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Second impeachment trial of former President Trump to begin on Tuesday

first_img Google+ Facebook Twitter By Jon Zimney – February 9, 2021 0 151 Twitter (“Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victims” by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CC BY 2.0) Never before has a President of the United States been impeached and tried twice. That changes beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 9, when the former president stands trial on a charge of inciting an insurrection for the January riot at the U.S. Capitol.But, the trial will be legally unlike anything that has happened before, with some fundamental questions still unanswered, said Dr. Ted Frantz, professor of History at the University of Indianapolis.“Is it appropriate to try and to impeach a person who is now a former president?” he asked. “At the time that impeachment was voted on Donald Trump was president. By the time the trial will be taking place, he obviously is not. We have never seen something like that in American history before.”Frantz said if you watch the trial or listen in, you’ll see the House managers serving as the prosecution.The former president has had trouble keeping a stable legal team.“He is not able to rely on trusted people with whom he has a long-standing relationship,” said Frantz.Frantz said that is likely due to the possibility that representing Trump could be a liability to future career plans.“If you’re able to acquit him that might really advance your cause, particularly with the part of the Republican Party so loyal to him,” said Frantz. “One of the other things we’re reading about is how difficult it is, at least right now, for former members of Trump’s White House team to be lining up employment.”You may have heard or read that Trump is not expected to testify. Frantz said that’s probably a wise decision for both sides.“I don’t think Pres. Trump has anything to gain by testifying, and if anything it would seem to be a gamble on the part of House managers, who are Democrats, to get him on the stand and hope to get him to contradict himself.”Frantz said he believes it’s the smart decision from the House managers’ perspective. Facebook Previous articleSchool delays and closings for Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021Next articleCorby’s Irish Pub to reopen next week Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Google+ Pinterest Second impeachment trial of former President Trump to begin on Tuesday WhatsApp Pinterest WhatsApp IndianaLocalMichiganNationalNewslast_img read more

Eric “Benny” Bloom Tells Us What It Means To Be A Part Of The Shady Horns

first_imgThere’s no rest for Eric “Benny” Bloom these days, not when the lure of the stage is calling. Just last week alone, he and partner in The Shady Horns, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis, have appeared on The Today Show backing up the legendary Aaron Neville, brought some punch to a pair of shows with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh before heading out to rehearsals for the upcoming Lettuce tour.Adding to his manic workload are special appearances at the Bear Creek Bayou Festival, the Catskill Chill Music Festival and the dream team laden Brooklyn Comes Alive festival. Somehow, in the midst of all his comings and goings, Bloom managed to squeeze in a conversation with our own Rex Thomson about the joy of having a musical partner, how to play in any circumstance and what funk music means to him.L4LM: As a part of The Shady Horns you have shared the stage with legends and the cream of the music scene, as well as your partner-in-crime, Ryan Zoidis. Can you give us a rundown on how you came to be “Shady?”Eric “Benny” Bloom: The Shady Horns originally started as the horn section for Soulive with Sam Kininger. When I joined Lettuce, it was Ryan Zoidis, me and James Casey; we were The Shady Horns. Then James left to do stuff with Trey and other artists, so we carried the flame, continued on, and now here we are… Zoidis and me: a duo.It’s great. It’s concise. It’s easy. Ryan and I work really well together and we think alike, musically. I’ve never really had such a long connection. He’s the man.L4LM: How in tune with your partner are you? Do you feel like you know where Zoidis is going in a jam, or is he still surprising you after all these years?EBB: Oh, of course, you’re always getting surprised. We can come up with a horn line, a little lick, in the moment and play it the next time around. We’re on the same page. Sometimes I’ll just play the harmony, which is something people might not catch the first couple times through, but he gets it and plays around me.We do a lot of jamming, and out of that there are variations to be played. A lot of times we’ll guess the same variations. We’re pretty in tune. That’s why nobody plays or sounds like us. We come in to work with an artist and we can figure anything out.Before we played with him, Phil Lesh asked us, “Hey, you got something for ‘Sugaree?’,” and I was like “Yep!” And we didn’t have anything. But when it went down, I came up with a line, Ryan came up with a line, and I came up with another line, and it came out great. That’s the way to do it. Right then. Old school.L4LM: Is there any cool inside stuff about playing with Phil that you feel like sharing?EBB: When we were about to play, we all got in a circle, put one foot in and just made crazy sounds for a minute or two. It was to open yourself up, and it was really cool. Instead of just being in your own head-space, everyone got loose and connected.He has so many things he has been through, experienced with the Dead. His methods are obviously tried and true. So if he suggests something, I listen.L4LM: The Shady Horns just had a huge television appearance backing up Aaron Neville on The Today Show. As a musician you keep late nights, but the show happens early in the morning. Did you just stay up and play through, or did you get some sleep first?EBB: I’m not 21 anymore… I can’t play through anymore. I mean… I can, but when you’re on TV, you can’t be screwing up. I tried to sleep, but of course, you can’t really can’t be screwing up. But I’ve been on The Today Show before, so I knew what to expect.L4LM: For some folks, being on The Today Show would be the highlight of their year, but with the madness of your life it might not even be the high point of the WEEK. How was that transition, going from Neville to Lesh, stylistically?EBB: You don’t really think of it. You just take every day as a new day and a new gig, y’know? I listened to plenty of the Grateful Dead and Phish coming up, and I know if those kinds of bands have horns, it sounds like The Moody Blues, or Chicago or Blood, Sweat & Tears. That is what a horn section sounded like around the time of the Grateful Dead music.But with Aaron Neville, he wanted a New Orleans styled horn section. Guys who used to play with Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint, old school guys like that. So you need to know that music too. Whatever gig you agree to do, you should know as much as you can about that. That way when you get there, it’s not about making some big transition.It’s like cooking. You can say “Hey! I’m cooking French food today.” And some people specialize, sure, but if you need to cook Mexican it shouldn’t be that difficult if you know what you’re doing.L4LM: Do you see funk as a specific style of music or a vibe that can be applied to any music situation?EBB: Yeah, I don’t think it’s a genre, really. I mean, it helps some people to have labels, but I hate them. For example, Aaron Neville was really one of the first rhythm and blues singers. R&B just kinda morphed into rock and roll. Funk was always more based in the blues side. The funk… you can look at it as a sound, a way of playing.You look at James Brown. He’s the king of funk, The Godfather of soul. He had Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley who both really wanted to be jazz musicians. And they got into what was really, in a way, a pop band to them. Really, when you look at it, all that funk is really blues and jazz based.L4LM: You’ve made your home in New Orleans for a while now. Do you manage to get any rest when you are off the road, or is the temptation of gigging with your own band and sitting in around town too much for you?EBB: It’s really difficult. Like tomorrow, I am flying home to play my last gig with my band, Sonic Bloom, before I fly out the next day for Lettuce rehearsals. So as much as I want to rest I want to keep my flame burning in New Orleans as much as I can.There is so much good stuff down there that you just want to go all the time. And so many places, like Preservation Hall, where I have friends now I can go and do that. Not many people get an opportunity like that and I definitely try and make the most of it.I make time for playing when I should make more time for myself. More Netflix and my girlfriend Lisa, but… what are you gonna do?L4LM: Speaking of Lettuce and playing shows at home, you and your friends are helping to celebrate the rebirth of the Bear Creek Music Festival, now held on the Bayou in New Orleans. Lettuce has put on some spectacular shows at Bear Creek in the past… how excited are you guys to be such a big part of the return?EBB: I love the crew that does the Bear Creek Festival, Lyle and Judy. I’m looking forward to it. I’m really looking forward to it because, for me, I live here. I love it. It’s like the fest is coming home.This is gonna be like a mini-Jazz Fest. It’s perfect. It’s in the fall, and gives New Orleans a taste of Jazz Fest but at this time of the year. Just the good old Bear Creek vibe, but in New Orleans. It’s gonna be amazing.Besides the Lettuce sets, I am doing another set with a lot of horn players. That’s gonna be really strong.L4LM: Your special set was a nice addition to the line up. Can you tell us a little bit about that, like how many horn players you plan on cramming on the stage?EBB: It’s Natalie Cressman, Jennifer Hartswick, Skerik and me. Only four total. That’s enough. And we’ve got a strong contingent of local talent. That’s the thing about doing it in New Orleans is that you have so much talent you can tap. My friend Josh Starkman, Thomas Glass, a young, like 19 year old drummer. Joe Ashlar the great organist and Noah Young, the bass player from Naughty Professor. It’s a nice band. They’re happening.L4LM: It’s nice to see you bringing in fresh faces.EBB: That’s the way it is supposed to be. It’s the way it HAS to be. You have to keep it fresh. It’s like… I’m playing with Phil Lesh after how many years has he been playing? Always gotta keep it like that.L4LM: You’re also participating in one of the official after parties, a tribute to Bernie Worrell. (More info/tickets here). With the Louisiana tradition of celebrating loss with revelry it seems like a perfect place for that kind of show.EBB: Yeah, it’s a great place to do it. And we have a lot of Dumpstaphunk crew in there, and they’re so influenced by P-Funk. The band that they have chosen to do it is perfect for the material, and I don’t that much of a chance to do a lot of P-Funk music.P-Funk stuff has a lot of horns and a lot of vocals, and I’m looking forward that a lot. Like I said, the band is great and the music will sound right and funky.L4LM: You’re involved in some amazing tributes to a few of the music greats we’ve lost in the coming weeks, from Bernie Worrell, Maurice White to the legendary Miles Davis. Do you think it’s important to work to keep the music of the fallen greats alive?EBB: I think it’s very important. I don’t do to many of these tributes but I think it’s very important. People know such a small amount of the work of these artists. Take Miles Davis. There’s so much great Miles Davis out there. If I can reawaken the awareness of Miles in some people then maybe they’ll dig into his catalog.That’s what I wish people were doing now-a-days, getting deeper into their favorite artists. People like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong… dig deeper into their catalog. Get to understand an artist. Get to understand why they left space here, or finessed something there.I get called for a lot of these tributes, but I try and only do the ones that are a bit different, that go deeper into the artist they are honoring.L4LM: You’ve got what is essentially Break Science and your Lettuce bandmates backing you on this journey through the classic Davis album Bitches Brew. Are you going to be doing the whole album?EBB: We’re going to get in a good amount, but it’s a chance to expose people to that period of Miles, to really channel it. And because I play with the Lettuce and Break Science guys so much, they’re perfect for that era Miles.I mean Jesus (Coomes) is perfect for that, he knows that music really well. Everyone in that band knows that music. Sure, I would love to play with some other guys sometimes, because I get to play with these guys all the time, but they’re right for the job and you can’t knock that.L4LM: Was Miles a big influence on your development as a player?EBB: Oh yeah. I mean, a lot of people are in there for me, but definitely Miles. Birth Of The Cool. I have almost every one of his albums. Every trumpet player is influenced by Miles. Every musician, really, whether they know it or not.I’m definitely a huge Miles fan and very happy to be doing this tribute.L4LM: Later in October you are heading back to your old stomping grounds, New York City, to be part of the all super group festival Brooklyn Comes Alive. What do you think of the cavalcade of stars approach the organizers have taken?EBB: I think it’s great. I love so many of those people! I’m doing an amazing set with the Coomes brothers, Jesus and Tycoon and The Shady Horns. Ty writes a lot of amazing stuff and it is gonna be an amazing day of music. Kunj Shah did a great job of putting it together.L4LM: One of the most talked about Jazz Fest late night shows was the Earth, Wind & Fire tribute hosted by The Nth Power. By popular demand it is making its return at Brooklyn Comes Alive. Any hints you can give us about how you’re planning to take this to the next level?EBB: There’s just so much of their music that you can do, that is all so good, that it’s easy to switch it up and make it different. There’s never a bad time to listen to Earth, Wind & Fire. I listen to them once a day, at least.L4LM: And while all this is going on you’re going to be out on tour?EBB: Yeah, we take off on the Sounds Like A Party tour next week. We’re gonna go see as many of our fans as we can. I’m just trying to live every day the best I can and get better as I go. Wish me luck!L4LM: Good luck! Well, thank you for fitting this chat into your busy schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing the magic you’re gonna be making.EBB: Thanks for having me. You guys are the best. Tickets for Lettuce’s Sounds Like A Party tour available HERETickets for the Bear Creek Bayou are available HERETickets for the All Star Tribute To Bernie Worrell are available HERETickets for the Catskill Chill are available HERETickets for the all-star Brooklyn Comes Alive are available HERElast_img read more

Nas, Mary J. Blige Announce Co-Headlining 2019 Summer Tour

first_imgNas and Mary J. Blige will hit the road together for the first time this summer for a 22-city co-headlining tour throughout North America.Blige, the iconic 90s R&B vocalist, and Nas, the equally-influential 90s hip-hop superstar, will begin their tour on July 11th in West Palm Beach, FL and traverse the U.S. throughout the remainder of the summer before wrapping their run on September 10th in Toronto.Both Nas and Mary J. Blige experienced the height of their popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, but both have remained creatively vital and relevant in recent years. In 2017, Blige received Academy Award nominations for both “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Original Song” for her dual creative role in the acclaimed film, Mudbound, becoming the first person to be nominated for Oscars for acting and songwriting in the same year. In 2018, Nas released his 12th studio album, NASIR, his first solo LP since 2012’s Life Is Good. The album was one of several 2018 releases from various artists executive produced by Kanye West.While the two have not previously toured together, they have notably collaborated in the past. Below, you can watch the music video for “Love Is All We Need”, the Nas-assisted 1997 single off Blige’s third album, Share My World.Mary J. Blige ft. Nas – “Love Is All We Need” [Music Video][Video: RnbClassix]Ahead of the tour, both Nas and Mary J. Blige will deliver headlining performances at ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, set to take place from July 4th–7th.Tickets for this impressive tag team tour will be available to Citi Card Members starting on April 17th at noon local time. The rest of the tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday, April 10th at 10:00 a.m. local time here.You can check out a full list of Nas and Mary J. Blige’s co-headlining tour dates below. For more information and ticketing details, head to the Live Nation website here.Mary J. Blige + Nas Co-Headlining Tour Dates7/11 – West Palm Beach, Fla. @ Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the S. Florida Fairgrounds7/13 – Tampa, Fla. @ MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds7/14 – Jacksonville, Fla. @ Daily’s Place7/16 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park7/20 – Atlantic City, N.J. @ Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena7/21 – Virginia Beach, Va. @ Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater7/24 – Charlotte, N.C. @ PNC Music Pavilion7/25 – Raleigh, N.C. @ Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek7/28 – Detroit, Mich. @ DTE Energy Music Theatre7/31 – St. Louis, Mo. @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater8/2 – Houston, Tx. @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion8/3 – Austin, Tx. @ Austin360 Amphitheater8/6 – Kansas City, Mo. @ Starlight Theatre8/9 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ Ak-Chin Pavilion8/14 – San Francisco, Calif. @ Shoreline Amphitheatre8/16 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ The Joint8/17 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ The Joint8/20 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Isleta Amphitheater8/22 – Dallas, Tx. @Dos Equis Pavilion8/25 – Tuscaloosa, Ala. @ Tuscaloosa Amphitheater8/31 – Syracuse, N.Y. @ St Joseph’s Health Amphitheater9/1 – Boston, Mass. @ Xfinity Center9/10 – Toronto, Ontario @ Budweiser StageView Tour Dates [H/T Billboard]last_img read more

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence awarded $54,000 to help build financial security

first_imgFinancial security and access to resources is the number one predictor of whether domestic violence victims will stay or leave an abusive relationship, according to recent research. A new partnership between The Allstate Foundation and the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence will make that choice a little easier. The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program will award $54,000 to the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence to support economic empowerment strategies for survivors.The financial impact for a domestic violence survivor can last for years while the survivor works to repair or build credit, build assets and secure housing, childcare and transportation. In its fifth year, the Moving Ahead Economic Empowerment Grantprogram provides funding in the areas of financial education, job readiness and training, match savings programs or individual development accounts (IDA) and micro-loans, helping survivors on their path to financial security.”Survivors need access to information and strategies that this grant program provides now more than ever to help them on their path to financial freedom,” said Jennifer Kuhn, program manager for The Allstate Foundation’s Domestic Violence Program. “The current economic climate demands that financial empowerment services be provided on the local level. The Allstate Foundation is proud to support these efforts and help make financial security a reality for many survivors.”The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence will use the funding for financial literacy, job readiness and job training, matched savings and micro-loans. The financial literacy program develops the knowledge and skills for advocates and provides both one-on-one and group support for survivors’ emergent economic needs and subsequent plans for long-term safety and economic security.The grant program has provided more than $575,000 to ten state domestic violence coalitions this year. As a part of The Allstate Foundation’s commitment to ending domestic violence, the Moving Ahead Grant programs have provided more than$15 million in programming and direct support since their inception.About The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence ProgramThe Allstate Foundation’s Domestic Violence Program helps domestic violence survivors overcome economic challenges and lead financially independent lives, free from abuse. Through a partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the program provides a network of financial resources, including a comprehensive financial empowerment curriculum; funds direct services, including education and job training assistance; and spreads the word on how to empower those touched by domestic and economic abuse. For more information and to find out how to help, visit is external).SOURCE The Allstate Foundation. BURLINGTON, Vt., Nov. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ —last_img read more

LOMAS promotes professionalism

first_img Phelps said LOMAS’s services enhance professionalism and competency by addressing the following objectives: LOMAS promotes professionalism Providing a broad range of practice management information services to members of the Bar, the Law Office Management Assistance Service plays an integral role in promoting professionalism. LOMAS is a fees supported educational resource housed within the Bar’s Programs Division. “The teaching of practice management skills to lawyers has been haphazard over the years because most law schools do not consider it to be a part of their mandate to educate their students in these matters and no other effective teaching forum exists,” said J.R. Phelps, LOMAS director. The LOMAS department offers the membership an affordable way to obtain answers to questions regarding practice management and basic technology systems. Phelps said this is particularly important for sole practitioners and small firm members who may not be able to afford these services if they are not offered by the Bar. “The phone rarely stops ringing in the LOMAS department as we log over 10,000 calls each year concerning a wide range of topics,” Phelps said. “And with the advent of e-mail, each morning’s listing of requests continues to grow.” From an initial staff of one full-time director in 1980, LOMAS now has three full-time practice management advisors and a full-time secretary. With the increase in telephone inquiries to the program, the staff is now spending the largest portion of available time in telephone consultations, Phelps said. Just as the numbers of members of the Bar have increased during this period of time, so has the complexity of issues faced by law firm managers. “Technology, staffing shortages and labor law issues today are far more of a factor for law firms and correspondingly require more of the attention of LOMAS advisors,” Phelps said. The Florida Bar’s LOMAS department was the first of the state bar-sponsored practice management advisory services, and has now been copied by 19 other state bars. Phelps said the development of the LOMAS program occurred in response to the growing evidence that: December 1, 2000 Regular News Professionalism, sound management and effective leadership are inherently intertwined and dependent one upon the other Many, and perhaps most, complaints to discipline authorities and malpractice claims against lawyers are caused, in large part, by poor practice management. Improving practice management skills can play an important role in reducing the number and dollar value of malpractice claims and improving the public perception of lawyers. Solo and small firm practitioners have few options available in trying to find the necessary assistance with law office management and technology issues. LOMAS promotes professionalism Assist lawyers in improving efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of legal services. Assist lawyers in implementing systems and controls to reduce risk and improve quality in the delivery of legal services. Assist lawyers by fostering better client relations. Assist lawyers and their office personnel to use emerging technologies to enhance the delivery of legal services. Telephone advice and information on the complete range of practice management issues. On-site consulting services to solo and small firms. Business plan development for new start-up firms or lawyers transitioning from an existing firm. Technology needs hardware and software selection. Staffing and human resource management. Financial management. Trust accounting management. Law firm governance and partnership considerations. Malpractice prevention through calendar, docket and conflict-of-interest management systems. “promoting and providing the services of LOMAS, The Florida Bar enhances the value to its members by reducing the potential for legal malpractice liability; reducing disciplinary complaints; providing an alternative to disciplinary proceedings through LOMAS disciplinary and diversionary on-site office reviews; and reducing the stress within the practice caused by poor office systems and procedures,” Phelps said. A sampling of the services provided by LOMAS includes: Additional responsibilities and activities of the department include serving as a resource to Bar sections by providing speakers and materials for programs; providing articles or speakers for local and voluntary bars serving the legal community; serving as a resource to other ancillary support groups such as legal administrators, paralegal and legal support staff organizations; cross-marketing other Florida Bar departments such as SCOPE, FLA, Inc., and the Lawyer Referral Service. “Feedback concerning the program is welcomed and used to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing services and products, as well as to determine other services that members desire,” Phelps said. “Through feedback received in early 1999, LOMAS determined there was a need for an educational program concerning the difficulty law firms faced in meeting the IRS requirement to provide 1099s for certain transactions handled within a trust account.” Because of the feedback, Phelps said, a special program was produced and presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting this past June. LOMAS also has produced or developed a number of videotapes, audiotape books and manuals regarding practice management topics, all of which are described on the Bar’s webpage at read more

Gov. Wolf: Special Council on Gun Violence to Host Hearings

first_imgGov. Wolf: Special Council on Gun Violence to Host Hearings November 13, 2019 Press Release,  Public Safety Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that his Special Council on Gun Violence, created as part of an executive order he signed in August and tasked with studying and making recommendations to prevent and reduce gun violence, will host a series of five hearings to inform the council and community members in attendance. The Council members were announced in late September with the first meeting held on Oct. 9.“These five hearings will help inform the work of the council and let the public hear from experts on topics pertinent to making all Pennsylvanians safer, whether they live in a city or a rural area,” Gov. Wolf said. “Thank you to the Council and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for their ongoing efforts to address the public health crisis of gun violence in Pennsylvania.”Dates and times, locations and focus of topic for each hearing include: All hearings are open to the public as listening sessions. Audience members may provide feedback to the Council directly through a written survey at the listening session, or may provide their ideas and comments via an Online Public Comment Survey. Video recordings of the hearings, agendas and other information about the Special Council will also be posted on the website.“These hearings are designed to gather information from experts on every facet of gun violence that the Executive Order asked us to address,” PCCD Chairman Charles Ramsey said. “Since gun violence touches everyone in the Commonwealth, the online public comment survey is also a key component in gathering the public’s feedback. The more thoughts and perspectives we have on this issue, the better.”center_img Regional Hearing – Reducing Likelihood of Accidental ShootingsFriday, November 15, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Lemmond Theater, Misericordia University, 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PARegional Hearing – Combating Mass ShootingsThursday, November 21, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh, 3959 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PARegional Hearing – Preventing Suicide by FirearmsFriday, November 22, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Board Room, York City School District Administration Building, 31 N. Pershing Avenue, York, PARegional Hearing – Preventing Domestic Violence-Related ShootingsMonday, November 25, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Bennett Pierce Living Center, 110 Henderson, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PARegional Hearing – Reducing Community Gun ViolenceThursday, December 5, 2019 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Temple University, 1801 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Quiet retreat for family in Springwood

first_imgThe balcony at 6 Maneroo Ct, Springwood.Outside is an inground swimming pool with paved surrounds, and low maintenance gardens and lawns. The home also comes with a 5kw solar system. “The solar panels make the home really energy efficient. The bills are really quiet small for a house of this size with a pool,” Mr Wands said.The property is being marketed by Katherine Rossi and Brendon Rossi of McGrath Estate Agents Springwood for $675,000. The home at 6 Maneroo Ct, Springwood.“I also love the view from the balcony — you can sit up there and look at mountains in the distance.”The home is on a 703sq m block and features a double lockup garage. On the ground floor there are formal lounge and dining rooms, a rumpus room and an open-plan family, meals and kitchen area. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The kitchen has a breakfast bar, quality appliances and plenty of bench and cupboard space, while sliding doors in the meals area lead out to the patio. The home at 6 Maneroo Ct, Springwood.THIS spacious family home with cathedral ceilings and a swimming pool is tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac.The property at 6 Maneroo Ct, Springwood, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and plenty of living space. Graham Wands bought the property five years ago and lives there with his wife, Elizabeth, and their baby. “I loved the character and the cathedral ceilings. It felt grand in comparison to other houses,” he said. center_img Inside 6 Maneroo Ct, Springwood.The downstairs master bedroom has an ensuite and built-in robe and the fourth bedroom and study have built-ins. There is also a family bathroom, toilet and laundry on the ground floor. Internal stairs lead to the second level where the second master bedroom has an ensuite, built-in robes and balcony access. The second bedroom also has built-in robes and access to the balcony. last_img read more

The Big Read: Residents’ six-year battle to move sex workers from outside their Christchurch homes

first_imgNZ Herald 1 October 2017Family First Comment: “Personally I am fed up being offered a blow job for $20 when I’m walking my dog at 6am in the morning,” Huntley said. “I’m fed up having to watch where my dog walks in case of needles. I’m fed up having prostitutes leering at me in my car to see if I’m a potential punter just when I drive to and from my home address, and I am right over them exposing their breasts, backsides and genitalia in broad daylight on some occasions when I have driven by ‐ I have to, I live here. I’m fed up having condoms dropped on the verge outside where I live, and am struggling to get the image out of my mind of the prostitute defecating in full view, one morning when I left for work.”And NZ’ers are fed up with the politicians inaction and arrogance on this issue!Matt Bonis thought his family had escaped the worst when the earthquakes hit. Their inner city Christchurch home stood up well in the violent shaking that wiped out large swathes of the eastern suburbs and felled much of the nearby central business district.But as the aftershocks rumbled on, New Zealand’s greatest modern natural disaster brought with it an unexpected consequence for father-of-two Bonis and his St Albans neighbours. They suddenly found their normal, quiet suburban street turned into the nation’s second biggest city’s street sex trade epicentre.Prostitutes, and their pimps, had for years plied their trade, often called the oldest profession in the world, on a seedy red light stretch of Manchester St, south of Bealey Ave inside the city’s old Four Avenues boundary.The area was largely industrial and had become synonymous with sex workers. Every night after dusk, they could be seen – in all weather – tottering in high heels and short skirts enticing passing motorists to enquire within.But when the quakes flattened the CBD, and an army-patrolled cordon kept the public away from potentially-dangerous buildings and falling masonry, the sex workers migrated north of Bealey Ave.And for the last six years, they haven’t really moved. For Bonis and many residents of that Manchester St area around the corner of Purchas St, life has proved a living hell.READ MORE: read more

Lincoln County goes Red, White, Boom!

first_imgTroy Bayne piloted his Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod to victory after starting on the outside of the front row and the IMCA Hobby Stock feature event was as good as advertised, as the full field challenged for top honors. In the most exciting feature of the evening, Bob Chalupa was the early leader in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car main event. Chalupa relinquished the lead to fourth row starter Mikey Dancer on the sixth lap.  Osborn’s efforts were rewarded with the IMCA Modified feature victory. Osborn started on the pole and never looked back as he built cushions between himself and the field following each restart.  NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (July 4) – Getting the chance to shine in front of an Independence Day crowd, four IMCA drivers punched their tickets to the winner’s circle at the Red, White and Boom Night of racing action at Lincoln County Raceway Saturday evening.  Dancer had to work through traffic to gain the lead and checked out once he got there. Colton Osborn encountered heavier traffic coming from his fifth row starting spot and ran out of real estate making a move for the lead as the checkered flag waved. When the smoke cleared, Luke Wassom was in the winner’s circle. By Kelly Ninaslast_img read more

Major League Baseball gives players’ association 60-game schedule, games to start July 23 or 24

first_imgMajor League Baseball gives players’ association 60-game schedule, games to start July 23 or 24 June 23, 2020 Associated Press center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball gives players’ association 60-game schedule, games to start July 23 or 24.last_img

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