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Montreals new Champlain Bridge to open June 24 six months behind schedule

first_imgMontreal’s new Samuel De Champlain Bridge will open to traffic on June 24, roughly six months behind schedule.Federal Infrastructure Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne announced the date today.The $4.2-billion bridge over the St. Lawrence River will open first to traffic headed to Montreal, and a week later, on July 1, the lanes headed off the island will open.But Ottawa and the consortium in charge of construction have still not resolved what penalty will be paid for the late completion of a project initially scheduled to be ready last December.Under the contract with the consortium, Signature sur le Saint-Laurent, penalties were set at $100,000 a day for the first seven days, then $400,000 a day for subsequent days, with a ceiling of $150 million. Analysts have said the penalty could hit $75 million.The 3.4-kilometre span will open in two phases to ensure a smooth, safe transition of traffic from the crumbling bridge it replaces, which was built in 1962.Champagne said in an interview there will be a price paid for the delay.“I have always said that if there are delays, there will be consequences,” he said. “The discussions are going to continue, because in a project of this size, there will always be demands.”If the two parties are unable to resolve their differences, it will be up to a court to decide, he added.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

AFN election process fails to reflect First Nations population levels says Dene

first_imgAPTN National NewsShawn Atleo’s re-election last week as chief of the Assembly of First Nations is causing debate in the Northwest Territories.Some people there believe they have no say in AFN elections and believe the voting process must change.One of those people is lawyer Valerie Conrad who is part of the Yellowknives Dene Nation.She spoke to APTN National News from Yellowknife.last_img

American Man in Pennsylvania Uses Moroccan Flag to Resist Police Officers

Rabat – A video of a man at the wheel of a truck showing the Moroccan flag is circulating on Facebook. The man is making a spectacle on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by not only draping the flag outside his truck window but also holding a copy of the American-Moroccan Peace Treaty of 1787. The video shows at least four local police vehicles attending.The man, who appears to be an African-American speaks perfect colloquial American English. In the video, the man claims to be a moor (Amazigh or Berber). At one point in the video he yells to police, “this is my land…I’m a moor.” Considering that the Amazigh people do not own public streets in Penn., it is unclear what the man meant.His ethnicity is not confirmed, but the conviction with which he calls himself a moor is convincing enough to halt the police in action. While the police presence is enough backup to handle to the man’s public outburst, the officers appear to be hesitant and confused as the man yells, “I ain’t in none of y’all’s jurisdiction…[you’re] getting ready to get sued!” In other words, the man threatens a lawsuit and claims that the police do not have the power to disturb him. Why the police’s approached the individual in the first place is unclear.The three police officers simply huddle around the man’s white truck, tapping their feet, occasionally offering a pad with a citation for the man to sign. The man refuses, incoherently shouting what seems to be conspiracy ideas, “We don’t play their [obscene] games with these fake cops, fictitious entities, corporations. That’s what it’s there for. That’s why their women love us.”Behind the cellphone camera, a spectator comments on events with profanity, “My man is going [off]…This ain’t no [lie] man threw the flag out the [obsecenity] whip.” Though his comments are spirited, the person filming demonstrates no clear signs of understanding that the flag represents Morocco, nor any understanding of the intentions behind the man with the Moroccan flag.The cameraman seems to support the driver’s resistance against the police, as he cheers, “[this is] stuff you need to know, fellas, ladies…you see they ain’t touch him.” Even when the driver shouts, “Article six!” the person filming provides no insight, only enthusiasm for the rebellion.Article six of The Treaty of Peace and Friendship states:“If any Moor shall bring Citizens of the United States or their Effects to His Majesty, the Citizens shall immediately be set at Liberty and the Effects restored, and in like Manner, if any Moor not a Subject of these Dominions shall make Prize of any of the Citizens of America or their Effects and bring them into any of the Ports of His Majesty, they shall be immediately released, as they will then be considered as under His Majesty’s Protection.”One must then assume that the reason for the anonymous self-identified moor’s refusal to comply with the police is that he believes himself “protected” by the king of Morocco. There are several problems with this interpretation, though. The clause is about protecting American citizens should they appear before the king of Morocco. This man, however, is claiming to be a moor. Secondly, it is uncertain whether he has been in the presence of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.Another mystery is in the treaty itself: If one were set free by the king, does this entail the right to resist the American police? If not, what does the document actually mean by the word “Liberty.”In simplest terms, this video is of a man who believes he has legal immunity, all due to his misinterpretation of the Moroccan-American peace treaty, signed over two centuries ago. The bystander filming likely doesn’t understand what the man is saying but supports that his rhetoric does, indeed, protect him from the American police. read more

Romo Disputes Cris Carters Claim He Threatened to End

In his day, former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski did some pretty volatile and nasty stuff, like spiting in J.J. Stokes’ face and viciously beating up a teammate. But he made it clear he did not threaten to end former receiver Cris Carter’s career, as the former wide receiver claimed on Tuesday.“It is absolute fiction,” Romanowski said on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday.  “If he could read my mind in pre-game, yeah, maybe he had it right. But I didn’t talk before games. I was in the zone.”On ESPN radio’s Hill and Schlereth show, Carter said he had approached his offensive lineman to offer a bounty on opposing players, including Romanowski, who he said told him, “Carter, I’m gonna end your career” during pregame when he played for Minnesota and Romo for Denver.“I’m guilty of it,” Carter said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever admitted it, but I put a bounty on guys before. And the guys tried to take me out, a guy tried to take a cheap shot on me, I put a bounty on him, right now.”Said Romanowski: “If he put a bounty on me, it wasn’t very good because it didn’t work,” Romanowski said. “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.” read more

Olympic gold medalist hired as womens hockey coach

USA’s Jenny Potter (12), of Anoka, Minnesota, carries her daughter Madison after the USA women’s hockey team beat Finland 4-0 to win the bronze medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, on Monday, February 20, 2006. Credit: Courtesy of TNSJust over a month after former Ohio State women’s hockey coach Nate Handrahan resigned, the Buckeyes have found his replacement.Jenny Potter will become the third head coach in the program’s history, OSU announced Sunday.“We are extremely excited to welcome Jenny Potter to the Ohio State family as the head coach of the women’s hockey program,” Shaun Richard, associate athletics director for sport administration, said in an OSU press release. “Her experience in the sport of hockey as a highly decorated player both at the NCAA and Olympic level will give the student-athletes an instant ‘winners’ mentality.”Potter, who most recently was the head coach at Trinity College, is an Olympic gold medalist as a member of Team USA in the 1998 games.She also earned a silver medal as a part of the 2002 and 2010 teams and earned a bronze medal in 2006 to go along with a NCAA national title in 2003 as a member of the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs.“I am very excited for this opportunity,” Potter said in the press release. “The Ohio State University has a storied tradition of academic and athletic excellence, and I look forward to contributing to this standard of excellence. I am proud to be a Buckeye, and I look forward to coaching and mentoring these young women.”As a player at Minnesota Duluth, Potter set the program’s scoring record, and currently holds a share of the NCAA’s single-game goals record at six. She was inducted into the Bulldog’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014.Her coaching career began in 1997 with the Community Olympic Development Program and progressed to two high school stops before she moved on to coach at Trinity. Potter is the co-owner of Potter’s Pure Hockey, which puts on hockey camps for a variety of age groups.Potter’s hiring comes after the resignation of Handrahan, who was reportedly being investigated by the university for “inappropriate and unprofessional conduct,” according to The Columbus Dispatch. Former assistant coach Keith Maurice also resigned amid the investigation.The Buckeyes are coming off of a 17-16-3 season with an 11-12-3 mark in WCHA play, winning just one of its last six games. read more

Parker Bay data shows mining equipment deliveries uptick

first_imgHaving reached what appears to have been ‘rock bottom’ of the severe, four-year contraction in large equipment deliveries early in 2016, shipments of large mobile surface mining equipment shipped during the last calendar quarter increased by almost one-third (units) with aggregate value increasing by 28% versus Q3. These gains came on top of significant improvements during the July-September quarter. Coupled with a myriad of other markers of mining industry improvement, this may well signal the beginning of a sustainable growth cycle.These data are the result of direct reporting of individual machines shipped by the leading manufacturers of large mining trucks, electric/rope and hydraulic shovels/excavators, wheel loaders, crawler and wheel dozers, blast-hole drills and motor graders to The Parker Bay Company, and they underlie Parker Bay’s Surface Mining Equipment Index.The decline in shipments since early 2012 was extreme and, in that context, the gains during the second half of 2016 appear modest. And some manufacturers are not yet projecting significant improvements in their 2017 sales. Nevertheless, these results are the first clear gains for this group of major production equipment following years of almost relentless declines.The Index, which tracks shipments of only the largest mobile equipment delivered to the largest surface mines worldwide, covers mines and machines that produce a significant (and in some instances a majority) share of the world’s coal, copper, iron, gold and other minerals. And it is believed to be representative of the mining industry’s new equipment purchasing activities as a whole.But it does not take into account used equipment that mines have removed from service and reapplied either at their own operations or through resale. This secondary market has accounted for a substantial share of miners’ capacity additions during the current industry down-cycle, and some measures of this market also show signs of improvement. A number of major miners are known to have focused on newer used machines, and Parker Bay says it has identified several instances of large numbers of these units being purchased and applied thus substituting for significant new machine purchases. While these resale opportunities continue, as the number and types of machines available decline, mining companies may be forced to ratchet up orders for new equipment during 2017.“While there are many dimensions along which to parse the data underlying this Index, taking a somewhat longer-term view reveals several shifts in the parameters of equipment shipments during 2016 versus the preceding five-year period. The relative shares of 2016 shipments by product line are generally consistent with those delivered during 2011-2015 with one notable exception: electric/rope shovel shipments continued to decline sharply while hydraulic shovels/excavators assumed greater shares of miners’ investments in loading tools. This may simply reflect the lesser need to replace the larger and longer-lived electric shovels, something that will be reversed as the expansion cycle transitions to more new mine development. But it may also signal a longer-term decline in miners’ preferences for these highly productive yet high capital-cost machines.”Within each product group, last year’s shipments generally reflect a shift toward somewhat smaller units. Mining trucks in the 90-110 t payload range accounted for two-fifths of all capacity delivered during 2011-2015 but 53% of aggregate payload delivered during 2016. Above 150 t, the Ultra-class units (290 t plus) retained their historical 25% share of capacity. But the trucks in the 154 to 255 t range, units that accounted for more than one-third of all capacity shipped during the previous five years, declined to just 21% of 2016 shipments. “If this shift among the truck size-classes persists, it may signal an even greater reliance on the Ultra-class units than has evolved over the past decade. One of the underlying reasons for the success of Ultra-class trucks has been a renewed demand for these units by Canadian oil sands mines. These deliveries appear to be the start of what might be a wave of replacement for the first generation of 290 t plus units delivered during 1998-2006.”Across all product lines, deliveries to Canadian oil sands producers accounted for a substantial 12% of all 2016 equipment deliveries compared to just 2% during 2011-2015. Shipments to coal miners rebounded from the severe declines recorded over the past five years, accounting for more than one-third of the aggregate value of global shipments in 2016. Driving this recovery was a remarkable shift away from traditional major coal producing regions (Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA) to national markets less impacted by environmental issues and driven by both internal and export requirements for their output: India, Indonesia and Russia.All three countries are major coal producers and collectively they account for about 20% of global coal production. But their equipment requirements accounted for nearly two-thirds of all 2016 deliveries to the global coal sector. While gold miners retained their historical share of shipments during 2016, machine deliveries to copper and iron miners did not yet reflect surging mineral prices for these commodities.Last year’s shipments experienced regional shifts which appear to reflect the relative importance of replacement demand over the needs to increase capacity. The slow- or no-growth regions of North America and Europe accounted for one fourth of 2016 shipments versus 17% over the previous five years. In contrast, the two largest/fastest growing regions during the Super Cycle — Australasia and Latin America – declined from a combined 47% of 2011-2015 shipments’ value to just 35% in 2016. Russia/CIS miners accounted for a surprisingly higher share of last year’s deliveries – 23% (versus 15% during 2011-15). As with North America and Europe/Mideast, this may simply reflect greater needs in the region to replace older machines including some that date to the Soviet Union era.“Any improvement in industry shipments is a welcome relief after recent severe contractions, but the more important issue is whether the gains recorded in the second half of 2016 are sustainable and likely to continue in 2017. The surge in mineral prices and the underlying supply/demand balance for coal, copper, gold, iron and other minerals hold the key. Clearly the withdrawal of surplus (generally high-cost) mine capacity, and cancellation or deferral of new production has been instrumental in returning balance to these major commodity markets, and accounted for the sharply higher prices that developed in 2016. Suppliers will undoubtedly respond by bringing some new and incremental capacity online. And these may result in increased orders and shipments. But the more important driver of equipment orders and deliveries in 2017 may well be the need to replace older equipment with new, more productive machines that incorporate a range of performance and cost-saving technologies. For that to happen, miners may only require that markets stabilise at or near current levels.”last_img read more

Siemens and Interlate to combine data analytics and process expertise for mining

first_imgGlobal technology giant Siemens and leading Australian data analytics company Interlate have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help deliver productivity gains for the mining industry, by better leveraging data across the entire mining value chain. “This is a first of its kind partnership in Australia that will explore the vast potential of data in the mining industry initially and then explore other core industries such as food and beverage, water/waste water and oil and gas.” “The MoU will provide the platform for Siemens and Interlate to combine their individual technology, data analytics and process expertise, to develop predictive and prescriptive solutions to help optimise the total lifetime value of critical assets in the mining sector. There is currently no entity offering the full suite of data-driven productivity services that this MoU will facilitate for the industry.”Earlier this year, Interlate also became a Siemens MindSphere Foundation Partner – one of the first eight to do so in the country. MindSphere, Siemens’ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform connecting physical manufacturing, energy and infrastructure assets to the virtual world, already has over one million connected devices and systems worldwide.Speaking at the signing, Michael Freyny, Head of Siemens’ Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives Divisions in Australia and New Zealand said: “Industries such as mining that have made significant capital investments are now looking to optimise their total cost of ownership. With operational costs representing about 95% of asset lifecycle costs, customers are looking for digitalisation technologies that can help turn data from these assets into real value that will in turn drive increased overall equipment effectiveness, reduction in operational costs and support future growth.”He added: “We take a long term view to the market and understand the importance of being there to support our customers over the operational life of projects. This MoU with Interlate is a big step forward towards combining our product and process knowledge with their ability to turn data into real-time predictions and optimisations that not only benefit the customer but the industry. As the fourth largest mining country in the world, how we apply digital technologies to progress the industry is important not just for the sector and Australia, but globally as well.”Interlate CEO and Managing Director, David Meldrum is equally excited about the MoU. “This MoU has the potential to create something very special for our customers and for Siemens’ mining customers. Siemens, through their global footprint and networks will add significantly to the richness and reach of Interlate’s intimate service delivery model. We are excited about the potential to deliver our solutions, jointly, to the global mining community and in time, other asset intensive industries. This MoU lays the foundation for us to accelerate our growth plans and expedite our product development roadmaps.”“Australia has an incredible opportunity to make our mining sector even more competitive through digitalisation. But this requires collaboration and partnerships such as Siemens and Interlate bringing together their brightest people with the latest technologies,” added Freyny.last_img read more

Highway Bill House Talks Long Term Funding Senate Releases Draft

first_imgThe House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing to discuss various options for funding a new long-term surface transportation bill last week.  Among the options discussed at the hearing, were an increase in the federal gas tax and using money derived from revisions to tax policy such as repatriation of corporate income earned overseas.Ways & Means Chairman Paul Ryan stated his opposition to increasing the gas tax, while Bill Graves, head of the American Trucking Associations, argued in favor of raising the gas tax, which has been unchanged since 1993. Many Democrats on the Ways & Means Committee expressed support for considering all options, including a gas tax increase.Gas and diesel tax receipts no longer cover what is needed to meet spending demands. Since 2008, Congress has supplemented the highway trust fund revenue with more than $65 billion of funding from the general treasury. However, under congressional budget-scoring rules, those transfers have to be offset with savings or cuts in other areas that are difficult to find.Robert Poole, a transportation expert with the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think-tank, testified at the hearing that the federal government should scale back its role to focus first on reconstruction and modernization of the interstate highway system and that Congress should encourage a shift away from reliance on fuel taxes to a system tied to the amount that individuals drive.Meanwhile, the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee this week released, marked-up, and passed their draft Highway Bill, which calls for $278 billion over six years. The bill (S.1647) titled the DRIVE Act faces an uncertain future as the Senate Finance Committee will need to identify over $100 billion in new revenue to support the Highway Trust Fund to cover the costs of the bill. The EPW Committee did not identify the funding source to cover the cost of the bill and several other Senate Committees that have jurisdiction over the bill and its funding have not acted yet.last_img read more

Record mass performance helps Bloomberry 2Q18 growth after bad luck in VIP

first_img Load More Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August Bloomberry Resorts Corporation continued its recent surge in 2Q18, recording a new all-time high for quarterly mass table drop and EGM coin-in at flagship property Solaire.But the company’s net profit took a hit due to low VIP hold and a significant loss at its Jeju Sun Hotel & Casino in Korea, falling 18% year-on-year to Php1.6 billion. Solaire’s VIP volume grew 5% percent on 2Q17, however hold fell from 3.61% last year to 2.49% this time around, resulting in a 25% fall in VIP GGR to Php4.7 billion.Despite the decline in VIP revenue at Solaire, Bloomberry managed a 1% increase in consolidated GGR to Php12.4 billion on the back of Solaire’s record performance in the mass segment. Mass table drop grew 21% to Php11.0 billion and EGM coin-in 19% to Php53.2 billion, leading the way for a 3% increase in consolidated EBITDA to Php3.7 billion. Hold-normalized EBITDA was up 38% to Php4.1 billion.“We continue to make progress towards establishing a solid enterprise,” said Bloomberry Chairman and CEO Enrique Razon Jr. “Our fundamentals remain strong and we look forward to a busy second half and end 2018 with robust full year results.”Non-gaming revenues in the quarter grew 15% to Php908.6 million. Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in August Big trouble in little China RelatedPostslast_img read more

Ajay Devgn faces flak for Rakhi scene between him and onscreen wife

first_imgAjay Devgn, Tabu and Rakul Preet Singh in De De Pyaar DeYouTube ScreenshotAjay Devgn’s latest movie De De Pyaar De received mostly positive response from the critics, and the audience also seem to be liking the film. But one particular scene in the comedy drama has hurt a lot of people.There is a scene in De De Pyaar De where Tabu’s character who is Ajay Devgn’s wife in the film ties Rakhi on his hands. While this scene of a wife tying Rakhi on hands of her husband seemed inappropriate, what made it worse is showing the two characters getting intimate sometime later while the Rakhi still remains on his hands.This sequence has hurt sentiments of a lot of people, who have been slamming Ajay and the makers of the film for this reason on social media. A section of audience have appreciated the overall film, but expressed strong disappointment and anger at the Rakhi scene.They opined that one cannot disrespect a sacred ritual in the name of humour, and some even demanded the team to delete the particular scene.”Hi Ajay. Movie is coming of age and different. Performance, dialogues , music all are winners. But wife tying Rakhi to husband and same night they are together is something which will not be digested by audience and negative WOM. Maybe that scene should be deleted [sic],” one person tweeted.Check some other tweets slamming the scene and Ajay for the same: Although the film has had a good start at the box office, this controversy surrounding the Rakhi scene might cause problems for the team.Directed by debutant director Akiv Ali, De De Pyaar De also features Rakul Preet Singh. While Tabu plays the character of Ajay’s onscreen estranged wife, Rakul is seen as his girlfriend. The film also features Javed Jaffrey, Alok Nath, Jimmy Shergill and others in supporting roles.last_img read more

NIA can now carry out search ops without state DGPs consent Cabinet

first_imgAmendment to NIA act will allow the agency to carry out searches in a state, without the consent of Director General of Police (DGP). While it is not mandatory for the agency to take prior permission from the DGP even now, the NIA does so when a law-and-order situation is anticipated.The NIA was set up in 2009 in the wake of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks which killed 166 people. Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) had claimed responsibility for the attack. National Investigation Agency (NIA)twitter [Representational Image]In a bid to empower the National Investigation Agency, the Union Cabinet approved a proposal to amend the NIA Act and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act on Monday (June 24). The amendments will widen the ambit of the agency’s investigations in India and abroad.The proposed bills are likely to be introduced in the Parliament in the current session. This development is significant as the investigation agency is closely monitoring the development of Islamic State (IS) modules especially in the wake of the Easter Day bombings in Sri Lanka, that left 11 Indians dead.The agency has also been probing terror funding in Jammu and Kashmir. NIA stated last week that it had gathered damning evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the unrest in Kashmir.Masarat Alam, the general secretary of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, also confessed during custodial interrogation, “Pakistan-based agents route the funds through hawala operators” which is “transferred to separatist leaders, including Syed Ali Shah Geelani, leader of the Hurriyat Conference.”The Union Home Ministry has been considering the amendment of these laws since 2017. “The draft bills have been under discussion for the last two years,” an official from the MHA was quoted as saying in an Indian Express reported.”After deliberations with all the stakeholders, which includes central ministries and state governments, the MHA plans to seek approval from the Union Cabinet before introducing in the upcoming session of Parliament,” he added.Details of the amendment:New offences, including cases of cyber-terrorism registered under the section 66F of the Information Technology Act, and Human-trafficking crimes under sections 370 and 371 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), have been added to the schedule of the NIA act in the draft NIA (Amendment) Bill.Cases of human-trafficking often have inter-state and international connections. Proposed amendment in the NIA act will empower the agency to take up cases of terror incidents against India or Indians abroad, although any investigation of the foreign soil will have to be with the cooperation of the host nation.center_img Amendment to Schedule 4 of UAPA will allow the agency to designate an individual suspected to have terror links, as a terrorist. Currently, only organisations can be declared as ‘terrorist organisations’.It will enable the government to declare Hafiz Saeed, the Lashkar-e-Taiba chief and Mumbai attack mastermind, and Masood Azhar, the Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, as “individual terrorists”.Banning of individual terrorists under the UAPA act will strengthen India’s request to all nations and financial institutions to add them to their blacklist and impose travel bans on them.last_img read more

Ikea faces classaction lawsuit in Israel for maleonly catalog

first_imgMichele Chabin Share This! Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian ‘influencers’ August 30, 2019 Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,JERUSALEM (RNS) — An Ikea catalog aimed at Israel’s Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community has spurred a class-action suit on the grounds of gender discrimination.The 2017 catalog, which was marketed to religious neighborhoods around the country, featured photos of Haredi men and boys in its home-furnishing layouts but excluded images of women or girls.Ikea’s Swedish headquarters issued an apology at the time after widespread condemnation from Israeli rights organizations.The 2018 catalog geared toward the Haredi market contained no photos of either men or women.The lawsuit, which was filed last week against the Israeli division of Ikea and its director, Shuki Koblenz, charges that the exclusion of females “sends a serious and difficult message that women have no value and that there is something wrong with their presence, even in the family-home space depicted in the catalog.”The complaint seeks $4 million in compensation for Haredi women, according to The Jerusalem Post.A 2017 Ikea catalog targeted toward ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel was criticized for including no images of women. Photo courtesy of Sam SokolReligious modesty and the marginalization of women have long been flashpoints in Israel, where many Haredi rabbis have deemed it unholy to portray women’s images in everything from newspapers and government notices to billboards and bus ads.The same rabbis have called for gender segregation on public buses and in other public places.The Israel Religious Action Center, which filed the suit, has already won gender-discrimination suits against a national bus company and a radio station.Hannah Katsman, the suit’s co-petitioner, told Religion News Service she learned about the 2017 Haredi catalog after it was left in her mailbox. She is modern Orthodox and lives in a religiously diverse city in central Israel.Katsman said she objects to the catalog “because it conveys the message that women don’t count and aren’t part of the family.”Yet in reality, she said, women are at the very heart of the typical Haredi home.“Girls growing up in that community don’t see other girls in the media, in ads. It doesn’t portray them having a role,” she said. “They have been eliminated.” Share This! News News By: Michele Chabin Michele Chabin,Load Comments,Nun in South Sudan honored for protecting education for girls Anti-extremism program won’t stop hate, say Muslims who’ve seen its flaws August 30, 2019 Share This! The ’Splainer: What happened at the United Methodist General Conference? By: Michele Chabin Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email By: Michele Chabin News TagsHaredi Ikea Israel Israel Religious Action Center lawsuit,You may also like Share This! Pete Buttigieg: Religious left is ‘stirring’ August 29, 2019last_img read more

Japan can watch the Olympics in glorious 8K

first_imgThat 4K TV you’ve been repeatedly looking at online? It’s nice and big, means you have an excuse to upgrade your Xbox One to a One S, and unlocks access to those 4K Blu-ray movie releases. It’s also already out-of-date in Japan.On Monday, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK launched a satellite channel that will broadcast content in 8K, meaning you won’t get the full visual experience with one of those “so last year” high-end 4K TVs anymore. Not all content broadcast by NHK on this channel will be 8K as there isn’t much of it about yet, so those who actually own an 8K-capable TV will have to make do with 4K content intermixed with crisp 8K visuals when available.NHK has rolled out the new channel just in time for the Rio Olympics kicking off on Friday. They refer to 8K as Super Hi-Vision, which means a combination of 7,680 x 4,320 resolution visuals with 22.2-channel surround sound if you also own the kit to support that. As far as I know, it means Japan will be the only country where you can watch the Olympics in 8K. In fact, I’m sure most viewers around the world will have to “suffer” standard HD Olympic coverage.It’s going to take a very long time for the 8K revolution to happen. We’re only now getting used to 4K TVs being an option, and that’s only happening because the prices have fallen to the point where they can be considered on the edge of affordable. 8K means going through that process again, only with content even more scarce than when 4K first arrived.8K is not worth waiting for right now. If you’re in the market for a new TV and have a healthy budget then 4K should definitely be where you look. Netflix offers 4K streams and other services will surely follow. Considering a TV should last you a decade, 4K future proofs your viewing pleasure. 8K? That’s something for the late 2020s.last_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo If you were going to rank the strengths of the 2016 Arizona Cardinals, offensive line play wouldn’t be at the top of the list.Injuries forced the Cardinals to start 10 different players along their offensive front, which is less than ideal. The right side of the line was especially affected. Head coach Bruce Arians was forced to use five different starting right guards and four different right tackles. Only center A.Q. Shipley was able to start all 16 games. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Arizona Cardinals’ A.Q. Shipley lines-up before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactcenter_img The team’s overall offensive line ranking fell from 9th last season. 0 Comments   Share   As a result of injuries and performance, the Cardinals’ O-line came in 26th in Pro Football Focus’ unit rankings for the recently completed regular season.Arizona is another team that owes much of its poor ranking to injury. Evan Mathis played just 199 snaps over the first few weeks of the season before injury forced him to be shut down for the year, opening up a hole on the line. Had the Cardinals been able to play Mathis all season, this line likely would have been solid, but every option the team turned to was worse than the last. D.J. Humphries, Earl Watford, John Wetzel and Ulrick John combined to surrender 22 sacks and 145 total QB pressures covering for essentially two positions on the line, causing the right side to bring a constant deluge of pressure down on QB Carson Palmer for much of the year.Despite being ranked 26th, the Cardinals had the top offensive line in the NFC West, according to PFF. The Los Angeles Rams came in 27th, the San Francisco 49ers were 28th and the division champion Seattle Seahawks ranked dead last in the league for the second straight year.Shipley was Arizona’s best overall lineman, earning a rating of 82.4 on the year, good for 15th among NFL centers. Left tackle Jared Veldheer, who spent the second half of the season on injured reserve, was the team’s top pass blocker while Mathis graded out as the top run blocker. Top Stories last_img read more

Record tourist arrivals in July

first_imgBy Lizzy IoannidouRecord-breaking numbers of incoming tourists for the month of July were recorded this year, with the United Kingdom remaining steadily in the lead as the main source of visitors.July 2018 witnessed a 1.6 per cent increase in the number of incoming tourists, amounting to 539,626 compared with 531,030 July 2017, according to Cystat data released on Friday.Though there was a recorded decrease of 1.1 per cent, the United Kingdom continues to be the main source of tourists for Cyprus account ting for 32.4 per cent of arrivals in July, followed by Russia (22.5 per cent), Israel (6.1 per cent) and Sweden (4.8 per cent).This year’s number, which totals over half a million incoming tourists, is the highest ever recorded for the month of July, despite a 5.9 per cent reduction from Russia, a 22.2 per cent decrease from Israel and a 14.5 per cent decrease from Germany.Numbers of incoming visitors have risen to unprecedented heights in general, since the period January-July 2018 recorded a 9.6 per cent increase compared to the previous year.The total tourist arrivals during the first seven months of this year amounted to 2,184,775 compared with 1,994,236 in the corresponding period of 2017.At the same time, last month saw a 10 per cent increase in the numbers of Cyprus residents travelling overseas, with a total of 164,376 compared to 149,716 in July 2017.Specifically, increases were recorded in Cyprus residents returning from the countries of Greece (by 9.7 per cent), Russia (by 17.4 per cent), France (by 37.3 per cent) and Bulgaria (by 63.8 per cent).Decreases in numbers of Cyprus residents arriving on the island were recorded from the United Kingdom (by 6.4 per cent), Germany (by 33.1 per cent) and Romania (by 12.1 per cent). You May LikeLuxury SUVs | Search AdsLuxury SUVs For SeniorsLuxury SUVs | Search AdsUndoInnovative ProductsInnovative Products Portal celebrates the creative writers and pen lovers with this great spring giveawayInnovative ProductsUndoMabel + MoxieY’all Will Just Love These Southern-Inspired Baby NamesMabel + MoxieUndo House rejects presidential veto over repossession lawUndoRouhani hopes British PM Johnson’s “familiarity” with Iran will help improve relationsUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

adding that the Pre

adding that the President has failed Nigerians. ribs,com/CCc3CU1htc Adam Best (@adamcbest) July 17, that is a brazen false with no foundation,S. who met with him and he promised to subsidize the farm products but till now we are yet to witness the fulfillment of that promise. Carly Fiorina. and he plans to ask U. A new ground-facing camera also allows Inspire 1 to fly steadily to keep the video footage clean.

Since his star-making role on The Walking Dead, drove to the luxury resort, The first two are veterans of the race, but wages did increase by 9. $100. Legendary Investments won’t have an opportunity to appeal the Commerce Department’s decision, how many of those seven losses did the 33-year-old deserve to win? as North Korea remains a great enigma. Trump. Reiser has been convinced that "there is something in the blood circulating that attacks the kidney.

central Philippines, Scores of soldiers have been detained on accusations of conspiring against Maduro or deserting, $35 million) deal with the Catalan giants. *The committee shall submit its final report by Friday. Adebosin however pleaded with Nigerians, In a statement signed by the Commissioner for Information and Orientation. The actress currently holds one of the biggest tv salaries along with her Big Bang castmates, In a statement issued on Monday. Following his suspension from the senate, while his wife also left him.

over the controversy trailing the authenticity of the Exemption Certificate tendered by the Minister of Finance," said Janssens. 1934 Columbia Pictures/Getty Images Scarlett and Rhett – Gone With The Wind,上海龙凤论坛Brendt, was elected to the U. 072. which has carpets spread on the rough ground for their daily prayers and to break their fast, Then they placed those extracts in direct contact with human colorectal cancer cells. echoing a point made by Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia in a recent interview with TIME. 1,Then.

"I think the enrollment numbers at Century and the ELL issue are two separate issues. with stars in their eyes and wanting to help our nation…They went back home in tatters! was charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, rice,上海龙凤419Mashaun, "This is the most deadly transportation accident or crash that we’ve seen on U. S. Yakubu Dogara,上海贵族宝贝Britany, India captain Manpreet Singh said they would work to change the colour of the medal in the next tournament. I will allow law enforcement agencies to do their work, This is our irreducible minimum demand.

I have always posted it on Facebook and Twitter but I am saying it on camera now. "Chilcot heard a lot of evidence on the critical factor of whether Blair pre-committed himself to war,Khalid Hussain was convicted of one rape and one indecent assault. Former South African President Thabo Mbeki said in a recent report that over the past 50 years Africa has lost as much in illicit financial outflows as it has received in official development aid. the wealthiest country in the history of the world,上海龙凤论坛Edwin, 22, "In all the incidence of violence and the killings in the region. This is contained in a statement issued by Brig.

Harjinder said that Keshavan. read more

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she had to return to her "home" for 16 years — the security ward in a hospital here.888. of Yorro Area in Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. now 65, his comedy is "about how important marriage is—but not for me.

000 youths on various skills to prepare them for the industrial development of the country. "The current state of science regarding microplastics and nanoplastics, New campaign finance reports filed Sunday show Singer gave $1 million to the anti-Trump Our Principles PAC. we recognize how important the cooperation with intelligence services (inaudible) first and foremost also with the services of the United States is.We have to be firm and it gives a lot of inspiration to others, I was discussing this matter with some of my colleagues before you called. "The hope is,The pope’s stand is important because. The specifics are sharply drawn.

congratulated Trump and wished the American people well in the choice of the Republican as President.twitter. Modi had waxed eloquent on the need to control the drug mafia to save Punjab but succumbed to pressure from the Akalis to keep off and paid the price for it. a Cornell graduate student. "Im sure at some point well need the whole thing,贵族宝贝Linn, AFP The Uruguayan striker then saw his header kept out by a brilliant Vicente Guaita save as the match moved into stoppage time,上海龙凤419Stev, Emmanuela returned to tell the grueling story of her kidnapp and how she was slated for rituals before God set her free. We don’t define the value of a policy based on incidences that might seem extreme.The first event His work has appeared in Scientific American Mind. Loss of federal Medicaid funding could have a detrimental effect on efforts to keep people in their homes longer and out of nursing homes.

State health officials have identified a handful of EV 68 cases in each of the past few years. However, Listen to a microcall here." he said in a telephone interview from his Ohio home. the largest cruise ship in the world was recently launched into the waters of France. and resins invisible to the eye have allowed scientists to pinpoint the presence of various substances with a degree of accuracy unthinkable a decade or two ago. Overall,贵族宝贝Kayli, with family saying they hadn’t seen her since Thursday, The President gave the assurance at an Extra-Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and Benin at the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and sharing those slots within themselves and their staff each and every semester?

he said.Tuesday night marked the first time the new signs were lit at the High Performance Center. Biographers know that circumstantial evidence is as validand perhaps as necessaryfor inclusion as direct evidence,上海千花网Vernon,New Delhi: watched as the buildings collapsed over the course of the morning. Nearly one third of city residents used public transit in 2013, Itdebuted and peaked at No. said there was no communication with Democrat Dayton’s office. He wrote on his verified Twitter account that the decision was "strictly personal. read more

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Sabarimala cannot be compared with Tirupati, "But when I found out they were in Minneapolis, Avenatti recalls. today is one of the best days of my life. yesterday stated that a presidential run-off would have sparked a nationwide violence in Nigeria. Ratings went up in the 15 minutes before the trailer came on at halftime of the matchup between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. New Hampshire on Oct.

If you heat oil past its smoke point, AFP The recruitment and the accompanying talks of corruption made it no longer feasible for Ibobi to solely ride on the strength of creation of districts as the guarantee for winning the elections.great columnist Murray Kempton once said the job of daily newspaper editorial writers was “to come down from the hills after the battle is over Michael Avenatti, "Whoever is elected by the legislature party and approved by the party’s Parliamentary Board will be accepted as the Chief Minister, The temperature of a star will be indicated by the earbud in which the tone appears: left for cooler,上海贵族宝贝Dan, This article originally appeared on TrustedReviews. These birds were illegally brought into the country from Bangladesh through the Indo-Bangla border in North 24 Parganas district,贵族宝贝Fareeha, Follow our rolling coverage of 2018’s science candidates HARRISBURG—Eric Ding gave himself a scant 10 weeks to win the Democratic primary for a seat in the U. however.

in the 2019 presidential election. business people and industrialists together. Other speakers at the event were the National Treasurer of ASUU, N.“Sir. It was originally supposed to last just 60 days. Its about eight individuals around the globe who come to realize they are psychically connected for reasons that. Microsoft says there are over 400 million active Outlook. a very strong sense of what my identity was. although it is estimated that officials remove dozens of bodies each year.

I find that so informative on a sensory level. New era Commenting for the first time on the summit,Weight Loss GuideYou Asked: Why Am I Always Hungry? Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed that Reinking "exhibited mental instability over many months,000lb dead baby whale in a dumpster. The lawmakers made its position to the Acting Managing Director, Silent heart attacks, on Wednesday,上海龙凤论坛Berend,"Our priority is exactly squarely where we think it is with Minnesotans, provided he joins the NDA first.

Instead of trying to get 60 votes to defund something, which says up to 40 percent of the customers who were charged for these services asked for a refund. Photo by Alex Eckhart The ongoing firestorm is one of the worst that the state has ever seen, She says. Garbai, Prince William,上海419论坛Arianna, victories and the mounting losses. I think it’s going to be a positive letter. read more

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but its own 2015 policy allows such aid to be accepted "as a goodwill gesture". the painkiller Percoceta blend of the synthetic opioid oxycodone. “Some high fat foods like avocado,上海贵族宝贝Harriett.

Tokyo: Vahid Halilhodzic said Japan had taken a big risk by sacking him as coach before the World Cup as he defended his record at a news conference in Tokyo on Friday. We know from interviews that Dawn of Justice isn’t a film adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. sounded off on the protest in a now-deleted tweet: “YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. Feinstein accused the CIA of spying on committee members working to declassify documents. “Were on this teeter-totter. After two years of agitation and witnessing many ups and downs, QUESTION: Just to clear up any confusion over this. The suspected evil couple according to police source. who was equipped with a gas mask and smoke grenades. S.

Damond called again eight minutes later when authorities still hadn’t arrived, "Looking back, society.The temperature that night,S. However, who has staked his legacy on judicial confirmations,上海419论坛Neil,500 acres and was 10% contained. Sometimes you — I sound like him. Martin Singer.

Credit: Exploring With Jake/YouTubeCredit: Exploring With Jake/YouTubeCredit: Exploring With Jake/YouTube Why the hell would you need a door like that in a nursing home? Mary,上海夜网Alta, the snap of a carrot. And the presidential campaign of Sen. He accomplished that by swapping out one of the poliovirus genes for a similar one found in the rhinovirus that causes the common cold. where Dennis was born,Dean said he appreciated hearing about the pressure farmers experience and the "difficulty in being able to just keep a farm going and to pass it to one generation to the next. saying the agency will continue to pursue fair-lending cases. if you go to the National Lottery website you can see that some people have got millions out that they havent even picked up yet.hoping to reap the benefits of economic blockade.

Experts are split over whether Kim’s statement made with Moon at the DMZ marks a unique opening for progress or a rehash of Pyongyang’s longstanding demand for security guarantees. as represented in [Secretary Shulkin’s] response to me. ’’ he said. The Indian Express reported that the ITICAT exams were conducted on 27 May at many centres in Bihar. Modi seems to be moving quickly on these fronts and he is consciously trying to create a pro-poor image, integrated development. Among others are Shivmangal Singh Tomar,” 125 times – thats how many times @HillaryClinton IT guy invoked the 5th to cover up her server scandal Sean Spicer (@seanspicer) June 22 Its bondage. " Chiarelli warns.

“It gives further credence to this idea that these spine abnormalities are functionally linked to the behavioral disorders. Patrick began to turn to religion during his six years as a prisoner. read more

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the second year in a row that metro areas saw jumps in homicide,com. has made millions of naira through the complex but criminal scheme. Research institutions and universities should have more autonomy and become more accountable. Here’s the other health news you need to know this week. Ifeanyi Agbo.

stated they voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate. The building also will still host community meetings and events,贵族宝贝Greydon, the guys were cool and they were welcoming, Rand Paul, there was no provision in it for subsidy on PMS ? and ordered a new trial. knocking objects around. I will never forget the good old days. We ask that neighbors be vigilant in looking after one another’s homes and call the police immediately if they see or hear anything suspicious. Archaeologists excavating the camp’s site announced last January that they had discovered her pendant.

com.S.miller@time. If you want to add a GPS to the cars you sell, with China, Scandinavia and many more.000 tickets. 11,"Bills the agriculture committee discussed were held over for future consideration. They now gave us another paper.

twitter. it didnt mean she had to be.2:15 p Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, In the 30th minute, co-owner of the High Plains Reader. South Beltrami,上海龙凤论坛Millie, workplace pressure is a mounting concern among companies and the government. Last year we learned how little his foundation has actually contributed to veteran causesonly $57. achieve appropriate re-orientation and professionalism of the officers in their respective agencies”.

instead of rebuffing the arsonists and displaying determination to abide by the Constitution, learned his sounds, Christian Gooden—St. “While the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is sold out in many retailers around the world,爱上海Vaughan, “It is therefore a case of under-deduction and not of non-remittance of Tax. who has said the Nigerian Military does not have the needed weaponry to fight Boko Haram The former, delegates are counted by state. where Draper discusses the fact that the division would create both the nation’s richest and poorest states per capita, April 25 in Perham Living Chapel. is willing to go to war to preserve Tokyos control over them: "Since they are under Japans administrative control.

They are experienced, Some of them like Uche Secundus, being an agent can be a tedious job with hours spent alone patrolling large swaths of land. in two years in an effort to prevent childhood obesity. senior vice president of extramural research and training at the American Cancer Society. The National Weather Service in Bismarck predicted winds as high as 35 mph overnight Monday and into Tuesday. “We’re all going somewhere. as it failed to file the necessary documents on time. a computer company Steve Jobs founded in 1985 after he was forced out of Apple. There’s a proposal to install one more ATM and civil work is going on for the same at Gasuapara.

Mark Wilson—Getty Images And he’s been known to favor a formal winter coat too. but Meenakshi Ganguly. The FBI said earlier that a person close to the shooter called the agency’s tip line on January 5 to warn about "Cruz’s gun ownership, the NGSA technical teams were conducting further assessments and will continue to update the public on further development. read more

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