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SMC holds bonfire to celebrate ‘every form’ of diversity

first_imgA bonfire held by the Student Diversity Board (SDB) at Saint Mary’s will celebrate cultural diversity and raise money for victims affected by recent storms in Mexico. The bonfire will take place Wednesday from 8 to 10 p.m. on the soccer fields. Sophomore Vanessa Troglia, SDB member and event coordinator, said music and food will be key parts of the event, “Students can expect great music and performances from different clubs and associations around our community,” Troglia said. “There will also be yummy fall treats to munch on by the bonfires and various activities for everyone to participate in. We invite students to come take a study break and enjoy the crisp, fall evening by the fire.” Senior Carmen Cardenas, SDB president, said the board’s mission is to “unite the Saint Mary’s College community in celebration of the cultural diversity of every woman on campus.”  Junior SDB member Taylor Etzell said she hopes students will bond at the bonfire.   “The [bonfire] will be a fun event where students can come together to enjoy the talents and experiences of diverse students on our campus and in our community,” Etzell said. “The bonfire highlights that diversity comes from more avenues than just ethnicity; it comes in every form of our human behavior.” Cardenas said the bonfire will provide fall foods in addition to live entertainment by Troop ND, Bella Acapella, Irish Dance, Saint Mary’s Dance, La Republica and St. Aldaberts Ballet Folklorico. Cultural clubs will also attend the event, including the Chinese club, Korean club, Sisters of Nefertiti, La Fuerza and other organizations. “What is really amazing this year is that we will have two different performances done by international students,” she said. “Yaqi Song will be playing live traditional Chinese background music and Liangiun Wang will be dancing to music.” A unique addition to this year’s event is a humanitarian relief fund for the people affected by the recent storms in Mexico, Hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel. Troglia said there will be a raffle and a donations table for this year’s Mexico fund. “Recently deadly floods have devastated a large population in Mexico. With the help of our community, we can raise awareness for this cause and give aid and resources to some affected victims,” she said. “We feel that it is important to help people within our community as well as others around the world. After all, that’s what the celebration of diversity is about.” SDB hopes to raise awareness of the plights of the Mexican victims of recent natural disasters, and to mobilize support on campus, Cardenas said.        “The devastation caused by the storms in Mexico has left the region of Tierra Caliente, inSsouthern Mexico, in a deep humanitarian crisis,” Cardenas said. “People from Altamirano City and Coyuca de Catalan have lost everything due to the floods. Their entire communities are now gone. Some of the victims have been left without communication, food, or water. “Urban areas have received government relief, however, Tierra Caliente, a marginalized region plagued with extreme poverty, has not received any aid from local, state or federal authorities. “ SDB is working with local community members at this year’sBbonfire to join forces and help those who have been impactedd Cardenas said. The donation table will be collecting money to buy items such as bottled water, canned foods, rice, crackers, soap, shampoo, baby formula, baby bottle, and diapers. “No amount is too small,” Cardenas said. “Donations will help provide the most basic needs.”  For more information on the relief fund sponsored at this event, visit https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/cz33/tierra-caliente-emergency-relief-fun. Contact Samantha Grady at [email protected]last_img read more

Premier unchanged for trip to Offaly

first_imgTipp FM will bring you live commentary on the match tomorrow afternoon.  The build-up begins at 1.50pm.  Our coverage will come to you in association with Cleary Motors Renault, Thurles. It seems manager Liam Kearns was sufficiently happy with the display last time out against Longford to go with the same XV for the trip to Tullamore.This is the team that will line out at O’Connor Park:1. Evan Comerford – Kilsheelan-Kilcash2. Alan Campbell – Moyle Rovers3. Paddy Codd – Killenaule4. Willie Connors – Kiladangan5. Emmett Moloney – Drom & Inch6. Robbie Kiely – Carbery Rangers7. Jimmy Feehan – Killenaule8. Liam Casey – Cahir 9. Jack Kennedy – Clonmel Commercials10. Josh Keane – Golden-Kilfeacle11. Kevin O’Halloran – Portroe12. Brian Fox (Capt.) – Éire Óg Annacarty-Donohill13. Conor Sweeney – Ballyporeen14. Michael Quinlivan – Clonmel Commercials15. Philip Austin – Borrisokanelast_img read more

The U.S. Economy Needs Additional Stimulus

first_imgStimulus packages can be aimed at increasing aggregate consumer demand through various measures taken to increase employment, consumer spending and investment. Attempts to control the spread of the yet unstoppable COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the closure of most American businesses and have caused the jobs loss or loss of income of well over 33 million residents. But although most states, including Florida are gradually lifting COVID-19 restrictions, mostly while adopting safe guidelines, the momentum expected in the business sector is unlikely to materialize. Thirdly, the economic fallout from the pandemic is not pertinent to only America. Almost every other nation is experiencing an economic nightmare. This will result in a steep decline for American goods usually demanded by these countries, and a related steep decline in U.S. exports. Companies that rely heavily on selling to overseas markets will be particularly negatively affected.    For one, the majority of Americans are literally scared to resume normal routine like going out to dine at restaurants, shopping at malls, traveling on airplanes, taking sea cruises, occupying hotels, or any other of the former practices that were generating an economic boom. Secondly, the consumer demand needed to spark the necessary economic growth is absent. With over 33 million Americans not earning a steady income, there’s very little disposable income outside of paying for inescapable essentials like rent, mortgages, food and utilities. Without consumers having funds to generate revenue to the general business sector, any economic recovery is doubtful, at best. Since this demand has shrunken because of local and foreign factors related to the pandemic, if America’s leaders are serious about seeing an economic upturn in the third and fourth quarters this year, the only way this is going to happen is with another massive stimulus package to put the necessary cash in the pockets of consumers, including in the coffers of cities, counties, and states. Talk about an early recovery of the U.S. economy, with significant growth in the third and fourth quarter this year, is wishful thinking without another stimulus package approved by the U.S. Congress and signed by the president. If such a package isn’t implemented soon, providing more funds to residents, businesses and states, we risk experiencing a depression far worse than the great depression of the 1930s. The $2.2 trillion provided for businesses and residents in the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the largest in U.S. history, has been pretty much exhausted without any meaningful indication of positive impact on the economy. That’s because of the record unemployment rate and business closures.Although millions of Americans received the $1,200, and $500 for children, provided as an Economic Impact Payment under the CARES Act, a survey conducted by a Money/Morning Consult survey indicated 74 percent of recipients expected the payment to last less than a month. Forty-six percent said the payments would last less than two weeks. In other words, almost half the respondents don’t expect their checks to assist them beyond 14 days.There is the potential for business bankruptcies to rise sky-high if consumers do not have the purchasing power to support businesses, and in turn create reemployment and new employment opportunities.So, yes, another major federal stimulus package is needed urgently. The Economic Impact Payments in the CARES Act are a good start, but nowhere near enough to effectively stimulate this historically depressed economy.A stimulus package is an economic measure that originates in Keynesian economics which postulated a downturn or recession in an economy can be alleviated with increased government spending. Several stimulus packages have been applied by former U.S. governments, as recent as in 2009, to revive creeping or actual recessions. As the disease continues to infect Americans and claim lives at a staggering rate,  disputable attempts are being made to return the country to normal. The argument is that people need to earn a living and if everything remains shuttered, businesses will totally fail. Sadly, these necessities, it seems, overshadow the clear health risks. Since implementing stimulus packages is a massive cost to governments, residents and businesses should not consider them “free lunches.” There are none of those in America. There’s no doubt residents and businesses will eventually, likely in the short term, have to repay these packages in a combination of direct and indirect taxes. But, if the packages are sufficient to effectively jump-start consumer demand/spending, improve the health of businesses, and generate wide-scale employment and real economic growth, any increase in taxes would be unfair to oppose. No economy can survive without strong consumer demand and the ability of consumers, local and overseas, to spend heavily on the businesses that comprise that economy. Bipartisan members of the U.S. House and Senate are currently debating the composition of a possible fourth 2020 stimulus package. Cooperation in urgently finalizing a package that benefits American residents, businesses, and states is urged. It is clearly obvious without additional economic stimulus, this flagging U.S. economy will not rebound any time soon.last_img read more

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