first_imgLast season he would still participate in three more games in the white coliseum (against Huesca, the only one who completed, Eibar and Athletic), but he did not see a door. And in the current one, there is a devastating fact: he has only completed one meeting of the seven that has been available to Zidane. It is true that he has had various muscle injuries (ankle problems, soleus injuries) to be off. But also There have been other factors: he did not play against Levante (Matchday 4) this season when he was sent off. for double yellow at Villarreal, for example, and also because the Welshman has not played his part in his relationship with the coach, who has always sought to reintegrate him with the group. Last season, without going any further, he decided to go to Wales after losing in Vallecas with Rayo: he asked that a club car take him to the airport from the Vallecano stadium, something that angered and deteriorated his relationship with the coach: he was not called for the penultimate match at home, against Villarreal, and the final match of the season saw him from the bench.This year he returned to repeat incident: Zidane decided not to summon him for the match against Osasuna (it was played during the week) with the intention that he would be fresh for the derby against Atlético. The player did not like this technical decision. Against the rojiblancos he was apathetic and was not called up for the match against Bruges on the return of the Champions League to the Bernabéu. What’s more, that day he arrived with the game started (it started at 18:00 and the Welshman entered the stadium minutes later). Since then, either he has not finished a game, or he has entered from the bench, or he has seen him from his seat with the rest of his teammates. He has only completed one match at the Bernabéu this year: in the draw against Valladolid on the second day of the League… Gareth Bale (30 years) star again: It is a year since his last goal at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. On March 16, 2019, Madrid received Celta in a cloudy environment. When Zidane returned to the Madrid bench, he was joined by the disappointment of a fans who had seen how in just one week he had lost any chance of lifting a second title after lifting the Club World Cup in December 2018. Zizou returned to the one he had It was his home and he did it looking back at a series of players who had been portrayed in the eyes of the white parish. One of them was Bale himself.After a bland first half, the Whites would end up imposing themselves 2-0. The second goal was the work of the white 11: it was an advance by Marcelo on the left wing in the 77th minute. The Brazilian focused on Bale, who burst through the center. He controlled the ball. He put it on his right leg and did not hesitate: He released a cross shoe that touched the post and entered. It was his eighth goal in LaLiga 2018-19 (the fourteenth in the entire season, after another three goals in the Champions League and another three in the Club World Cup) … and the last goal of the white winger that the Madrid stadium has seen since then.last_img