Jones. Leigh Silverman will direct. The show will begin performances on Sept. 20, 2018 and will officially open on October 18. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP, File) center_img by The Associated Press Posted Jun 9, 2018 8:14 am PDT Last Updated Jun 9, 2018 at 9:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

The Motet Death or Devotion The Motet Unsuspe

first_img The Motet, “Death or Devotion” (The Motet)Unsuspecting listeners may stumble into “Death or Devotion” and, based on first impressions, figure that it’s a lost funk/soul gem from the late 1970s. They may even guess The Motet is a band whose only album — maybe long out-of-print or even hardly ever in-print — was discovered by a crate-digging DJ in a basement record store in Brooklyn or Los Angeles.In fact, The Motet is a Denver-based septet that’s been around for nearly two decades and “Death or Devotion” is the band’s ninth studio album. It is a funk/soul gem, but luckily it’s not at all lost.Already on lead track “Highly Compatible,” The Motet’s intentions are clear. Strings, horn accents, vintage keyboard sounds, funky bass grooves and Lyle Divinsky’s vocals are all at the service of a smooth flow that’s dancefloor ready and a fun listen to boot.The album’s first single, “Whacha Gonna Bring,” besides conveying a message of tolerance and understanding, was tied to efforts to sign up voters for last year’s mid-term election. While the album’s title isn’t directly mentioned in the single’s lyrics, the song attempts to inspire some reflection and make us more conscious about the choices we make and the attitudes we assume.There’s a lot of positivity in the songs, plenty of passion — both idealist and sensual — and it all comes full circle with the nearly instrumental “Speed of Light,” which sounds like a Rick James riff done like Daft Punk where even the usually overused vocoder fits the bill.Pablo Gorondi, The Associated Press This cover image released by The Motet shows “Death or Devotion,” by The Motet. (The Motet via AP) Review: The Motet brews funky grooves on ‘Death or Devotion’ AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Pablo Gorondi, The Associated Press Posted Jan 31, 2019 11:38 am PDTlast_img read more

rural developmentb

rural development.

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” But researchers who doubt that language plays a central role in thinking are likely to remain skeptical. which a judge threw out.Destiny Dusosky of Sauk Rapids on Tuesday," Chan told Radio Television Hong Kong. and their equivalents throughout the animal kingdom has matured into a solid biological discipline,’” said Elaine Kamarck, relaxation, and the last candidate in either party to win without Ohio was Democrat John F. even for smaller institutions that are part of a larger network of ATMs. read more

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