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Trump Supporters Protest at Maricopa County Vote-Counting Site

first_imgMany in the crowd were holding Trump flags, and numerous people were wielding AR-15 rifles and other firearms. Some also chanted “Fox News sucks,” reflecting their displeasure with the network’s decision on Tuesday to call Arizona for Mr. Biden, a move that some other news outlets later followed. The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won Arizona was Bill Clinton in 1996, and Maricopa County has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1948. But demographic changes have transformed Arizona into a battleground state.As of late Wednesday night, Mr. Biden led Mr. Trump in Arizona by fewer than 80,000 votes, or less than three percentage points, with about 14 percent of the total vote still outstanding. In the votes so far from Maricopa County, Mr. Biden leads by five percentage points. – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Without citing evidence, some Republicans have accused election officials of manipulating the results to indicate that Mr. Trump is losing in Maricopa County, which is home to about 60 percent of Arizona’s population. PHOENIX — More than 150 supporters of President Trump, some of them armed, gathered outside the Maricopa County election office on Wednesday and chanted “Count the vote,” as officials did just that under the protection of sheriff’s deputies.Early results in Arizona show Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the lead, but Trump supporters believe that could change as the last votes are counted.- Advertisement – Keely Varvel, chief deputy recorder for Maricopa County, said counting would continue despite the protest. “We are still planning to finish up our scheduled ballot processing work and report out more results tonight,” Ms. Varvel said. “The only way Biden can win Arizona is through fraud,” said Jim Williams, 67, a welder who attended the protest. “I won’t accept a Biden victory. I don’t want to live under Communist rule.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

How One Chicago Tackled Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter

first_imgLastly, Chicago P.D. was tasked with a different challenge: covering the Black Lives Matter movement. After Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) chose to do the right thing — and in turn, stand up against the Blue wall — the police force turned against him.“This season, we’ll see that it’s hard to be both a proud, principled Black man and a results-oriented, tough cop,” showrunner Rick Eid told Us, referring to “It’s always been difficult to be a Black cop in Chicago. In 2020, it got even harder.”He also noted that some people in the unit will feel differently about the changes happening: “The world is changing, but that doesn’t mean all of our characters have changed — or that they agree with all the various changes that are taking place.”- Advertisement – Tackling current events head on. During their Wednesday, November 11, season premieres, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. — three shows that follow the lives of first responders — tackled the current events happening in 2020.While Chicago Med and Chicago Fire dove into the coronavirus, Chicago P.D. went deeper into the Black Lives Matter movement and police reform.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – “As a hospital show, we always knew we would have to cover it,” executive producer Diane Frolov told Us Weekly ahead of the season 6 debut. “Real-life doctors have been at increased risk and have been disproportionately infected. We felt we had to show that.”On Chicago Fire, it was a bit different, since firefighters already wear masks while at work. Cocreator Derek Haas revealed to Us that they worked with their consultants and real firefighters on staff to find out what protocols actual firehouses were putting in place.“I think when you see the first episode, you’re gonna say, ‘OK, it didn’t feel like any different, other than there were people wearing masks in scenes that they probably wouldn’t have been before,’” he told Us exclusively. “We bring into the story line the fact that there are no civilians in the bullpen like we’ve always had, which is true. Other than that, it’s going to feel current.”- Advertisement – Scroll through the gallery to see how each premiere covered the events of 2020.last_img read more

SpaceX’s Next NASA Launch: When to Watch

first_imgThis is the first of what NASA calls “operational” flights of the Crew Dragon. In May, there was a demonstration mission, with two NASA astronauts — Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley — aboard. That launch, in a capsule named Endeavour, was the first time that a crewed mission had lifted off from the United States to orbit since the retirement of NASA’s space shuttles in 2011. Its return was also the first water landing by astronauts aboard an American spacecraft since the Apollo capsules stopped flying in the 1970s.NASA has been relying on Russian Soyuz rockets to get its astronauts to the space station. That has become increasingly expensive, rising to a cost of more than $90 million a seat. Michael S. Hopkins, 51, a colonel in the United States Space Force, is the commander for the flight. (Colonel Hopkins is also the first member of the newly created U.S. Space Force to go to space.) He was one of nine astronauts selected by NASA in 2009. He has made one previous trip to the International Space Station, in 2013 and 2014, spending 166 days in orbit.Shannon Walker, 55, has had one previous stint on the space station, in 2010. Dr. Walker has a doctoral degree in space physics from Rice University, where she studied how the solar wind interacted with the atmosphere of Venus. – Advertisement – In Florida on Sunday, a rocket and capsule built by SpaceX will carry crew members to the International Space Station. The NASA mission follows on a successful demonstration of the same spacecraft that launched in May and returned two astronauts to Earth in August. Here’s what you need to know about the launch.What is SpaceX launching?Four astronauts — three from NASA, one from JAXA, the Japanese space agency — will be sitting inside a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, boosted to orbit on top of a Falcon 9 rocket. The mission is known as Crew-1, and the astronauts named their capsule Resilience. They are headed to the International Space Station for a six-month stay.- Advertisement – The astronauts will arrive at the space station at about 11 p.m. Eastern on Monday, a journey of approximately 27 hours.Forecasts currently give a 50 percent chance of favorable conditions at the launchpad. SpaceX and NASA are also keeping watch farther out in the Atlantic Ocean. The weather and waters there need to be fairly calm in case something goes wrong during the ascent to orbit and the Crew Dragon needs to make an emergency splashdown (adverse weather conditions led to a postponement of the earlier Saturday launch date).If Sunday’s launch is delayed, there is a backup opportunity on Wednesday.Who are the astronauts?- Advertisement – Soichi Noguchi, 55, an astronaut with JAXA, the Japanese space agency, will be making his third trip to space. He was a member of the crew of the space shuttle Discovery in 2005 on the first shuttle launch after the loss of Columbia and its seven astronauts more than two years earlier.During that visit to the International Space Station, Mr. Noguchi made three spacewalks. That included one to test techniques developed to repair damage to the heat tiles on the shuttle similar to what had doomed Columbia when it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. In 2009 and 2010, he spent five months in orbit as a member of the space station crew.Victor Glover, 44, selected by NASA in 2013 to be an astronaut, will be making his first spaceflight. He will be the first Black NASA astronaut to serve aboard a space station crew. Mr. Glover’s achievement is notable for NASA, which has worked to spotlight the “hidden figures” in its history but has so far sent only 14 Black Americans to space out of a total of more than 300 NASA astronauts.He will not be the first Black astronaut aboard the station. But those who proceeded him from NASA were members of space shuttle crews during the station’s construction and only completed brief stays on the outpost.Allyson Waller contributed reporting. When is the launch?The Crew-1 mission is scheduled to launch on Sunday at 7:27 p.m. Eastern time from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA Television will broadcast coverage beginning at 3:15 p.m.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Covid-19 in the US: Is this coronavirus wave the worst yet?

first_imgThe pandemic has quietly been getting worst across the US, with record numbers of cases in recent days.- Advertisement –last_img

FDA finds Salmonella in ConAgra plant

first_img Finding Salmonella at the food processing plant suggests that the contamination occurred before the product reached consumers, the FDA said in a press release. Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the outbreak strain, S enterica serovar Tennessee, had been identified in nine opened peanut butter jars. Carvel Peanut Butter Topping in 6-lb, 10-oz cans. The topping was an ingredient in several Carvel ice cream products, including Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Treasure, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae Dasher, and custom products such as peanut butter flavored ice cream in ice cream cakes. The FDA also said ConAgra has extended its recall of all Peter Pan brands and Great Value peanut butter with the number 2111 in the product code on the lid to products made since December 2005. The earlier recall only involved products made since May 2006. J. Hungerford Smith Peanut Butter Dessert Topping in 6-lb, 10-oz cans. The topping is used in retail outlets and restaurants throughout the United States, but is not available to the public for direct purchase. See also: Sonic Brand Ready-To-Use Peanut Butter Topping in 6-lb, 10.5-oz cans. Sonic outlets used the product in peanut butter shakes and sundaes. Salmonella outbreaks involving peanut butter are rare. Documented episodes include a 1996 Australian outbreak that sickened 15 people and a 1994-95 outbreak in Israel and Wales that was traced to contaminated peanut-butter–coated snacks and affected about 2,200 people, mostly children. In its investigation, the FDA also discovered that ConAgra sent bulk Peter Pan peanut butter to a plant in Humboldt, Tenn., that used the product to make three peanut butter toppings. They are part of the original Peter Pan recall and are no longer being sold, but the FDA said consumers might still have the products in their homes. They include: Mar 1 FDA press release The Salmonella outbreak began in August and is ongoing, according to the CDC and FDA, which announced the outbreak and voluntary product recall on Feb 14. S enterica typically causes fever and nonbloody diarrhea that resolves in a week. Mar 1, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Investigators have found Salmonella enterica in samples collected at a Sylvester, Ga., ConAgra plant that made the Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter linked to an illness outbreak involving 370 people in 42 states, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today.last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: Barriers to health workers in a pandemic, avian flu in poultry

first_imgFeb 12, 2009Obstacles to healthcare workers during a flu pandemicA survey of 64 British healthcare workers found that though many feel obligated to come to work during an influenza pandemic, several barriers might affect their willingness, including the well-being of family members, a lack of trust in the National Health Service, a lack of information about the risk, and a feeling that employers don’t take staff needs seriously. The authors, who published their findings in the latest issue of BMC Public Health, advise pandemic planners to take steps to minimize these obstacles.[Feb 12 BMC Public Health abstract]Avian flu hits second British Columbia farmCanada’s Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) yesterday announced that it has detected an H5 avian influenza at a second commercial poultry farm in southern British Columbia. The flock was within the 3-km surveillance zone of the Abbotsford turkey operation where the low-pathogenic H5N2 virus was detected in late January. Initial testing in the latest outbreak suggests a low-pathogenic strain, and authorities will conduct further tests to confirm the subtype, the CFIA said. The farm’s 12,000 breeding chickens will be culled, according to a report yesterday from Reuters.[Feb 11 CFIA statement]Indonesian province reports avian flu in poultryA district official from Indonesia’s Yogyakarta province on Java island said today that avian flu has recently struck poultry in four subdistricts, according to a report from Xinhua, China’s state news agency. The official, from Bantul district, said heavy rains were contributing to the spread of the virus and that area residents have been advised to take steps to control the spread of the virus.[Feb 12 Xinhua story]Rituals involving poultry may help spread H5N1 in IndonesiaTraditional and religious rituals involving chicken and duck sacrifices on Indonesia’s Bali island may play a role in the spread of H5N1 avian influenza, according to a survey conducted by animal health officials in Bali’s Klungkung regency. The survey found that animals bought specifically for the rituals are often slaughtered in large groups by people who don’t wear protective equipment, and the carcasses are cleaned in rivers or gutters that local people use for bathing or drinking water, according to a report today from the Jakarta Post. The 2007 survey included responses from 641 people from 18 villages that had been hit by outbreaks and 25 uninfected villages.[Feb 12 Jakarta Post story]last_img read more

Škrlec: In Croatia, we must develop cycling tourism, which is more profitable than cruisers

first_imgCycling tourism or cycling tourism is a form of sustainable tourism that has been developing more and more in recent years in almost all countries. In addition to including day trips that regular tourists or locals take during their holidays or on weekends, it also applies to long-distance cycling on cycling routes.On the topic of cycling tourism as part of the European Mobility Week, which is held in Croatia every year from 16 to 22 September, MEP Davor Škrlec organized two panel discussions in Koprivnica and Zagreb on sustainable urban mobility and cycling tourism, in cooperation with German Member of the European Parliament Michael Cramer (Greens / ESS) and representatives of local authorities and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia.MP Michael Cramer is the initiator of the cycling tourism projectand EuroVelo13 and the author of the book “European Bike Trail – Iron Curtain” in which it connects sustainable tourism with European history and culture. The trail is more than 10 km long and passes through 400 different countries, of which 20 are EU member states, including Croatia. “Cyclotourism is very developed in some regions of the European Union, while there are also regions in which cycling tourism is not recognized at all and as such does not exist. This wide range shows how important the involvement of local, regional and national authorities is. With its very diverse landscape, cultural and historical sights, Croatia has a huge potential in the development of any form of cycling tourism. From what I heard from my Croatian colleagues in the European Parliament, it is going in the right direction because the Croatian National Tourist Board supports projects such as ‘MedCycleTour’ by developing EuroVelo8 – a Mediterranean route that stretches in Croatia from Istria to Dubrovnik. It is important to monitor projects at the interregional level and not to reduce cycling infrastructure at the local and regional level and across national borders. It is a great advantage that such infrastructure can be used for cycling tourism, but also for day trips from the place of residence to work. ” said MP Cramer.Photo: TZ KvarnerThe total economic benefit from cycling tourism in 2013 for all EU Member States was € 513 billion, which is more than € 1000 per capita. According to a 2012 study by the European Parliament, annual income of cycling tourism in the European Union amounted to 44 billion euros, while, for example, the cruiser’s revenue was 39 billion euros. “Cruisers are not a sustainable form of tourism due to the negative impact on the environment and the increasing burden on cities and ports in which they dock, while cycling does not adversely affect the local community and we can develop it throughout the year thus extending the tourist season, which is one of the goals Tourism development strategies of the Republic of Croatia until 2020. Cyclists travel with little luggage and spend a lot more on food as opposed to cruise guests to whom everything is available on board. Such guests require good infrastructure with very little adjustment of the existing tourist offer according to their needs, for example, accommodation adapted to cyclists with supervised parking and the possibility of transporting the bicycle by public transport.”Points out MP Škrlec.Although the European Union has invested billions of euros in major infrastructure projects, smaller infrastructure ventures continue to be patched up at local, regional and national levels. Numerous connections along cross-border rail lines are still missing, as well as between other forms of public transport and bicycle networks between regions, even within a single state, thus hampering the daily mobility of citizens. “The Greens therefore made a proposal to connect the missing roads, the so-called ‘Missing Links’. Guided by the slogan ‘small but powerful’, we analyzed more than 250 cross-border connections in the European Union, focusing mainly on regional roads outside the main corridors. We have managed to include the cycling network in the guidelines of the Trans-European Road Network (TEN-T), which means that they can now be co-financed from the appropriate EU funds. After years of advocacy by regions, civic initiatives and politicians, the European Commission finally took over the idea of ​​‘Missing Links’ and in July 2017 for the first time decided to set aside € 140 million to fund small-scale cross-border links that do not currently exist. Croatia can also benefit from this initiative. ” concluded MP Cramer.last_img read more

The HOW Festival once again brings the world names of hotel operations, which have never been to Croatia before!

first_imgAt the beginning of October, Poreč becomes the center of the European hotel industry! Hoteliers from all over the region are gathering, and their participation has been confirmed by the vice presidents of operations of global hotel companies!The only conference on hotel operations in Europe, HOW Festival, this year it will be held on October 3-5 in Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Poreč. Already in its first year the HOW Festival gathered over 500 participants, in the largest number hotel directors, heads of operations and hotel departments and positioned itself as the largest hotel conference in the region. The focus of the Festival is on presenting the latest global trends and raising the quality of hotel operations. This year, over 50 international and regional experts are coming to the HOW Festival, including:Srdjan Milekovic, Senior Vice President of Operations for the EMEA Region, Hyatt InternationalGustaf Pilebjer,  Director of Food & Beverage for Europe, Marriott InternationalSusan Farnie, Human Resources Director for the EMEA Region, Wyndham Hotels & ResortsJohn Bartlett, Head of Analytics and Reporting (days) for the EMEA Region, InterContinental Hotels Groupwho will present their knowledge of changes at the global level and share their experiences in an interactive and interesting way to the participants.The program of the Festival was prepared in cooperation with hoteliers, and is segmented into panel discussions and lectures that are in the first part for all participants, while in the second part parallel workshops are organized divided into hotel departments. Some of the themes of this year’s HOW Festival are: How to find out what your guests really (subconsciously) think about you How to use guest data (DATA)What kind of leaders will the hospitality industry of the future need (human resources)How to increase revenue after booking and on the spot (sales and marketing)Little tricks of champagne connoisseurs: how to successfully sell champagne by the glass (food and drink)What are 21st century guests looking for for breakfast? (food and drink)In addition to the educational program, participants can expect a rich entertainment program within which this year is organized the first team building for all hoteliers and a big party and concert of the band Living Legend!Also, in cooperation with Valamar Riviera, the organizers of the HOW Festival invite all participants to extend their stay in Istria and visit ISTRA & CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL, which is organized immediately after the end of the Festival! The most famous names of the Croatian music scene, such as TBF (6.10) and Hladni Piv (7.10), are waiting for them there.  The complete program as well as all information about the Festival is available on the official website: www.howfestival.comlast_img read more

Hotel Nestos in Duce near Omis is the first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain

first_imgLocated ten meters from the famous sandy beach Duce, one of the symbols of the Omis region, this first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain has 31 accommodation units, of which 25 rooms and 6 suites, wellness & spa, outdoor heated pool, bar and a la carte The River Restaurant. The newest, sixteenth hotel in the Bluesun Hotels & Resorts chain opens its doors on the first day of June in Duće near Omis – Bluesun Hotel Nestos, which is categorized with 4 *** stars. “Individual approach to guests, friendly atmosphere, top offer of bars, restaurants, wellness and accommodation, offer of excursions and additional facilities are what we insist on. A guest who comes to Croatia knows why he chose her. Its beauty, the spirit of its historic towns and cities, the experience of the pristine Mediterranean, hospitality and professionalism – these are what make them come. So, I believe, it will be here, in Duce. In the privacy and peace of the hotel, with a beautiful beach literally – in the palm of your hand, you can completely merge with the place and feel Dalmatia. “Pointed out Martina Kovačić, director of the Salve Regina company Marija Bistrica Bluesun took over this newly built hotel from a local entrepreneur and will be on lease for the next ten years, as long as the Contract is signed. As Kovačić points out, in the first days of June, the booking started very well and a successful first season is expected. For now, it is planned to work until October 31, but the market will determine whether it may be longer, Kovačić concludes. Although according to all announcements and data from the field, this season will be, to say the least, challenging and according to the best expectations at last year’s level, the booking situation for a hotel that has a “soft opening” is very good. center_img The first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain  The basic service is bed and breakfast, and guests can enjoy Mediterranean specialties a la carte a restaurant whose imaginative menu, based on local gastronomy, was designed by Bluesun’s corporate chef, Tomislav Kožić. The hotel, which owes its name to the ancient name for the river Cetina, is dominated by details in its distinctive, deep blue-green color that, as a motif, runs through the walls, designer furniture and carefully designed details blended with modern materials and stone. The youngest member of the chain, is conceptually different from the existing hotels in other sea destinations located in Bol, Supetar, Brela, Supetar, Tucepi, Stariagrad Paklenica. It has a very specific architecture, and consists of three buildings connected by “bridges” with a view of the pool, or a la carte restaurant.last_img read more

JRE Hrvatske joined the initiative “Voice of Entrepreneurs”

first_imgYou can find out more about the Voice of Entrepreneurs initiative and their demands to the Government at Facebook or on official website The “Voice of Entrepreneurs” initiative gathered over 10 entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurs over 90.000 days. By joining the Voice of Entrepreneurs initiative, the Young Restaurateurs of Europe (JRE) – Croatia, which brings together 14 renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, has publicly expressed the need and necessity of effective economic measures to preserve jobs and reduce the economic consequences of the crisis. Covid-4.  Fine dining as a zone of luxury and socially integrative activities because of these two criteria belongs to entrepreneurship that will recover the longest: people do not have to travel and eat in expensive restaurants or socialize with fine dining dinners and spend on pairing food and wine, Gashi points out and adds : “Between 60 and 90% of fine dining restaurant guests are international gourmet clients who will not be coming to Croatia this year. Therefore, the business of this hospitality sector in 2020 is vitally endangered, with significant negative effects on the next season, and a quality model of retaining workers and economizing business in conditions where there is no income are necessary for the survival of the sector” It is important to emphasize that the business of fine dining restaurants employs a large number of year-round and skilled workers and through raising the quality of our tourism directly affects the extension of the tourist season and positioning Croatia in top gastro destinations. JRE Croatia joins associations and entrepreneurs through the initiative “Voice of Entrepreneurs” who advocate for the adoption of effective measures in the economy.center_img “Consolidation and solidarity of entrepreneurs is necessary at this time. Government measures do not offer solutions for preserving jobs and maintaining the economic cycle for entrepreneurs who make up 90% of the Croatian economy. Although each entrepreneurial sector has its own specifics, including the hospitality segment we deal with, the measures expressed in the Voice of Entrepreneurs articulate the basic needs of all of us in the real sector, especially in medium, small and micro companies to which we belong, together with our employees.”, Said Marina Gaši, President of JRE Croatia.  “Long-term efforts to recognize Croatia as a gastronomic destination, in which our members have made a huge contribution, may fail at this moment if we do not take decisive and appropriate measures. We will permanently lose the knowledge and skills of all our employees if we fail to keep them in their jobs, so this is perhaps the biggest risk of this crisis.Gaša adds that since it is impossible to predict how long this crisis will last, they support the initiative to form a crisis headquarters and adopt real, effective measures by the Croatian Government, and that they expect the Government to take steps that will practically help the long-term sustainability of the economy. Initiative – Voice of Entrepreneurs, is at this point an informal group of citizens who spontaneously gathered in the second half March 2020. years. The initiative was launched by a group of entrepreneurs who felt that there were not enough votes from the private sector in the public space and that there was an obvious lack of awareness of the seriousness of the moment and the consequences that are likely to befall our economy, primarily for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. 70% of workers in the private sector. This association of the most creative gastronomes, founded in 1974, has about 350 of the best young top chefs and restaurant owners in Europe, including 14 renowned Croatian restaurants.last_img read more

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