Red roots run deep in the St. Catharines riding Liberal incumbent Jim Bradley won his seat in 1977 and has been re-elected in every subsequent election, serving a total of 11 terms. That means Bradley’s constituency office here on Secord Drive has served the St. Catharines riding for over 4 decades.If he’s re-elected, Bradley would become the longest serving Ontario MPP ever. Surpassing Harry Nixon’s 42 year record set back in 1961, but second time PC Candidate Sandie Bellows says that’s not going to happen, because residents have had enough of the Liberal government and NDP candidate Jennie Stevens agrees that Liberal support is slipping.The riding of over 110,000 people includes most of St. Catharines except part of the City’s south which belongs to the Niagara Centre riding. For candidates the top issues include healthcare, and affordable living and with support seemingly split, its unclear just what will happen during tomorrow night’s election.