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Vinopolis makes move into bakery

first_imgWine business Vinopolis has been given the go-ahead to open a bakery, restaurant and shops by London’s celebrated food market, Borough Market.The development will house a combined 24-hour bakery and retail unit, which will supply products sold in the new retail units as well as to the St John group, which operates the Cantina, Brew Wharf and Wine Wharf outlets at Vinopolis, together with two restaurants in Clerkenwell.Southwark council’s planning committee has backed the plans, which involve the re-use of existing railway arches on Park Street. “The plan is for a small artisan bakery, and we hope to employ around 15 staff,” said managing director, Rupert Ellwood.last_img

South Bend Cubs announce 2021 schedule

first_img Facebook WhatsApp Twitter By 95.3 MNC – February 19, 2021 0 181 Previous articleSBCSC to offer English lessons for adultsNext articleLaPorte County man jailed after Valentine’s Day stabbing 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. WhatsApp Pinterest Pinterest South Bend Cubs announce 2021 schedule (Tommie Lee/95.3 MNC) (South Bend Cubs) Minor League Baseball is less than 75 days away from returning to Four Winds Field. In conjunction with Major League Baseball, the South Bend Cubs have announced the 2021 season schedule. As part of the new 12 team High-A Central League, the Cubs will open the season at home against the Quad Cities River Bandits on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:05 p.m.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SCHEDULE“It’s been an exciting seven days,” said South Bend Cubs President Joe Hart. “Last week we officially become the new Advanced-A team for the Chicago Cubs organization, on Monday we announced our new coaching staff, and today we have a schedule for the upcoming season. Many of our fans have been calling and messaging us saying how much they miss coming to the ballpark and asking when the schedule will come out. Today we are thrilled to finally have a schedule to share.”In an effort to reduce travel for the upcoming year, teams will play a six-game series as opposed to three or four games against the same opponent. Clubs will also have every Monday off.All Tuesday through Saturday home games will start at 7:05 p.m. with the exception of May 8 (4:05 p.m.). Most Sunday games will start at 2:05 p.m. with the exception of May 30 and September 5. Both of those games will start at 7:05 p.m. Gates open 1 hour and 5 minutes prior to game time for Tuesday – Thursday games and 2 hours and 5 minutes prior to game time for Friday – Sunday games. All game times are listed in Eastern Time.Two popular promotions will return as Fantastic Friday Fireworks and Flat Screen Saturdays are confirmed for the 2021 season. A total of 15 post-game fireworks shows are planned and nine 50” flat screen TVs will be given away every Saturday to fans 18 and older.“There is still some work to be done as we plan the 2021 season, but having our schedule is a great start,” said South Bend Cubs Vice President and General Manager Nick Brown. “We will be working closely with Major League Baseball and the St. Joseph County Health Department to ensure our reopening plans meet the highest health and safety standards.”Additional updates on the promotional schedules and giveaways planned for the season will be announced in the coming weeks.Opponent Breakdown (in order of appearance)Quad Cities: 24 games (12 home, 12 away)Beloit: 18 games (6 home, 12 away)Dayton: 6 games (6 home, 0 away)Fort Wayne: 18 games (12 home, 6 away)Lansing: 6 games (0 home, 6 away)Wisconsin: 12 games (6 home, 6 away)Cedar Rapids: 12 games (6 home, 6 away)Lake County: 12 games (6 home, 6 away)Peoria: 12 games (6 home, 6 away)Great Lakes: Do Not Play in 2021West Michigan: Do Not Play in 2021 Google+ IndianaLocalNewsSports Facebook Google+ Twitterlast_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Yonder’s Ben Kaufmann Talks New Album, Horning’s Hideout, And Keeping The Crew Happy

first_imgYonder Mountain String Band bassist Ben Kaufmann has as many spinning plates in the air as he can handle right now. With their new album, Love. Ain’t Love, just released and Yonder’s packed touring schedule, including their own Northwest String Summit festival happening July 13 – 16th, there is barely enough time to breathe. With all those responsibilities and a growing family at home, we were amazed and grateful that Kaufmann had the energy to talk with Live For Live Music’s own Rex Thomson about the state of Yonder at this moment in time. Luckily, Yonder’s master of the low end had a few minutes to spare. Check out their conversation about life on the road, creating island vibes, and the joy of touring with a piano below.Rex Thompson: First things first. You’re in a string band, so you travel light. That said, the new album, Love. Ain’t Love, features a beautiful piano ballad on it. Are you adding a piano to your onstage gear so you can play it from time to time?BK: Well, I asked the road crew if we could have a piano onstage every night just so I could play one song if I felt like it . . . and they said no. Pretty much instantly — just no. Which surprised me because they are usually such a positive, enthusiastic bunch of people. But they seemed pretty serious about their answer. I wanted to ask why and then I noticed something in their eyes that told me not to. In the interest of self-preservation, I just turned and slowly backed away. It was like if you’re walking in the woods and you come across a bear or a mountain lion. I can’t remember if you’re supposed to maintain eye contact or avoid eye contact, but I do know I was definitely in danger, so I just got the heck out of there!RT: There is a much greater focus on band harmonies on the new record and onstage. Has that been an area Yonder is consciously working on?BK: Allie and Jake are showing up more strongly because they have such musical voices. Especially, adding a female element to the harmonies — obviously, in the past, it was just male voices, but a woman’s voice — it just sweetens the pot. You know what I mean?RT: Totally.BK: Allie has a wonderful voice. It’s nice to have that in our bag of tricks now. We’ve always loved having multi-voice harmonies, and they’ve always been a huge part of bluegrass music in general. The real trick now is finding the right people to sing the right part. Everyone in this band likes singing and wants to sing more, which is a good problem to have. When we were in the studio, it was just a matter of seeing who sounded best singing what great part. We ended up with some great harmonies on this new record.“Gilpin>Pass This Way>EMD>Pass This Way”RT: The harmonies seem to have evolved to the point where you could easily get away with doing some songs based on just them a la Crosby, Stills, and Nash.BK: It’s funny you should mention that actually. We’ve been kicking around covering a CSN album. That would take a lot of work on our part. They are definitely masters of intricate vocal work. I think taking on a project of that size and scale would pay some serious dividends for us, for sure. We would be learning by studying the masters.RT: You have the Northwest String Summit coming up in a couple of weeks, so I have to ask — anything special you have up your sleeves?BK: Well, I don’t think we are ready to spoil the surprise, but Yonder will be tackling covering a specific album again on Saturday night — a classic record. That’s happening for sure. We had such a blast doing that last year that we decided to do it again.RT: You’ve been hosting the Northwest String Summit at Horning’s Hideout for quite awhile now. What makes that place so special to Yonder?BK: Well, for people who have never been, it is sort of hard to describe it. It’s a small festival. In my mind, I think of it as a “Boutique” festival. With the nature of the property, if you try and have more than, say, 4,000 people onsite, it becomes unworkable.I love the way they cap it at 3,500 or so. I’ve been at the larger festivals where you are just part of a sea of people. It can become overwhelming and impersonal as a face in the crowd. That’s sorta the opposite of the vibe at the Northwest String Summit. It’s just this beautiful, tranquil, family-friendly gathering of people who love this music thing that we are a part of of. Call it “jamgrass,” or alternative folk, or indie-bluegrass . . . whatever you want to call it. It’s like throwing a party, and all of our friends, all our peers are there for the most part. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. There is no place on Earth like it. It’s hard to describe.But again, if you haven’t been there, it’s impossible to understand. Once someone comes for the first time and experiences the vibe, they’ll have a framework and we can have an interaction or a shared connection, but you need to have the experience. Even then, it’s just a head nod of recognition and a big smile when you see someone, and they’re like, “Horning’s is coming up.” You just smile back and say “Yeah.” It’s a place that is a feeling as well. There are a lot of people that just won’t miss it.RT: Those hardest of hardcore Yonder fans are known as the Kinfolk. How is it planning a festival or dropping a new album knowing there are people ready to absorb and dissect everything you do creatively out of sheer love? Is it fun or nerve wracking?BK: Definitely both — or at least a little bit nerve wracking and a whole lot of fun. The motivation to make a record anymore is an internal creative desire. It’s not like we are threatening to sell a million records or anything. We’re making it to get new songs out. We made it because we’re three years into this new line-up, and we want to see and share where we are as a band. It’s a a great way to let people see where we are as a group.The great and scariest thing about the Kinfolk is how honest they are. Most of the response that Yonder has gotten from the media, on advance reviews and such, has mirrored how I feel — that this is a really good album. Which is nice, obviously. Now I’m just ready for the people to get their hands on it, listen, and see what they think. I hope they like it!Once it gets out, people can dive into it. I lurk on the “WWW”s for peoples’ reactions. It always interesting to see the difference between people who form their opinions from that and the folks who listen several times, looking for the meaning and the nuances. It’s definitely my favorite record we’ve done. But, for me at least, whatever’s the newest thing I’ve done is my favorite.“Far From You”RT: The history of folks with the creative mentality is full of artists who love their newest thing most until a point, then they seem to come to hate it. Does that seem accurate?BK: Maybe to a small point. Yonder is a touring band. The way it seems to work for us is you’re always looking for something new. When you are playing the same material, it is hard to find a way to make it new. You feel like you are always covering the same artistic ground in the soloing or whatever.When Adam (Aijala) is making the setlists, he always asks us “Is there anything anyone is feeling?” He has a song of mine that he keeps trying to work back into the setlists. It’s a good song, and we haven’t played it for like six months. It is usually a good vehicle for a jam for us, but I just don’t see where I could go that I haven’t done a thousand times already. He asked me if I wanted to play it again the other night, and I had to say, “You know what?  No, I don’t. I’m just not up for that one right now. Let it rest.”As far as the record goes, the situation is different. We finished mastering it maybe six months ago? And in the process of mixing it and mastering it, I must have listened to it, what . . . seventy times? Maybe more. Just trying to, you know, tweak it and try and make it the best it can be. Between us, the guys and the girl in the band, we must have listened to it seventy times, and we are ready to not listen to it again for awhile. These last two records, this and Black Sheep, I think I could listen to them again.RT: With a clear focus on creating and releasing new material to establish the new line-up, plus the positive response to the first album and this great new disc, are you looking to keep stoking these creative fires and get back to the studio?BK: Back in the day with the original line up, we had kinda stopped putting out records. Or we were just really slow at it, for a lot of reasons. When we made Black Sheep, we had such a blast making the record. We came out of it with something we were really proud of and that served a lot of purposes. We had this new line up and that gave people a chance to hear it. Plus, we got to show off how we sounded in a studio, which is different from how we play live.And it shook up the routine we were in and was just reinvigorating. We ended up with an album we really liked — new songs and fresh energy. For years, it had been just one live show to the next. And yes, each show is unique and unto itself, it’s still just playing live on a stage and not composing and recording in a studio. Basically, we were only using one part of our creativity.Then, we we started Love. Ain’t Love and we fell into a groove. It opened a phase for us where we were able to be creative but not have to produce a finished product there in the moment. There’s this experimentation that you can enjoy when it doesn’t have to happen in real time. And if you have other committed, enthusiastic, and creative people to bounce ideas around with and an engineer who can facilitate your crazy ideas and make it happen, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great opportunity to do something the world always needs — we can create new music.So, the plan is to go back into the studio in the fall. I heard Dave (Johnston) and Adam talking, and they are already compiling lists of songs that are written and ideas we want to flesh out. If we can, I think we are gonna record and release one every two years. It’s just the way our schedule works out.“She Smiles Like She’s Always Been A Friend”RT: There’s a fun and surprisingly heartfelt cover of King Harvest’s “Dancin’ In The Moonlight” on Love. Ain’t Love. and Yonder has always been jokingly called the best cover band in the land. That could be a way to crank out a fast album.BK: That tune was Jake (Joliff)’s idea. He brought that to us, and he does such a fabulous job on it — we kinda had to do it. But I think we’re at a point now where we’re about original music. The more original music Yonder can make, the happier we are.At the same time, Allie and Jake aren’t writing new songs with vocal parts for themselves. I mean, Jake still has a thousand mandolin instrumentals he has written, and each one of them is harder to play than the last. I have to say though that finding and developing original music for those two to sing is still a work in progress for us. They’re both great singers.Writing material for them to sing is important but difficult. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a prolific songwriter, but I do manage to get a couple songs written per year. When I do manage to get a song done, it is usually about something I want to express, and it becomes something pretty personal. I am weirdly adverse to handing the song off after I have invested myself in it.We are definitely going to make it a top priority that the next album have at least one song each from Jake and Allie handling lead vocals. I mean, Black Sheep had one song with Allie up front, and this new one has one from Jake. On the next one, we need to have one from both.RT: The closing song on Love. Ain’t Love has a very strong reggae vibe to it. Any part of that come from your annual String & Sol Mexican excursion festival?BK: Sure, but back in the day we had a few reggae songs we used to cover. Adam, who was the primary writer, just really wanted a reggae vibe. At least one song we could play if we were feeling that vibe. For the longest time, we were gonna have a special guest on that song — someone really authentic to the island music vibe to handle the vocals. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.That probably ended up being a blessing in disguise. Had we had a guest vocalist, it would have been the only example of someone not in the band playing on the record. I really feel like the new album has a beginning, middle, and an end. This other voice might have really been a factor in pulling people out of the listening experience. I do love that it ends the album.RT: So by this logic, if we booked you at a few winter Norwegian shows, we might get some sort of death metal tune out of you guys?BK: Maybe. Some of the standard Scandinavian music is just super dark and metal. It’s wild, man. I mean, the music, the time signatures, and what they are singing about come off as some of the most progressive metal music every made. It’s hardcore man.RT: Well, thanks so much for your time in what is surely a busy stretch for you! Looking forward to seeing these new tunes evolve out there on the road!BK: Thanks Rex! See ya out there!last_img read more

Saint Mary’s adapts visitor guidelines after 2-week restrictions

first_imgInterim vice president of student affairs Gloria Roldán Jenkins informed students that the College would be returning to visitor guidelines established at the beginning of the semester, in an email sent to students Thursday.Jenkins said that tri-campus students will now be allowed to come to Saint Mary’s when given permission by their home institution. She also reminded Belles to continue following health and safety guidelines across campuses.“Tri-campus students are not considered visitors and can come to Saint Mary’s campus,” Jenkins said. “However, all social visitors from Notre Dame or Holy Cross, when allowed by their respective institutions, must follow Saint Mary’s safety guidelines, including wearing an appropriate face covering, physical distancing and hand washing. Saint Mary’s students visiting Notre Dame must adhere to their guidelines and standards. Holy Cross remains closed to outside visitors.”Currently, off-campus visitors are still cautioned not to come to the College unless they have necessary business to complete.“Saint Mary’s College continues to discourage off-campus visitors,” Jenkins said. “Only those with essential business with the College are allowed at this time.”Jenkins also told students that no visitors are allowed in private dorm spaces. On-campus Saint Mary’s students can still visit each other’s rooms while following proper safety guidelines.“No guests, including family members, students from Notre Dame and Holy Cross, or Saint Mary’s students who are living off-campus, are allowed in private residence hall spaces,” Jenkins said. “Each residence hall has a designated lobby where guests may wait, but they must wear a mask at all times. Saint Mary’s students living on campus are allowed to visit one another in their residence halls, but must wear a mask at all times.”The College is still limiting informal social gatherings to 15 people and is requiring clubs to receive approval to plan events.“To minimize students’ exposure to COVID-19, informal social gatherings will continue to be limited to 15 people,” Jenkins said. “Students and other community members may request to organize internal events, as long as they follow participant, physical distancing and masking guidelines.”Belles can also participate in activities approved across the tri-campus, a policy which is subject to change with the changing health status of the College and the surrounding community.Students are also asked to follow safety guidelines while traveling for the weekend.“While students are not absolutely barred from such travel, we do ask that students who choose to leave campus for the weekend adhere to the safety guidelines established by the College while away,” Jenkins said. “For the same reason, we continue to ask that students refrain from attending off-campus parties.”Tags: COVID-19, fall 2020, Gloria Roldán Jenkins, Saint Mary’s Collegelast_img read more

Amish Man Charged After Allegedly Operating Buggy While Intoxicated

first_imgHARMONY – An 18-year-old Amish man was charged after allegedly operating his horse drawn buggy while intoxicated following a crash on Sunday.The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office charged Adam Byler, 18, of Panama, with over driving/torturing an animal, four counts of second-degree reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.Deputies say they observed Byler’s buggy traveling recklessly on Goshen Road in the Town of Harmony just after 1 a.m.They say the buggy went through a stop sign at the corner of Goshen Road and Rock Hill Road. Deputies report Byler attempted to turn onto Rock Hill road at an excessive speed and rolled the buggy onto its side.Passengers in the buggy, including a juvenile, were ejected onto the roadway and the horse suffered injuries, said deputies.Byler was taken into custody and after processing was released with appearance tickets.Deputies say no passengers were seriously injured in the crash. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Governor to announce new employer will lease space for manufacturing operation at IBM

first_imgGovernor Douglas on Wednesday will announce that a major new manufacturer will be setting up operations at IBM s Essex facility and he will formally welcome them to Vermont. The announcement will be made at the IBM Microelectronics facility Presentation Center in Essex Junction at 3:30 pm.last_img

Irish roundup: IASS, High Court, Irish Stock Exchange, ISE FundHub

first_imgAer Lingus and the Irish state may be facing a €174m High Court case over the decision to reduce pensioner benefits paid by the Irish Airlines Superannuation Scheme (IASS).The Retired Aviation Staff Association (RASA), representing pensioners affected by the changes to the IASS, met earlier this week and were unanimous in their support for a legal challenge, according to a statement.The RASA said pensions in payment had been cut after the Pensions Authority accepted the funding proposal put forward by the IASS trustee board, submitted after years of negotiation over the €715m deficit.The IASS – a multi-employer fund sponsored by the Irish flag carrier and the Dublin Airport Authority – cut benefits by an estimated €174m as part of the proposal, with the RASA alleging that the liability had been transferred to pensioners. In its statement, the association only said that the probable High Court case would be brought “against a number of potential defendants”, which could include the sponsoring companies and the government.Both the RASA and L K Shields, the law firm representing the IASS pensioners, declined to comment further.Cuts to pensions in payment were made possible after the Department of Social Protection changed the priority order of assets on wind-up, which previously offered complete protection to a pensioner’s accrued rights.The previous regime was considered inequitable by many critics, including parliamentarians, as it would necessitate deeper cuts to active and deferred members’ pensions where a scheme was in deficit on wind-up. In other news, the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) has implemented a new web-based fund information portal aimed at institutional investors.The portal, named ISE FundHub, offers detailed information on funds listed on the ISE.It displays the current net asset values (NAVs) and NAV histories of each listed fund, as well as key fund documents, and provides profiles of investment managers.Other functionalities are categorisation of funds, comparisons versus peers and analytics.At the launch of the platform in November last year, 20 investment managers had agreed to use the service.Among the fund managers already using the service are J O Hambro, Neuberger Berman and Dragon Capital.The ISE is currently in discussions with other fund managers that already list their funds on the exchange, including Goldman Sachs and US money manager Lord Abbett.It hopes to have 100 fund managers using the service by the end of this year.The ISE Fund Hub was developed in partnership with FundConnect, the Danish fund infrastructure provider.Rose Ward, vice-president for international primary markets at the ISE, said: “A consistent theme was that both investors and managers wanted more information on funds. By providing NAV histories, peer comparisons, access to key fund documents and investment manager profiles, we are addressing that requirement.”For more on the DC reforms facing the Irish pensions industry, see the current issue of IPE magazinelast_img read more

CARICOM ministerial committee to look into West Indies cricket

first_img Share Tweet Share Sharing is caring! 22 Views   no discussionscenter_img West Indies Cricket Team. Photo credit: southasiabiz.comBASSETERRE, St Kitts — In the wake of a chorus of calls for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to intervene in the controversy surrounding the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), CARICOM heads of government have decided to re-activate the prime ministerial sub-committee on cricket.Incoming CARICOM chairman, Dr Denzil Douglas, told journalists at the closing press conference of their 32nd summit in St Kitts and Nevis on Monday, that the prime ministerial sub-committee would be “rejuvenated to address critical issues regarding the future of West Indies cricket and to engage both the WICB and WIPA in an effort to resolve their ongoing dispute.”He said that there was a need to address the issue of ownership of West Indies cricket.“Who owns West Indies cricket; is it the Board, the players or the Caribbean peoples?” Douglas queried.The sub-committee comprises heads of government from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and St Kitts and Nevis as ex-officio member. Antigua and Barbuda will chair the committee.President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, weighed in on the matter, emphasizing that the sub-committee must address longstanding issues of compensation and commercial rights of players, both of which, he stated, had plagued every tour and created “too much acrimony before and during the game.”“These issues beg the attention of heads and we ‘gotta’ do something about them now,” the Guyana president asserted.Suriname’s president Desi Bouterse felt that what was needed was a more professional approach to sport for development in the region. He mentioned that Suriname had taken the lead in that by establishing a regional sports academy, which he believed would give to young people all the opportunities to channel their talents for the good of themselves and society at large. This Academy will serve not only the CARICOM member states, but also neighbouring countries.“To us, sport is not just recreation and entertainment, but a vital element in fostering a healthy and harmonious Community, hence the concept of sport for development,” he concluded.Caribbean News Now NewsSports CARICOM ministerial committee to look into West Indies cricket by: – July 5, 2011 Sharelast_img read more

Hughes confirms Olic interest

first_img Olic, whose contract runs out in the summer, was quoted in the last few days by Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List as saying he had held talks with Hughes and the Potters hierarchy. He said he had been made an offer by the Staffordshire outfit and that he was yet to choose between that and an offer of a new deal from Wolfsburg. Asked on Friday about the 34-year-old, Hughes said: “It is fair to say he is an interesting player – one I have faced in the past and have always been impressed with. “There is an interest there and we’ll see how it progresses.” Hughes has also given his thoughts on the contract situations of Stoke stalwart Andy Wilkinson. Defender Wilkinson, a Potters academy graduate, is on a deal that expires at the end of the season. He has already indicated he has been offered a new one and that, despite his frustration at a lack of game time this term, he hopes to stay put. Hughes said of the 29-year-old: “We’d like Andy to stay – I think he typifies the Stoke attitude and he has good ability. “He is a local guy, has been here a long time and is very much part of the fabric of the place, and you can’t have too many of those type of players in your club. “So we’ll be delighted if Andy can agree a new deal and is here for a longer time.” Stoke will check on the condition of Peter Odemwingie ahead of Saturday’s Barclays Premier League home clash with Arsenal after he sustained a calf problem. Fellow Potters forward Jon Walters has missed a couple of days of training this week due to illness but is expected to be available, and on-loan Manchester City striker John Guidetti is eligible once again after sitting out last weekend’s defeat at his parent club. Defender Robert Huth, who last played for the Stoke first team in November and has been recovering from knee surgery, successfully came through 45 minutes of a behind-closed-doors friendly on Tuesday but is not yet ready for a competitive return. On-loan Liverpool winger Oussama Assaidi (knee) remains sidelined. Mesut Ozil will return after hip trouble and a two-day rest for Arsenal. Gunners boss Arsene Wenger will leave a decision on whether or not to field fit-again defender Thomas Vermaelen at left-back to the last minute. Nacho Monreal (ankle) and Kieran Gibbs (gluteus) both remain doubtful, and if neither make it back in time for the Potters clash, Wenger could deploy Vermaelen, fully recovered from a shin problem, on the left of his defence Tony Pulis’ muscular Stoke side intimidated Arsenal’s cosmopolitan crew into untold headaches over the years, but now new boss Hughes is battling to expand that regimented game plan. Wenger admitted Arsenal may be more suited to taking on a team built by the former Manchester United and Wales striker than facing up to Pulis’ pressgang tactics. “We had some bad memories but also some good ones as well,” said Wenger. “It’s a stadium where before, first of all the pitch was narrow and difficult to play, a bit more open to the wind. “But recently we have shown as well it’s down to the performance on the day. “If you perform on Saturday that’s all that counts. “Yes it probably is better for us now though, because we went sometimes to Stoke, who had a rough style, we had young players and it was difficult. “But they have good players, they have done well in the league, they qualified for the Europa league. “So they are a real challenge. “Every manager has his own style, he (Hughes) has experience and has shown he can do well. “Given time he will print his own style of play.” Stoke boss Mark Hughes has confirmed the club’s interest in signing Wolfsburg and Croatia striker Ivica Olic. Press Associationlast_img read more

India’s support essential for growth of Cricket – BCCI chief

first_imgANURAG Thakur, president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has hit out at the International Cricket Council (ICC) claiming that cricket cannot grow without India’s support.The BCCI and ICC have been involved in a spat over the way the sport has been run, but Thakur has denied any rift with the ICC and said they are just concerned about the growth of the game.“We have opposed the two-tier Test system as nations like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe won’t be able to compete at the highest level. We want to grow the game of cricket and it’s not possible without India’s support,” Thakur said as quoted by the Times of India.“We have always stood by smaller nations. We always talk for the betterment of cricket. Since the BCCI is the biggest cricket body in the world, it is our duty to grow cricket on world level.”Despite Thakur’s assurances, there have been widespread reports that the BCCI is unhappy with the ICC on various fronts. The Indian cricket board was not too pleased at being excluded from a meeting of the ICC’s finance committee which was held earlier this month.The BCCI was also reportedly miffed at a move to revoke the ‘Big Three’ revenue model, under which India, along with Australia and England, gets a lion’s share of the revenues.The BCCI has expressed reservations over the ICC’s decision to allocate a budget of $135M (£106M) as organisational costs for the Champions Trophy which is way higher than the $45M that was given to the board to host the ICC T20 World Cup earlier this year“Today other countries need more money than India. When we are asked to cut our shares then we suggested that the ICC should cut down their event costs.“If the BCCI has been successful in hosting tournaments whether the IPL or World Cup while cutting down the event costs, then it is also equally important for other organisations to look into this matter. We are here to help,” Thakur added. (Yahoo Sport)last_img read more

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