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Eric “Benny” Bloom Tells Us What It Means To Be A Part Of The Shady Horns

first_imgThere’s no rest for Eric “Benny” Bloom these days, not when the lure of the stage is calling. Just last week alone, he and partner in The Shady Horns, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis, have appeared on The Today Show backing up the legendary Aaron Neville, brought some punch to a pair of shows with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh before heading out to rehearsals for the upcoming Lettuce tour.Adding to his manic workload are special appearances at the Bear Creek Bayou Festival, the Catskill Chill Music Festival and the dream team laden Brooklyn Comes Alive festival. Somehow, in the midst of all his comings and goings, Bloom managed to squeeze in a conversation with our own Rex Thomson about the joy of having a musical partner, how to play in any circumstance and what funk music means to him.L4LM: As a part of The Shady Horns you have shared the stage with legends and the cream of the music scene, as well as your partner-in-crime, Ryan Zoidis. Can you give us a rundown on how you came to be “Shady?”Eric “Benny” Bloom: The Shady Horns originally started as the horn section for Soulive with Sam Kininger. When I joined Lettuce, it was Ryan Zoidis, me and James Casey; we were The Shady Horns. Then James left to do stuff with Trey and other artists, so we carried the flame, continued on, and now here we are… Zoidis and me: a duo.It’s great. It’s concise. It’s easy. Ryan and I work really well together and we think alike, musically. I’ve never really had such a long connection. He’s the man.L4LM: How in tune with your partner are you? Do you feel like you know where Zoidis is going in a jam, or is he still surprising you after all these years?EBB: Oh, of course, you’re always getting surprised. We can come up with a horn line, a little lick, in the moment and play it the next time around. We’re on the same page. Sometimes I’ll just play the harmony, which is something people might not catch the first couple times through, but he gets it and plays around me.We do a lot of jamming, and out of that there are variations to be played. A lot of times we’ll guess the same variations. We’re pretty in tune. That’s why nobody plays or sounds like us. We come in to work with an artist and we can figure anything out.Before we played with him, Phil Lesh asked us, “Hey, you got something for ‘Sugaree?’,” and I was like “Yep!” And we didn’t have anything. But when it went down, I came up with a line, Ryan came up with a line, and I came up with another line, and it came out great. That’s the way to do it. Right then. Old school.L4LM: Is there any cool inside stuff about playing with Phil that you feel like sharing?EBB: When we were about to play, we all got in a circle, put one foot in and just made crazy sounds for a minute or two. It was to open yourself up, and it was really cool. Instead of just being in your own head-space, everyone got loose and connected.He has so many things he has been through, experienced with the Dead. His methods are obviously tried and true. So if he suggests something, I listen.L4LM: The Shady Horns just had a huge television appearance backing up Aaron Neville on The Today Show. As a musician you keep late nights, but the show happens early in the morning. Did you just stay up and play through, or did you get some sleep first?EBB: I’m not 21 anymore… I can’t play through anymore. I mean… I can, but when you’re on TV, you can’t be screwing up. I tried to sleep, but of course, you can’t really can’t be screwing up. But I’ve been on The Today Show before, so I knew what to expect.L4LM: For some folks, being on The Today Show would be the highlight of their year, but with the madness of your life it might not even be the high point of the WEEK. How was that transition, going from Neville to Lesh, stylistically?EBB: You don’t really think of it. You just take every day as a new day and a new gig, y’know? I listened to plenty of the Grateful Dead and Phish coming up, and I know if those kinds of bands have horns, it sounds like The Moody Blues, or Chicago or Blood, Sweat & Tears. That is what a horn section sounded like around the time of the Grateful Dead music.But with Aaron Neville, he wanted a New Orleans styled horn section. Guys who used to play with Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint, old school guys like that. So you need to know that music too. Whatever gig you agree to do, you should know as much as you can about that. That way when you get there, it’s not about making some big transition.It’s like cooking. You can say “Hey! I’m cooking French food today.” And some people specialize, sure, but if you need to cook Mexican it shouldn’t be that difficult if you know what you’re doing.L4LM: Do you see funk as a specific style of music or a vibe that can be applied to any music situation?EBB: Yeah, I don’t think it’s a genre, really. I mean, it helps some people to have labels, but I hate them. For example, Aaron Neville was really one of the first rhythm and blues singers. R&B just kinda morphed into rock and roll. Funk was always more based in the blues side. The funk… you can look at it as a sound, a way of playing.You look at James Brown. He’s the king of funk, The Godfather of soul. He had Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley who both really wanted to be jazz musicians. And they got into what was really, in a way, a pop band to them. Really, when you look at it, all that funk is really blues and jazz based.L4LM: You’ve made your home in New Orleans for a while now. Do you manage to get any rest when you are off the road, or is the temptation of gigging with your own band and sitting in around town too much for you?EBB: It’s really difficult. Like tomorrow, I am flying home to play my last gig with my band, Sonic Bloom, before I fly out the next day for Lettuce rehearsals. So as much as I want to rest I want to keep my flame burning in New Orleans as much as I can.There is so much good stuff down there that you just want to go all the time. And so many places, like Preservation Hall, where I have friends now I can go and do that. Not many people get an opportunity like that and I definitely try and make the most of it.I make time for playing when I should make more time for myself. More Netflix and my girlfriend Lisa, but… what are you gonna do?L4LM: Speaking of Lettuce and playing shows at home, you and your friends are helping to celebrate the rebirth of the Bear Creek Music Festival, now held on the Bayou in New Orleans. Lettuce has put on some spectacular shows at Bear Creek in the past… how excited are you guys to be such a big part of the return?EBB: I love the crew that does the Bear Creek Festival, Lyle and Judy. I’m looking forward to it. I’m really looking forward to it because, for me, I live here. I love it. It’s like the fest is coming home.This is gonna be like a mini-Jazz Fest. It’s perfect. It’s in the fall, and gives New Orleans a taste of Jazz Fest but at this time of the year. Just the good old Bear Creek vibe, but in New Orleans. It’s gonna be amazing.Besides the Lettuce sets, I am doing another set with a lot of horn players. That’s gonna be really strong.L4LM: Your special set was a nice addition to the line up. Can you tell us a little bit about that, like how many horn players you plan on cramming on the stage?EBB: It’s Natalie Cressman, Jennifer Hartswick, Skerik and me. Only four total. That’s enough. And we’ve got a strong contingent of local talent. That’s the thing about doing it in New Orleans is that you have so much talent you can tap. My friend Josh Starkman, Thomas Glass, a young, like 19 year old drummer. Joe Ashlar the great organist and Noah Young, the bass player from Naughty Professor. It’s a nice band. They’re happening.L4LM: It’s nice to see you bringing in fresh faces.EBB: That’s the way it is supposed to be. It’s the way it HAS to be. You have to keep it fresh. It’s like… I’m playing with Phil Lesh after how many years has he been playing? Always gotta keep it like that.L4LM: You’re also participating in one of the official after parties, a tribute to Bernie Worrell. (More info/tickets here). With the Louisiana tradition of celebrating loss with revelry it seems like a perfect place for that kind of show.EBB: Yeah, it’s a great place to do it. And we have a lot of Dumpstaphunk crew in there, and they’re so influenced by P-Funk. The band that they have chosen to do it is perfect for the material, and I don’t that much of a chance to do a lot of P-Funk music.P-Funk stuff has a lot of horns and a lot of vocals, and I’m looking forward that a lot. Like I said, the band is great and the music will sound right and funky.L4LM: You’re involved in some amazing tributes to a few of the music greats we’ve lost in the coming weeks, from Bernie Worrell, Maurice White to the legendary Miles Davis. Do you think it’s important to work to keep the music of the fallen greats alive?EBB: I think it’s very important. I don’t do to many of these tributes but I think it’s very important. People know such a small amount of the work of these artists. Take Miles Davis. There’s so much great Miles Davis out there. If I can reawaken the awareness of Miles in some people then maybe they’ll dig into his catalog.That’s what I wish people were doing now-a-days, getting deeper into their favorite artists. People like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong… dig deeper into their catalog. Get to understand an artist. Get to understand why they left space here, or finessed something there.I get called for a lot of these tributes, but I try and only do the ones that are a bit different, that go deeper into the artist they are honoring.L4LM: You’ve got what is essentially Break Science and your Lettuce bandmates backing you on this journey through the classic Davis album Bitches Brew. Are you going to be doing the whole album?EBB: We’re going to get in a good amount, but it’s a chance to expose people to that period of Miles, to really channel it. And because I play with the Lettuce and Break Science guys so much, they’re perfect for that era Miles.I mean Jesus (Coomes) is perfect for that, he knows that music really well. Everyone in that band knows that music. Sure, I would love to play with some other guys sometimes, because I get to play with these guys all the time, but they’re right for the job and you can’t knock that.L4LM: Was Miles a big influence on your development as a player?EBB: Oh yeah. I mean, a lot of people are in there for me, but definitely Miles. Birth Of The Cool. I have almost every one of his albums. Every trumpet player is influenced by Miles. Every musician, really, whether they know it or not.I’m definitely a huge Miles fan and very happy to be doing this tribute.L4LM: Later in October you are heading back to your old stomping grounds, New York City, to be part of the all super group festival Brooklyn Comes Alive. What do you think of the cavalcade of stars approach the organizers have taken?EBB: I think it’s great. I love so many of those people! I’m doing an amazing set with the Coomes brothers, Jesus and Tycoon and The Shady Horns. Ty writes a lot of amazing stuff and it is gonna be an amazing day of music. Kunj Shah did a great job of putting it together.L4LM: One of the most talked about Jazz Fest late night shows was the Earth, Wind & Fire tribute hosted by The Nth Power. By popular demand it is making its return at Brooklyn Comes Alive. Any hints you can give us about how you’re planning to take this to the next level?EBB: There’s just so much of their music that you can do, that is all so good, that it’s easy to switch it up and make it different. There’s never a bad time to listen to Earth, Wind & Fire. I listen to them once a day, at least.L4LM: And while all this is going on you’re going to be out on tour?EBB: Yeah, we take off on the Sounds Like A Party tour next week. We’re gonna go see as many of our fans as we can. I’m just trying to live every day the best I can and get better as I go. Wish me luck!L4LM: Good luck! Well, thank you for fitting this chat into your busy schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing the magic you’re gonna be making.EBB: Thanks for having me. You guys are the best. Tickets for Lettuce’s Sounds Like A Party tour available HERETickets for the Bear Creek Bayou are available HERETickets for the All Star Tribute To Bernie Worrell are available HERETickets for the Catskill Chill are available HERETickets for the all-star Brooklyn Comes Alive are available HERElast_img read more

Latin American security forces uses Amber Alerts to locate kidnapped children

first_img T he Amber Alert system shows results in Mexico Amber alert rescues Mexico’s Amber Alert system has helped authorities rescue 105 children who were reported missing since its introduction in 2012, authorities said. Brazil is moving towards adopting the system as well. The Brazilian Congress is considering an initiative which would introduce the Amber Alert system into the country. About 10,000 children a year disappear in Brazil, and about 15 percent are found, according to the Movement for Creating the Amber Alert in Brazil. Amber alerts have helped authorities rescue children throughout Latin America. Among the rescues: • On Nov. 28, 2013, security forces in Mexico rescued Celeste Nohemí Pérez Méndez, a 13-year-old girl from Guatemala. Security forces found her in the town of Puerto Madero, Chaipas, six weeks after relatives reported her disappearance from Sector Méndez, a village in Guatemala. • On April 15, 2013, Salvadoran security forces rescued Valeria Hernández de Jesús, 4. Security forces found her after Mexican authorities issued an international Amber Alert. Security forces found her more than 1,200 kilometers from her home. By Dialogo January 31, 2014 How Amber Alert began center_img Not every case of missing child triggers an Amber Alert. Before law enforcement authorities issue one, • A law enforcement agency must have confirmed that the child was abducted. • The child must be at serious risk of death or injury. • Authorities must have enough information to issue an alert. This would include the description of the child, including the child’s age. Alerts could also include the name and physical description of a suspected kidnapper, and, if available, the type of vehicle and license plate the suspect is believed to be using. • The child must be below 18 years of age. • The parents or legal guardians of the missing child must file a report with law enforcement authorities. While Amber Alerts help authorities find missing juveniles, they do not apply to cases in which adults have been kidnapped. For example, in Mexico, Los Zetas, the Sinaloa Cartel, La Familia Michoacana (LFM) and other transnational criminal organizations have kidnapped tens of thousands of people since December 2006, when the federal government sent the military after the drug cartels. From December 2006 to December 2012, during the administration of President Felipe Calderon, relatives of victims reported 26,121 kidnappings, according to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). From January to June 2013, relatives of kidnapping victims reported 751 abductions, 122 more than were reported during the same period the previous year, according to the National Public Security System (SNSP). The number of kidnappings has surged dramatically since 2007, when 438 abductions were reported in Mexico, according to Reforma. One of the more notorious kidnappings in recent years occurred in 2008, when LFM operatives kidnapped and killed Fernando Marti, the son of businessman Alejandro Marti. The kidnappers killed Fernando even though his father had paid a ransom of $2 million. The Amber Alert system has helped security forces rescue 779 children in El Salvador, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic between 2002 and 2013. “As time goes by, clues, evidence, or any other circumstances that may allow us to locate the victims are lost. Therefore, the first few hours are critical for authorities,” said Mexico City deputy prosecutor Sulma Eunice Campos Mata. Amber Alerts immediately notify the public that authorities are looking for a missing child, she said. Campos Mata, who is part of a unit which provides services to crime victims, said that locating missing children quickly is crucial to ensure their safety. The Amber Alert system is a cooperative effort between law enforcement authorities and the press, including newspapers, TV news stations, radio news agencies, websites, and Twitter. When an Amber Alert is activated, security officials ask the media to broadcast that a child is missing. The alert usually includes the name of the missing child, a detailed description, and a photograph of the boy or girl authorities are looking for. Some of the rescued children were allegedly kidnapped by organized crime operatives who planned to use them for human trafficking. Some were abducted by sexual abusers. And some were taken by relative involved in custody disputes. Amber Alert criteria Amber Renee Hagerman, 9, disappeared while riding her bicycle near her grandparents’ house in Arlington, Texas on Jan. 13 1996. FBI agents and hundreds of volunteers from the community searched for the girl. Four days after Amber was last seen, authorities found her body in a drainage ditch near the home of her grandparents. She had been killed, officials said. During the search, some neighbors called Texas radio stations and suggested that the media issue special alerts when a child is reported missing. Following Amber’s death, Texas and other states developed Amber Alert systems. Latin American countries adopted Amber Alerts as well. The United States federal government invested $20 million into a national Amber Alert system in response to a law signed by then-President George W. Bush in April 2003. States used their funds to develop and enhance their local notification systems. Today, every state has an Amber Alert system. last_img read more

Thursday January 31st KGLO Morning News

first_imgListen back to the KGLO Morning News from Thursday January 31stlast_img

Arsenal beat Chelsea, Wolves win? Stats reveal how PL games should have ended

first_img Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade 11 Maurizio Sarri won his first home game as Chelsea manager The average first-team salaries at every Premier League club in 2019 revealed silverware Should a team end with a higher xG than actual goals scored, it is probable they were wasteful in front of goal due to poor finishing or an in-form opposition goalkeeper. If the real goals scored is higher than the xG, the team may have been lucky to score so many in that match, or come up against a poor defence.So, how did every team perform compared to their xG in the second round of Premier League matches? Find out below thanks to shot-based expected goals statistics from FiveThirtyEight.com… Liverpool news live: Klopp reveals when Minamino will play and issues injury update Real result: Burnley 1-3 WatfordxG result: Burnley 0.8-1.7 Watford gameday cracker whoops smart causal Brighton and Hove Albion v Manchester United predicted Burnley v Watford 11 Real result: Leicester City 2-0 Wolverhampton WanderersxG result: Leicester City 0.2-1.0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Real result: Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 FulhamxG resul: Tottenham Hotspur 3.1-1.3 Fulham Cardiff City v Newcastle United How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures Did Mahrez just accidentally reveal Fernandinho is leaving Man City this summer? Leicester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers Arsenal have lost their first two games in a season for the first time in 26 years, but the biggest crisis is at Manchester United, where Jose Mourinho seems to be walking on a tightrope after Sunday’s 3-2 defeat to Brighton.Other impressive results over the weekend included Watford securing a 3-1 win at Burnley to make it six points from an available six, while Leicester claimed their first points of the season by beating top flight new boys Wolves.But were the real results the correct results?Last season we saw the rise of ‘expected goals’ (xG) with it becoming a household term thanks to Match of the Day following extensive use by the football analytics community. Most read in Premier League 11 Real result: Chelsea 3-2 ArsenalxG result: Chelsea 2.2-2.5 Arsenal 11 Real result: Brighton and Hove Albion 3-2 Manchester UnitedxG result: Brighton and Hove Albion 1.6-1.6 Manchester United How Everton could look in January under Ancelotti with new signings center_img Real result: Cardiff City 0-0 Newcastle UnitedxG result: Cardiff City 1.2-1.8 Newcastle United Manchester City v Huddersfield Town Chelsea v Arsenal Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had an xG of 0.99 against Chelsea, but failed to score the goal he should have 11 Real result: Everton 2-1 SouthamptonxG result: Everton 1.9-1.8 Southampton SORRY We are only two games into the Premier League season, but it’s already been a thrilling campaign.Reigning champions Manchester City have quickly returned to the top of the table after recording two wins by a combined score of 8-1, while Chelsea are close behind under new manager Maurizio Sarri. Real result: West Ham United 2-1 BournemouthxG result: West Ham United 1.1-1.8 Bournemouth Everton v Southampton possible standings Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT 11 ‘Expected goals’ is a statistic used to work out how many goals should be scored in a match, with every shot taken given an ‘expected goal’ value based on the difficulty of the attempt.Based on a number of factors including distance from goal, type of shot and number of defenders, the ‘expected goal’ value reveals the likelihood a specific shot will end in a goal; the higher the value, the more likely a goal should be scored from that shotThe ‘expected goal’ value of every shot in a game is used to calculate the ‘expected goals’ of a match. Click here to find out more about the calculations used to work out xG. 11 Guardiola-inspired tactics: Is this how Arsenal will line up under Arteta? West Ham United v Bournemouth Real result: Manchester City 6-1 Huddersfield TownxG result: Manchester City 4.5-0.7 11 Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won 11 11 Sky Sports presenter apologises for remarks made during Neville’s racism discussion 11 latest changes last_img read more

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