Rabat – Moroccan Mona Qabbani, who survived the tragedy of Grenfell Tower in west London, has given her account of the incident saying that a huge number of missing victims are Moroccan.Mona Qabbani, a Moroccan who survived the massive fire in Grenfel Tower, stated in an interview with the Arabic-language news source, Alyaoum 24, that the incident was “extremely terrible and frightening,” and that the survivors “lived the worst day of their lives.”Qabbani who lived in the 11th floor of the giant building that caught fire on June 14 said she did not notice the fire and that her friend called her and told her to run away. “My friend saved me and my kids after she called me and told me to run away quickly. Had it not been for Allah’s mercy, I would have been dead, especially because the fire was close.” Qabbani added that 40 percent of the residents in the building are Moroccan and the rest come from different Arab nationalities. She pointed out that the majority of them are missing. “Every now and then we remember some Moroccan families through their photos and we notify the British authorities. I hope they are not among the victims,” said Qabbani, noting that two members of one Moroccan family were rescued, but the father, mother, and a son are still missing. “We don’t know if they are dead or alive,” she added.The Moroccan survivor also pointed out that a faulty refrigerator caused the fire, and explained that the retrofitted exterior insulation in the building made the rescue operation extremely difficult.Qabbani spoke about the people injured in the incident saying they are so numerous that she cannot count them, and noted that a Moroccan woman a her children have been in the emergency room since the day of the event after they inhaled smoke.