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Mirandés leaves San Sebastián alive and the semifinal of Copa will be decided in Anduva

first_imgA gray Real Sociedad wins by the minimum (2-1) to Iraola’sMatheus’s goal gives a lot of life to those of Miranda de Ebro The ‘rojillos’ were stretched on a shot by Álvaro Rey with more danger than Remiro imagined and shortly thereafter came the draw after a sensational robbery by Malsa. The ball fell on Mattheus’s feet and the rest was as usual. Trimming and stumbling shot that could not stop the San Sebastian goal.The goal was the sixth of Mattheus in the Cup, who has a special idyll with the ‘K.O’ tournament, after complicating the life of Le Normand, and surprising the old Anoeta with an excellent resource to define in the heart of the area. The goal blew up the thousand followers of the Mirandés who traveled to Euskadi.However, before the break, the Royal Society found excessive prize in a personal play by Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian shot Limones, his rejection was not taken advantage of by Portu, but a second rejection returned to the boots of the player assigned by Real Madrid, who this time did not forgive to place the 2-1.Everything indicated that the second part would serve the ‘txuri urdines’ to extend the rent and leave the tie very on track, but quite the opposite. Those of Iraola rearmed defensively and endured perfectly. Of course, the home enjoyed up to two clear occasions through the mediation of Portu and Isak, the Swede went empty for the first time in the last seven games.Antonio Sánchez also tried his luck with a shot from a distance, but he didn’t beat Remiro either. The game ended with the result at the break and with the feeling that Mirandés will have many options to play the first final of its history on March 4.DATA SHEET.–OUTCOME: REAL SOCIEDAD, 2 – MIRANDÉS, 1 (2-1, at rest).– ALIGNMENTS.REAL SOCIETY: I remove; Zaldua, Aritz (Guevara, min. 68), Le Normand, Monreal; Merino, Zubeldia, Odegaard; Portu (Januzaj, min.77), Isak (Willian José, min.68) and Oyarzabal.MIRANDÉS CD: Lemons; A.Gonzalez, Onaindia, S.Gonzalez, Kijera; Malsa, Antonio Sánchez (Álvaro Peña, min. 77), Rey (Vicente, min. 86), Guridi, Merquelanz; and Mattheus (De Sousa, min. 70).– GOALS:1 – 0, min. 9, Oyarzabal, penalty.1 – 1, min. 40, Mattheus.2 – 1, min. 42, Odegaard.–REFEREE: Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño). Amonestó with yellow card to Monreal (min.17), Oyarzabal (min.48) and Zaldua (min.82) in the Real Sociedad; and to Kijera (min. 45) in Mirandés.–STADIUM: Reale Arena. 35,194 spectators. The Mirandés came out with a lot of life from San Sebastián after falling in the first round of semifinals by the minimum (2-1) and will play in Anduva with many options to fight for their first Copa del Rey final, while the Royal Society wasted the opportunity to leave the qualifying hearing for sentencing.The reddish box, in the semifinals for the second time in its history, gave face in Donosti and did it with a version of a lot of work, a lot of courage and a lot of daring. Andoni Iraola’s pupils were not impressed by either the stage, or the rival, or the pressure that history added to them.And that the movie did not start in the best possible way for the Castilian-Leonese. At seven minutes, a discreet Odei penalty on Portu was decreed as a maximum penalty by Gil Manzano and the VAR did not have to interfere with the decision of the referee. Oyarzabal launched from eleven meters and demonstrated its enormous reliability. Seven penalties and seven goals.The 1-0 did not intimidate the Burgos, quite the contrary, who bet on the counterattack and the speed of their gangs to disturb those of Imanol Alguacil. The Real was far from its best level, but the difference in category was already a plus that was noticed from the beginning. However, the Mirandés did not hit the knee and never gave up.center_img Photo: EFElast_img read more

Nuno: “There are people who are dying and we are here playing a soccer game, it is absurd”

first_img“You play a soccer game, but look what is happening all over the world, with sick people, people who are dying …. “Nuno told ‘BT Sport’, before his team jumped onto the field to face Olympiacos in the second European competition.“There are people who die and you are here playing a soccer game. It’s stupid“added the Portuguese coach, whose team has played behind closed doors against the Greeks.”Playing without fans does not make sense, football serves to entertain and we play for them“he added. “The current situation is above football, we have to know it, and everyone is concerned. Closing the stadium door is not the solution, all this is not normal“Nuno explained to Sky Sports in the pre-match against Olympiacos.”Why don’t we stop? It is dangerous to continue with this attitude“he finished.Solbakken: “I was surprised by UEFA’s arrogance”The Copenhagen coach also expressed his disagreement with the fact that the match was played normally: “It should never have been played. It has been a very, very difficult day for players due to the development of the coronavirus in Denmark. They have wives, children, parents and grandparents that they think about. It’s amazing that they came out and played like tonight. It bears witness to a collective strength and support system across the team. “He also charged against UEFA: “I’m amazed at UEFA’s arrogance and was even more upset when I went down to the locker room after the game and heard that from tomorrow onwards all matches in Turkey would be played without fans.. There is no point in talking about the match today, but everyone has made a fantastic effort. In my opinion, this tournament fell today. “ Wolverhampton Wanderers coach Nuno Espírito Santo strongly criticized the decision of UEFA to make them play this Thursday the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League and assured that it is “absurd” because there are people who are “dying”.last_img read more

It is one year since Bale’s last goal at the Santiago Bernabéu

first_imgLast season he would still participate in three more games in the white coliseum (against Huesca, the only one who completed, Eibar and Athletic), but he did not see a door. And in the current one, there is a devastating fact: he has only completed one meeting of the seven that has been available to Zidane. It is true that he has had various muscle injuries (ankle problems, soleus injuries) to be off. But also There have been other factors: he did not play against Levante (Matchday 4) this season when he was sent off. for double yellow at Villarreal, for example, and also because the Welshman has not played his part in his relationship with the coach, who has always sought to reintegrate him with the group. Last season, without going any further, he decided to go to Wales after losing in Vallecas with Rayo: he asked that a club car take him to the airport from the Vallecano stadium, something that angered and deteriorated his relationship with the coach: he was not called for the penultimate match at home, against Villarreal, and the final match of the season saw him from the bench.This year he returned to repeat incident: Zidane decided not to summon him for the match against Osasuna (it was played during the week) with the intention that he would be fresh for the derby against Atlético. The player did not like this technical decision. Against the rojiblancos he was apathetic and was not called up for the match against Bruges on the return of the Champions League to the Bernabéu. What’s more, that day he arrived with the game started (it started at 18:00 and the Welshman entered the stadium minutes later). Since then, either he has not finished a game, or he has entered from the bench, or he has seen him from his seat with the rest of his teammates. He has only completed one match at the Bernabéu this year: in the draw against Valladolid on the second day of the League… Gareth Bale (30 years) star again: It is a year since his last goal at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. On March 16, 2019, Madrid received Celta in a cloudy environment. When Zidane returned to the Madrid bench, he was joined by the disappointment of a fans who had seen how in just one week he had lost any chance of lifting a second title after lifting the Club World Cup in December 2018. Zizou returned to the one he had It was his home and he did it looking back at a series of players who had been portrayed in the eyes of the white parish. One of them was Bale himself.After a bland first half, the Whites would end up imposing themselves 2-0. The second goal was the work of the white 11: it was an advance by Marcelo on the left wing in the 77th minute. The Brazilian focused on Bale, who burst through the center. He controlled the ball. He put it on his right leg and did not hesitate: He released a cross shoe that touched the post and entered. It was his eighth goal in LaLiga 2018-19 (the fourteenth in the entire season, after another three goals in the Champions League and another three in the Club World Cup) … and the last goal of the white winger that the Madrid stadium has seen since then.last_img read more

Betis wants to advance their planning, as in 18-19

first_imgLaLiga Santander Betis knows that the accounts will be tighter than last summer and that is why it is already contemplating movements that may prevent the prices of some players from skyrocketing in the market. In the past summer, the club already had difficulties in streamlining efforts and had to pay high amounts for some footballers who were at the expense of the sports management. Cases such as those of Borja Iglesias or Álex Moreno, arrived almost at the beginning of the league, greatly affected the rest of the operations in Heliópolis.Precisely the structure of the next sports management is another of the dilemmas in the Baetic entity, that contemplates changes that could give a boost to this area after the departure of Lorenzo Serra Ferrer and the drawbacks that are already arising under this model in which there is no dominant figure at the controls of planning. Both the vice president José Miguel López Catalán and the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Alexis Trujillo, They took the greatest weight in the last two transfer markets and it is expected that there will be variations in the club in the face of their plans for the immediate future. * Data updated as of March 26, 2020center_img Betis does not want to wait until the end of this campaign to adjust certain plans for its next project. With the European banknote converted into an almost utopian objective, the entity is aware that it will have to further adjust its financial accounts in order to revolutionize its workforce again. “There are already many advanced things,” said the club’s corporate general manager, Federico Martínez Feria, in a recent interview with the official media.In this sense, a certain parallel is sought to what was achieved two years ago, when in planning for 2018-2019 the club managed to tie several reinforcements before the summer market arrived. Pieces such as Canales, Pau López or Inui became early signings upon termination of the contract with their respective clubs and after negotiations executed in advance.last_img read more

The controversial anti-Madrid clause

first_imgLongatwentyLogroño20,000 FonttwentyBarcelona100,000 PlayerAgeTeamAmount Velázqueztwenty-oneLogroño10,000 Armengoltwenty-oneBarcelona100,000 Maite Oroz22Athletic250,000 Eva Navarro19I raised500,000 AndújartwentyBarcelona100,000 Pineapple18Barcelona100,000 TorrodàtwentySpanish20,000 The next transfer market at Primera Iberdrola will be very different. The collective agreement, signed just over a month ago, includes several points that regulate the termination of contracts and the signings. One of these articles, specifically number 20, has generated great controversy. This is the preparation compensation whereby clubs can establish a clause in the contracts of the players under 23 years old whose connection is close to ending.A clause that many refer to as ‘anti-Madrid’, since many of the players that appear on the list, which has a total of seventeen names, were on the white club’s agenda for the project with which Real Madrid Femenino will debut from next June. However, from the employers deny this idea. “This point is to defend small clubs against big ones, exactly the same as occurs in the male covenant. He has not gotten into going against Real Madrid. Simply It has coincided that the agreement has been signed with the entry of Real Madrid“, they confirm to AS from the Association of Clubs.The controversy has taken hold after the statements of the father of one of the players affected by this clause, Athletic footballer Damaris Egurrola, in an interview with La Ser. “We did not expect it. She believes she has the right to decide her future. The sports director told me that if the club wanted, he could ask for a million euros. I replied that how could they ask for that after what they paid my daughter, which is a salary of 24,000 euros gross, “says the midfielder’s father, whose name has been strongly linked to Real Madrid. the case of his partner Maite Oroz, who also appears on the list and who would already have tied his future as a Real Madrid player, as AS has learned. His cases are the most famous these days, but not the only ones.Compensation is a replica of the masculineThe compensation clause, and not of training rights, has received the same treatment in the feminine agreement as in the masculine one. Unions and clubs agree that a copy was made on these types of articles. One of the parties to the agreement, Footballers ON, admits that there are certain “gaps”. “Nobody opposes this article, but we must claim that these clauses are consistent with the salary that the players have”, declare from the union, that it has put a claim for the figures set in this list. To this, they add: “as it stands, it is subject to interpretation. That is why we have asked that a limit be attached according to wages.” LuzuriagatwentyLogroño10,000 For its part, the employers reiterate that it is something “that has been in force in the masculine 35 years” and that it must be taken into account that if this clause is given, 15% of the amount is for the player. If nobody pays the compensation and the player is still in the club, he is forced to raise his salary by 7% of the amounts that was requested in the compensation clause.COMPENSATION LIST FOR THE FIRST IBERDROLA S. Rubio19Madrid CFF15,000 Laura D.22Madrid CFF15,000 Portalstwenty-oneMadrid CFF15,000 Battletwenty-oneI raised500,000 DamaristwentyAthletic250,000 CodinatwentyBarcelona100,000 Julve19Spanish15,000 * SER data confirmed by AS.last_img read more

In football there is a “minimal” risk of contagion, according to a Danish study

first_img“For me there should be no serious contagion problems in traditional football. Yes, in rugby or American football, where contact is much more common. In soccer there is only short-term body contact, so it is quite safe to play it “, Randrup Thomsen continues. “You have to try not to get hysterical about this issue.”The Divisionsforeningen, which decides on the professional categories of Danish football, is ready to take the study into consideration when resuming the Super League. “It seems very interesting, we will include it in our evaluation,” says the organisation’s director, Claus Thomsen. The Danish League has been stopped since March 11 and is considering returning at the end of May. Many Spanish footballers, and the AFE itself, remain reluctant to return to the competition as long as there is no full guarantee that coronavirus infections will not occur. Science begins to clear doubts, even if theoretically: a study from the Danish university of Aarhus states that the risk of infection during the 90 minutes of the game are “minimal, few”, based on the movements of professional footballers during 14 matches of the Nordic Super League.The study, collected by the scientific media, states that footballers pass on average a minute and a half close to another player, at least close enough to get infected if either of them has Covid-19. “The Danish National Board of Health considers it to be considered a relevant contact to be within two meters of an infected person for 15 minutes. So there is no doubt that the time that will pass on a playing field is not critical, least of all in an activity that takes place outdoors “, says Professor Allan Randrup Thomsen of the Department of Immunobiology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen.last_img read more

Boris Johnson gives the go-ahead for the return of the Premier

first_imgAll this, so long as optimum well being security situations are maintained and the an infection charge is managed from right here till then. Despite the fact that Johnson made no reference to skilled sports activities yesterday whereas spelling out some of the fundamentals of his de-escalation plan, the authorities has by no means hidden his want for him to return as quickly as potential as a method to preserve citizenship at house after turning into the United Kingdom in the nation with the most deaths from coronavirus in Europe.In the afternoon assembly of the Premier League the risk of beginning or not the Restart mission might be mentioned, though in the English press it’s already feared that it might not get the 14 votes it wants from the 20 golf equipment which are lively in the first division. In accordance The Telegraph, no less than eight groups could be in opposition to a plan that, though it managed to move the filter of this assembly, nonetheless has to persuade some gamers who don’t see something clear to return to step on a discipline of play whereas the pandemic has not been contained. After the confusion brought on yesterday by the de-escalation plan introduced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The Premier League acquired excellent news immediately from the Authorities, and that’s that in his look in Parliament the conservative chief has given the inexperienced mild to a potential return of the competitors on June 12. The total particulars of the plan for the elite sport will, nevertheless, be revealed tomorrow, by which period the outcomes of this important assembly between the golf equipment to determine how one can remedy this season ought to be recognized.last_img read more

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