The authorities in India suspect that the doctor could be from one of the southern states of the country. He is believed to be chief of the recruitment cell of the Islamic State. The agencies believe that he already has recruited youths from several countries for the Islamic State.The security agencies are questioning all those ISIS operatives and suspects whom they have arrested in recent months to ascertain the identity of the suspected Indian doctor. (Colombo Gazette) The video shows a health service centre with all modern medical facilities. The suspected Indian doctor works at the physiotherapy centre. The video names the doctor as Abu al Muqatil, which the agencies suspect could be a codename for the person. The security agencies are trying to decode the information in the codename. But, it has remained a puzzle till date. He claims that doctors from several countries including Australia, Russia and Sri Lanka are working at the health centre located at Raqqa.“We have people from many countries working at the physiotherapy centre of the hospital… We have a team of female staffers for women and children visiting the hospital for treatment… We appeal to medical professionals from all over the world to come and join the Islamic movement,” the suspected Indian doctor says. Sri Lankan doctors are working for the Islamic State, a suspected Indian doctor has claimed in a video.The 15:28-minute video has put the Indian security agencies on their toes. The video has been released by the Islamic State describing its health services. It features a suspected Indian doctor, whose identity has not been established, India Today reported.