first_imgJuice at Kukui, Varsity Events\’ Tuesday night for Oxford University students, has ended, amongst rumours that Varsity will take over the increasingly popular Tuesday student night at Camera.Varsity Events recently published an event on their Facebook group informing the Oxford student body that Tuesday of 8th Week Hilary 2011 would be the \”Last ever Juice @ Kukui, after running for 8 years over 3 different venues\”.Speculation has been high over the reasons behind Varsity\’s decision, and the possibility of a link to Camera nightclub on St. Ebbe\’s street, which opened at the beginning of this academic year. Camera moved its Oxford-student-exclusive \”Blues\” club night from a Monday to a Tuesday evening at the beginning of Hilary term.After an 8pm meeting on Wednesday 9th March between Varsity bosses and promoters, which took place at Roppongi, George St., rumours began circulating that Varsity events would be taking over the job of promoting the Tuesday night \”Blues\” events at Camera next term. The night is currently promoted by A-List events, a venture which was started by the owners of The Bridge and Camera.However, an inside source told Cherwell, \”The meeting at Roppongi was very vague – there was no explicit mention that Varsity had made arrangements with the owners of Camera to take over \”Blues\” Tuesdays\”.When Cherwell spoke to Dom Conte, who runs Varsity Events, he said that he would be happy to have a face-to-face meeting later in the week to discuss the matter, but declined to comment any sooner.The owner and manager of Camera said that they maintain a no-press-policy at all times.A Varsity promoter observed that \”any day Camera picked for their night would\’ve been serious competition for Varsity events\”.One Oxford student added, \”Camera feels more like a classy night out in London, which you don\’t get from Varsity Events\”A Camera promoter, when asked why they thought \”Juice at Kukui\” had declined in popularity over Hilary term, commented, \”Varsity promoters had taken their position for granted\”.They added, \”Camera is a clubbing experience which appeals more to the Oxford student body.\”Camera have increased the numbers through the door on a Tuesday night from under 700 to over 900 over the course of Hilary term, with students being turned away because the club was full.A student from Teddy Hall said, \”Kukui used to be really fun but became overpriced, and the repetition of drinks deals may have been a reason why students began looking elsewhere for their nights out.\”‘Juice at Kukui\’ was famous for it\’s ‘£2 Rum Punch All Night with a V-Card\’ deal, whilst Camera have a menu of £3 cocktails and 4-for-£10 Jaegerbombs.Camera and The Bridge are both owned by the same partners, and Varsity Events currently works closely with The Bridge, promoting Thursday nights to Oxford students. An inside source at Camera said, \”We want to continue to develop a good relationship with Varsity Events in the future\”.For now though, whether there will be any future Varsity Events\’ involvement with ‘Blues Tuesdays\’ at Camera remains unclear.Âlast_img