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Fascinating history of Ardara Show recalled ahead of 2019 event

first_imgArdara is the place to be on Saturday 10th August for the exciting Ardara Show Day.Get your entries in online at www.ardarashow.comThe summer event is one of Donegal’s top agricultural shows. It draws people of all ages to the village to enjoy great competitions and top entertainment. This year, attendees will be treated to music from David James on the Show Field and  The Duck Street Jam Band at The Nesbitt Arms Hotel for Show Night.It’s a day not to be missed! The official opening takes place at 12noon, led by Cllr Anthony Molloy.Buses will be available to bring the public to the Show Field all day at the Diamond in front of The Nesbitt Arms Hotel. Did you know that the Ardara Show is over 100 years old? Here, the organisers take a look back at the fascinating history of the event:Written by Tommie OWhat would a pound buy you in the in the early years of the twentieth century?As it turns out quite a lot. It would provide enough flour for a sizeable family for several months. It would buy a coat a shirt and a pair of boots for a boy aged six or over. And if you were the winning team in the 1907 Ardara Shows Tug-o-War team it would cover the cost of thirty pints of the good stuff plus a few “half-wans” to celebrate your victory long into the night.You might even be joined by the runners-up on the day, who themselves had more than enough in ten shillings to drown their sorrows.As one approaches the show grounds at Sandfield Ardara the sight of the marquee resplendent in white against the stunning backdrop of this unique landscape the stomach tightens with anticipation.The second Saturday in August is a special day in the “Town of Festivals” as the annual Ardara Agricultural Show takes place under the auspices of the South West Donegal Agricultural and Industrial Show Ltd. Tug Of WarCon SweeneyBernie, John and BernieTug a war team Cloughboy (in the 40s)Hughie Mooney, Hilda Hanlon and Pat GaviganArdara HotelWhile various sources disagree, according to the newspapers of the day the inaugural Ardara Show took place on 1st of July 1904 at Woodhill, “kindly granted to the committee by Mrs. McNelis of The Nesbitt Arms Hotel”.As far as one can be sure this would have been on the Home field, which until recent years was the location of the shows for many years. According to newspaper accounts of the time “an interesting programme of athletic sports, horse jumping and driving competitions” took place.The then Parish Priest of Ardara; Rev Daniel Stephens was the president of the committee and was, along with the committee secretary, Mr Michael McNelis congratulated on being “untiring in their labours” in relation to the event.First President of the Show 1904, Fr. Dan StephensEntries on the day came not just from the local area, but from as far afield as Carrick, to the west and Doochary to the east, a fair journey considering that by in large the fasted mode of transport was likely to be horse drawn. In fact, in 1904 the number of cars registered in the entire country of Ireland was a mere 38. Interestingly, in many ways there is little difference between the fare on show in 1904 and what we will see this year on August 10th at Sandfield, with one or two exceptions. While cows, sheep and horses still dominate today’s shows, weaving, once a major section, is all but gone. Pigs and fowl do not enjoy the status they once did.Derek McNelis and Gregory BoydHilda Baskin & Donal Haughey manning the flower sectionCertainly, the knitting section has changed drastically as there is unlikely to be any entries for the ladies knitted petticoat or indeed “knicker hose” in this year’s entries. But you never know! In case you’re interested, the winner of this prestigious award, and four shillings the better for it in 1904 was a Miss Annie Boyle from Lugnagillew in Glenties.The sporting element was very important in the early years of the show with events such as the 220-yard dash for boys up to 16 years and for the more seasoned athlete, the 440-yard flat race and Championship of the Union event. Also included was the Donkey Derby, an event many would like to see return.Peter O’Donnell and Danny Haughey at the Ardara ShowGrainne Gavigan and Victoria BaskinThe Whelan’s enjoying the Ardara showWe even provide the big screen for the matchJohn McGillClare MolloyThe show continued for a few more years before a long hiatus of twenty years between 1907 and 1927. Political unrest on a global stage as well as economic issues closer to home caused further breaks until a strong resurgence in the fifties.In the past few decades the show has gone from strength to strength with various committees adding to the event each year. This year is no exception, with the development of social media platforms including our own site. www.ardarashow.com where you can submit your entry online. So 21st Century!This year our marque is expanding to provide space for artisans and craftspeople to show their wares for your delectation. Poultry too is making a comeback with a special display of many breeds on the day.The Gate Men at the Ardara ShowRain doesn’t stop the fun at the Ardara ShowBirds Eye View of the Ardara ShowAs always, our regular exhibitors will make a welcome return with the ever-popular dog show sure to be a huge hit.To round things off the famed Duck Street Jam Band will help you dance the night away in The Nesbitt Arms on Show Night.We have included a selection of photos old and new to remind you that the Ardara Show is a wonderful celebration of community, in the broadest sense of the word. We welcome you all, friends old and new to Sandfield on Saturday 10th August for a day to remember.Photos courtesy of Bart Whelan, John McConnell and private sourcesFascinating history of Ardara Show recalled ahead of 2019 event was last modified: July 23rd, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:agricultureardara showeventsfarmingThings to doWhat’s on?last_img read more

How Amazon’s Rising Headwaters Could Threaten Google

first_imgderek brown Guest author Derek Brown is a technology executive and analyst who blogs at One Blind Squirrel.Jeff Jordan, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz with the Midas touch, recently opined that Amazon’s e-commerce capabilities and successes represent a meaningful threat to Google’s product-search-related advertising business.I will take Jeff’s thesis — with which I fundamentally agree — one step (maybe even more) further by saying that I believe Amazon is one of the few companies that has the ambition, permission, structure, and, maybe most important, data, to actually beat Google at its own game.What Makes Amazon DifferentAs an Internet equity research analyst from 1996-2009 — go ahead… throw your drink on your screen and curse me loudly enough that the barista hears you — I had a front seat to The Show. I covered Amazon from its days as “just” a bookseller and Google when it was still a private company, in addition to eBay, Yahoo!, Excite, About.com, Netflix, Omniture, aQuantive, CNET, E*TRADE, and many other industry-defining companies.(See also: The Epic Battle Between Apple And Google Is Over)From the earliest days, it was clear to me (and a few others, obviously) that Amazon was no ordinary company, at any level. However, three attributes set it (far) apart in my mind:Vision and ambition that were orders of magnitude beyond those of others team that I encountered (until, that is, I met Google);A cult-like dedication to customer experience/satisfaction that permeated every decision made by every person at the company; and,A business model that not only valued long-term cash flow and absolute profit potential, but also deemed near-term profits and profit margin largely irrelevant.Individually, these characteristics have been powerful; in combination, they have been revolutionary. Jeff Bezos’ worldview gave his entire team permission — in fact, it gave them the mandate — to think Big, with a capital “B.” Customers’ pure delight with every Amazon interaction gave the company permission to sell (almost) anything to (almost) anyone.And, finally, management’s clarity of financial intent (i.e., to perpetually focus on long-term potential) has, from day one, conditioned shareholders and Wall Street to expect a business that will forever be amorphous and unpredictable, with razor-thin margins.The Yin To Google’s Yang, Sort OfLiberated from more typical corporate constraints, Amazon has evolved like few other companies in history — from its humble origins as an online bookstore into: Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, state-of-the-art warehouses (~70) everywhere, Amazon Cloud Player, AmazonFresh, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Prime, A9, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Diapers.com, Silk, Amazon Cloud Drive, Zappos, Amazon CloudFront, Kindle, and so on.Sound familiar? It should, because this transformation mirrors that of Google, itself, which began as “just” a search engine company focused on “organizing the world’s information,” and has now become: Gmail, Maps, Apps, Drive, Chrome, Android, Motorola, YouTube, Wallet, Voice, Google Cloud Storage, Shopping, Chromebook, Google App Engine, Google+, and so on.(See also: How Google Is Kicking Sand In Apple’s Face)While not perfectly matching each other solution-for-solution, Amazon and Google now find themselves overlapping across, and competing within, most major categories of Internet-fueled technology and business. SaaS. Hardware. e-Commerce. IaaS. Enterprise. Media. Consumer. Applications. Browsers. Storage. Payments. Consumer. Tablets. And so on.Amazon’s Trump Card: DataDespite all these evolutions and comparisons and similarities and overlaps, I actually think there’s one final aspect to Amazon’s business with which Google cannot (yet) directly compete, and which may prove to be the difference-maker in this faux-ish battle: Data.With 17+ years of history and hundreds of millions of transactions across almost every category of goods, Amazon now has massive quantities of data about the actual buying habits of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of consumers around the globe. Not just what people are searching for (Google, though Amazon.com actually has it too). Not just what people “like” (“like” that, Facebook).(See also: Will Facebook Go Out With A Bang?)Not just what people want (Pinterest, though Amazon.com actually has it too). Not just what people tweet about (Twitter). But the items that people actually pay for with their own hard-earned dollars!Armed with this unique transaction- and SKU-specific data, at scale, Amazon.com has the potential to become one of, if not the most signficant advertising platforms in the world, in my view — matching, if not besting, Google.Look at it this way: if advertisers pay Google $44 billion per year for connecting them with consumers that it oftentimes thinks have interest in their product(s), what might those same advertisers be willing to pay Amazon for connecting them with people they know are interested in their products (or those of their competitors, or those in which they will soon have interest)?What That Data Might Be WorthFor instance, do you think Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, et al., might be willing to pay a small fortune to be introduced to an individual in Huntington Beach, CA, who suddenly begins buying newborn diapers by the pallet? What about Gymboree? Gerbers? Whole Foods? Safeway? Fab? Gap? Pottery Barn? Ross? Home Depot?Similarly, how much interest might be generated among home decor vendors, local service providers (e.g., physicians, athletic clubs, veterinarians), home maintenance vendors, etc., by a change in shipping and billing information for one of Amazon.com’s long-time customers? Say, someone whose pattern of purchases are highly suggestive — remember, Amazon.com has developed one of the best predictive commerce models in the world for its own e-commerce franchise — of a home with at least one child and one dog, an avid athlete/runner/yogini, with a taste for gourmet cooking and a passion for gardening, among other attributes?And these hypotheticals say absolutely nothing of the extraodinary value Amazon could (theoretically) deliver to its customers/partners by sharing with them relevant online transaction activity that might follow said advertisements, effectively offering a closed loop marketing environment unlike any other.By some accounts, Amazon has (finally) started focusing on the business potential of advertising. For years, it has run ads on its own sites. Then, in late 2010, the company also began serving advertisements on others’ sites, introducing what is, in effect, a full-fledged online advertising network. But these are just warm-ups in my mind — Amazon methodically experimenting (as is its custom) and purposefully tiptoeing around the edges of its potential.I’m convinced the day will come — sooner rather than later — when Amazon unleashes its data and announces itself as an advertising powerhouse. And, when it does, I think the gloves officially come off and the real battle with Google commences.Lead image via Flickr user Jorge Lascar, CC 2.0 Tags:#Amazon#Google How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Related Posts Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

How To Calibrate Your Color Grading Monitor

first_imgCheck out this free webinar to learn how to calibrate your color grading monitor.Learning the essentials of how to calibrate your grading monitor is key to being able to assure your clients that your image is true and accurate.In this free webinar from SpectraCal you can get a very thorough introduction to the theory and practice of calibrating your display and how to use the CalMAN 4 and 5 tools to do just that. The audio is a bit rough, but if you can bear through it there’s tons of great info:How To Calibrate Your DisplayImage from VanHurkman.comIn this recent blog post from colorist and trainer Alexis Van Hurkman, you can learn how to use LightSpace CMS and DaVinci Resolve 10 to calibrate your plasma client display. Alexis’ article goes into detail on how to use automated LUT calibration with his particular grading suite set up, but you can use the technique with almost any display.While I’m discussing my particular use case, it’s worth pointing out that these procedures are identical for calibrating any kind of display, be it plasma, LCD, OLED, or projection. In fact, with plasma displays soon to be discontinued by Panasonic (according to the last news I’ve heard), the various debates about whether or not plasma is truly suitable for professional use shall eventually become moot. However, for now, plasmas are still very much in use at facilities around the world, so this information is still relevant.Check out Alexis’ article for a great read on using LightSpace CMS, Klein K-10 colorimeter and using a calibration LUT inside DaVinci Resolve 10.last_img read more

Engage Your Audience Faster With Adobe’s Social Publishing Panel

first_imgAdobe announces new Social Publishing panel update, allowing users to publish directly to social media platforms.Top image via ShutterstockWith Adobe MAX kicking off today in San Diego, California, the company took the opportunity to share news of its upcoming Premiere Pro-focused social media integration tool.In the fields of online and social media, video content is more relevant than ever. Nearly 5 billion YouTube videos are watched everyday, and those astronomical numbers show no signs of slipping. Because of this, Adobe is offering a solution to enable faster and more consistent user publishing — the new Social Publishing panel (beta). From Adobe’s presentation, the company states its goal:To help creators be more effective and really make a visceral impact, we’re working to help creators optimize their publishing to increase their video’s performance, and, over time, we’ll be able to provide personalized data-based recommendations to help them optimize performance and grow their audience all within the context of their favorite creative tool, Premiere Pro.The integration of this social publishing workflow is huge for online content creators, allowing them to publish straight to the platform of their choice.Some of the new capabilities include:Cross-platform social publishing  Strategic recommendations for peak performance (based on the creator’s own data)Keyword presets Cross-platform performance tracking Rendition management (look at how videos of different lengths are performing across all platforms)Custom thumbnail Content scheduling Image via AdobeWith the Rendition Management option, you’ll be able to publish your work on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter while tracking the status of your video as one entity. You’ll also be able to save certain Tag Sets, saving time and brain space.You’ll be able to choose and upload a custom thumbnail. Additionally, you’ll be able to see a recommended export codec based on sequence settings and what YouTube will accept. You’ll be able to see what has worked in the past and then apply the sequence settings accordingly.The Measure Tab provides analytics for your video across all platforms. You can sort through your published work looking at “Most Liked” or “Most Viewed.” All this provides in-depth information as to how your videos are reaching the audience and what kinds of videos are performing best.Image via AdobeFor more Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects announcements, check out our full coverage of IBC here, and then take a peek at our wrap-up of this year’s Adobe Video World.If you’re a “current paid Creative Cloud member,” you can register for the Social Publishing Panel beta right here.Looking forward to trying out Adobe’s Social Publishing Panel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.last_img read more

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