first_imgLabour  12 The final composition of Oxford City Council is now: Labour – 23, Lib Dem – 16, Green – 7, and IWCA – 2.  IWCA Lib Dem  208 Independent In the last elections in 2006, Lib Dem candidate RichardHuzzey won Holywell, with the Greens‘ Matthew Morton coming second with half as many votes asHuzzey. The Greens took Carfax with only a 23 vote lead over the Lib Dems.Of the 25 seats up for election in 2006, Labour won 10, withthe Lib Dems winning 9, the Green Party 5 and the Independent Working Class Association winning 1. {nomultithumb}Check the final election results here  375 Labour Kieran Hutchinson DeanLabour Yet in the end Lib Dem candidate Nathan Pyle, who works at St John’s and has a DJ slot at the Purple Turtle, won by a strong margin. Final election results: Green  182 Carfax Ward The results mean the two majority student wards are now both under Lib Dem control.  196  3 Holywell ward was expected to see a close fight, with twostudent candidates: Kieran Hutchinson Dean, Labour candidate and student atWadham, and Alex Stafford, Conservative candidate and student at St Benet’s.  481 Labour will be particularly pleased to win Blackbird Leys, beating the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA ), who have lost two of their seats, both to Labour. Green Conservative  0 Liberal Democrat The Liberal Democrats have conceded control of Oxford City Council to Labour, despite strong support in student wards.  239 Votes Candidate Party The Lib Dems had signs of strong student support by winning in Carfax and Holywell. These wards cover almost all the colleges and residences in the city centre.The Green Party won two seats, fewer than the previous election in 2006.  0 PartySeats Respect The Lib Dems had been running a minority administration of theCity Council, with Labour only four seats ahead, so the stakes were high with two leading parties neck-and-neck for most of the results.Nationally, key issues centred around cuts in services, suchas post offices, rubbish collection, and schools, but also antisocial behaviour,the environment and council tax.In Oxford, mostcandidates had been promoting environmental policies and plans aimed at making Oxfordsafer at night. Two other hot topics were animal rights protestors and tuitionfees.Holywell candidates Lib Dem  144 Claudia Fitzherbert The Conservatives notably failed to win any seats, with both their councillors – Lib Dem defectors Paul Sargent and Tia MacGregor losing their seats to Labour.Close results Chip Sherwood  0 Holywell Ward Voters in Oxford headed to polling stations on May 1st to choose 24 of the city’s 48 councillors.Nationally, the local elections were the first opportunity for voters togive their verdict on Gordon Brown’s premiership. They were also Lib Dem leaderNick Clegg’s first electoral outing since becoming party leader.Labour won four more seats than the Lib Dems, increasing their number in the Council to 22. This is short of a majority, but they are now the largest party by some margin. Alex Stafford More results may be found at Oxford City Council’s website. Stephen Brown Council Seats Won:  8 Conservative Votes Conservative Sarah Hutchison  1 Nathan Pyle Paul Sargeant CandidateParty Green  284last_img