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Deskfast reinvented: The new wave of speed eaters

first_imgBritain is a nation of speed freaks. When it comes to breakfast, that is. Anything that involves less prep time (and a longer lie-in) hits the spot for today’s time-pressed consumer – and that’s particularly true during the working week. One in four Brits aren’t prepared to spend any longer than two minutes making their breakfast on a weekday, found an exclusive poll of 1,882 breakfasters conducted by Harris Interactive for The Grocer. And a further 25% said their maximum prep time was three to four minutes. Not great news for the full English. Out-of-home players have had a natural advantage when it comes to catering for these up-and-coming consumers, who crave ever more variety in their options. Coffee shops in particular have aimed to offer simple, tasty and convenient deskfast solutions on the go, from Costa’s Breakfast Bloomer Toastie to Pret a Manger’s range of protein pots, including Egg & Spinach and Salmon & Avocado.And these players are constantly innovating. In July, Greggs launched mini cooked breakfasts ideal for eating at a desk. Containing beans, sausage, a cheese omelette and mini hash browns, the boxes (rsp: £2 or £1.90 for a vegetarian box, minus the sausage) are available on a trial basis in 11 branches across the North East.Supermarkets are catching up fast. Waitrose’s open kitchens – available in four branches offering delicacies to-go such as avocado on sourdough – are firmly targeted at the millennial, on-the-move crowd. NPD is also looking to tempt this busy demographic. Rustlers forayed into breakfast for the first time last April with its All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin (rsp: £1.50), gaining listings in Co-op, Tesco and Morrisons. Ready to eat after 65 seconds in the microwave, it’s well under the two-minute maximum favoured by one in four consumers.But for the grocery market, there has been one key source of excitement in attracting the time-pressed crowd: breakfast drinks. Go back a year, and growth was indeed exciting. For the year ended 8 October 2017, sales were up 24.9% to £20m (while ready-to-eat cereals were in decline for brands). This year, however, is looking less positive. Value fell 11.1% to £18.7m [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 22 April 2018]. Ouch.Harris Interactive research is also painting a mixed picture. Somewhat encouragingly, breakfast drinks are chosen by 23% of deskfasters, rising to 32% of 18 to 24 year olds. But it still pales in comparison with the 46% choosing fruit, 44% picking yoghurt and 39% eating cereal at work. So will grocery have to find new ways of attracting the deskfaster? The fry-up needs updating for the working week. Firstly, it takes way too long to prepare for today’s time-conscious consumer. Secondly, its saturated fat content isn’t exactly screaming health credentials.So we challenged media agency Starcom Worldwide to create a cooked breakfast product that could appeal to today’s deskfasters. Here’s what they came up with.“The fry-up is a treat that so many Brits love, but our stomachs struggle to digest significant amounts of food in the morning,” says Amy Kean, head of strategic innovation. “Some nutritionists are starting to advocate a morning fast until around midday, which has serious benefits for your gut.”Keen to find a modern solution for health-conscious, busy workers looking for energy, convenience and a familiar breakfast taste, the team created Miso Fast, a new range of soluble flavoured capsules to be dissolved in hot water.“We wanted to combine the taste of a big British breakfast, the essential goodness of Berocca, the convenience of Pez dispensers and the health properties of miso soup,” explains Kean.Containing vitamin C, B12 and magnesium, Miso Fast capsules are available in a range of breakfast food flavours, including Streaky Bacon, Spinach Frittata and Smashed Avocado and Feta, as well as sweeter flavours such as Granola and Blueberry Pancakes.Consumers initially purchase the capsules in reusable cork case packs, which can be refilled in a variety of flavours from Miso Fast vending machines in Waitrose and Whole Foods outlets. “Today’s shoppers are looking for modern, responsible products that aren’t covered in plastic or damaging to the environment in any way,” states Kean. “Given the increased consumer interest in sustainability, it was important that Miso Fast packs could be reused.”The new range will be supported by a social media marketing campaign, including tie-ups with healthy eating influencers, which will target consumers with interests in wellbeing . “From a messaging perspective, we’re fresh and tongue in cheek, with an ‘oh what a dutiful morning’ poster highlighting the goodness that comes from fasting,” says Kean. “The strapline: ‘wake up to what your body needs’ is a more assertive statement to help shoppers reassess their breakfast habits.” Breakfast BallsLaunched: August 2018Manufacturer: The Protein Ball CoNew bite-sized Breakfast Balls from The Protein Ball Co launched this month in Apple & Blueberry, Hazelnut & Cacao and Strawberry & Vanilla variants. Each 45g pack (rsp: £1.99) contains six Breakfast Balls totalling 5.4g of natural protein, providing a healthy kickstart to start the day. The vegan-friendly balls are also high in fibre and gluten-free, with no added sugar and 100% natural ingredients. Creative ChallengeBreakfast Creative Challengeoriginaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMheight 705width 940orientation 1camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CC (originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMheight 705width 940orientation 1camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CC (originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMheight 1122width 1535orientation 1camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CC 2originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMheight 1122width 1535orientation 1camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CC 2originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMheight 705width 940orientation 1camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CC ( Oaty Quinoa PorridgeLaunched: July 2018Manufacturer: PerkierHealth brand Perkier took aim at Britain’s growing number of vegan and flexitarian shoppers with its Oaty Quinoa Porridge pots (rsp: £1.30/55g), which hit Asda stores in July. Consisting of Original, Golden Syrup and Cranberry & Raisin flavours, each pot contains 10g of quinoa protein and up to 50% less sugar than leading porridge pot brands, as well as being gluten and dairy free. All this need for speed means today is the era of the ‘deskfast’. And consumers are becoming ever pickier about what makes the grade for that ultra-convenient first meal of the day. No longer will a slightly soggy box of out-of-date cereal do. They want all the taste, variety and health benefits of a meal at the breakfast table, but at their desk instead. The trend has spawned a flurry of activity in the out of home sector that has been rapidly mirrored by the supermarkets. So who are the new wave of deskfasters, and what do they want?At the helm of the growing deskfast movement are millennials. Kantar Worldpanel data shows the younger generation is the driving force behind out-of-home breakfast consumption in general. “Of the 263 million out-of-home breakfast occasions this year, almost 40% were eaten by 16 to 34 year olds,” says analyst Charlotte Lovell. Not only that, the number of out-of-home breakfast occasions among millennials is growing fast, up 35% year-on-year [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 25 March 2018]. Our Harris Interactive data shows the desk is a popular venue for these breakfasts. The 25 to 34 age group were most likely to bring their breakfast to work (23%), compared with only 11% of 45 to 55 year olds.center_img Leading breakfast drinks brand Weetabix thinks not. “The breakfast drinks sector is the most impulsive part of the cereal category,” says Gavin Loftus, head of brand for Weetabix On The Go. “We’re seeing rising consumer demand for breakfast drinks that deliver on both substance and taste.”One way it’s hoping to attract the consumer is through health credentials. That was the focus of this year’s packaging refresh for Weetabix On The Go, which introduced on-pack traffic light labelling that Loftus states will “make it easier for shoppers to make a quick, informed choice”.Other breakfast drink brands are taking a similar tack. In July, Quaker rolled out its pilot range of breakfast drinks in Vanilla and Red Berries flavours (rsp: £1.45) that looked to trade on health.­­ “Having identified that one of the barriers for people enjoying breakfast drinks is a belief they are too processed, we ensured there are flashes on pack highlighting milk and wholegrain content,” says marketing manager Steph Okell.Protein smoothie brand Savsé is another example. The brand recently expanded its cold pressed protein smoothie range to include Protein Rise (rsp: £2.99) in May, which contains quinoa flakes along with coconut milk and fruit to produce “a unique, healthy option for consumers”.They are thinking along the right lines. When asked what influences their breakfast purchases, 18% of respondents polled by Harris Interactive named high protein as an important factor. Nearly a quarter looked for low sugar and 17% wanted low calorie content (rising to 23% of 18 to 24 year olds).Kantar Worldpanel says health is particularly important to the younger consumer. “Starting the day off right is an attractive proposition, as consumers tend to start the day with good intentions and make more indulgent choices as the day progresses,” says analyst Emily Garrigan. “Millennial consumers in particular are seeking positive health benefits at breakfast, with 253 million more servings fulfilling the need for health benefits (such as protein or vitamins) this year, and 190 million more being chosen because they’re more natural or less processed.”And so the past few months have seen plenty of NPD outside of breakfast drinks looking to combine convenience and health. Belvita is leading the charge among breakfast biscuits (eaten by 35% of deskfasters in our Harris Interactive poll). In July, it launched Breakfast Soft Bakes Blueberry to appeal to the ‘superfood’-seeking crowd. In other formats, The Protein Ball Co introduced its first Breakfast Balls this month (see innovations below), designed to “provide a healthy energy boost that fits in with hectic lifestyles”. ManiLife Snack PotsLaunched: July 2018Manufacturer: ManiLifeTargeting deskfasters who don’t want to keep a 1kg tub of peanut butter at work, ManiLife created its new snack pot range (rsp: £0.55/15g). Made from Argentinian peanuts, the range is set for its UK retail debut in the coming weeks, having been initially trialled with a major hotel group. Available in Smooth, Original and Deep Roast variants, the pots are designed to be combined with a range of breakfast products including porridge, yoghurt, fruit or toast. But perhaps the most significant NPD has come from Kellogg’s, which is looking to create an entirely new category. “Ready-in-seconds” smoothie bowl brand Joyböl entered the market last month with the tagline “slow breakfast is no breakfast”. The launch was inspired not only by the need for speed, but also the rise in smoothie bowl snaps on social media. “Search #SmoothieBowl on Instagram and you’ll see at least 1.5 million posts appear from people sharing their food experiences,” says a Joyböl spokesman. Currently only available in convenience and travel sectors, supermarket distribution is set for later this year. With health at the top of its agenda – the three-strong range of Super Berries & Acai, Strawberry Almond Quinoa and Mango & Coconut variants each claim to provide a good source of protein and fibre – it certainly seems to be tapping the right trends.One thing is for sure: the deskfast as we know it is changing. Today’s speed eaters expect the same standards at their desk as they do at their breakfast table. So wave goodbye to that soggy box of out-of-date cereal. Apple and Cinnamon Rice CakesLaunched: July 2018Manufacturer: Wessanen UKContaining just 32 calories, Kallø’s Apple & Cinnamon rice cakes join its Blueberry & Vanilla packs (launched in June 2012) as a sweet breakfast option. The rice cakes, made using four all-natural ingredients (rice, corn, cinnamon and apple juice concentrate), are available in jumbo packs (rsp: £1.49/127g) across Waitrose stores nationwide. Deskfast innovationsHere’s our pick of the latest launches targeting the busy workforcelast_img read more

Family pays almost $3 million in cash for this Gold Coast home

first_imgEric, Lea and their son Kristian Raaschou at the home they have just sold in Mermaid Waters. Picture: AAP/John Gass.It comes as property experts say the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the luxury housing market are driving price growth on the Gold Coast.The latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland quarterly report reveals house prices on the Gold Coast grew more than Brisbane during the June quarter.REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said it was unusual for a region to outperform a capital city housing market.“The Gold Coast is creating quite a lot of jobs at the moment because of the Commonwealth Games and infrastructure spending,” she said.“It provides a lifestyle that people — particularly from places like Sydney — find highly desirable.”Ms Conisbee said nine of top 10 suburbs in Australia for rental demand were on the Gold Coast. “A lot of people rent first before they buy.” The sale of this home at 13 Intrepid Dr, Mermaid Waters, previously held the price record for the suburb.Kollosche Prestige Agents managing director Jordan Williams negotiated the sale of the property at 51-53 Portobello Rd to a family relocating from Brisbane.Mr Williams said the buyer paid cash for the home after falling in love with the size of the home and the half acre block.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoHe said the majority of his clients were paying cash for high end property above $2.5 million.It’s been a big month for prestige property sales on the Gold Coast, with Mr Williams saying his agency had completed $40 million worth of sales in the past four weeks — the majority to local buyers.“Local buyers are seeing value in the market,” he said.“It’s hard to find good quality homes and buyers are snaffling them up quickly.” 51-53 Portobello Drive Mermaid Waters.THE sale of a waterfront mansion on a half acre block in Mermaid Waters has smashed the house price record for the Gold Coast suburb.Owner Erik Raaschou and his wife, Lea, have just sold their five-bedroom, four-bathroom dream home on a huge 1900 sqm at 51-53 Portobello Road for close to $2.9 million in cash.It’s definitely paid off for Mr Raaschou, who paid $2.05 million for the property in May last year — although he did undertake substantial renovations.“For us to get that sort of a return after a bit over a year is testament to the strength of the Gold Coast market,” he said. “It’s gone nuts.”The record residential sale for Mermaid Waters had previously been held by another five-bedroom waterfront home at 13 Intrepid Drive, which sold for $2.65 million in May 2015. Andrew Winter’s spring selling tips Regional house prices still suffering Brisbane’s new record house price center_img REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee.last_img read more

Private equity managers back LGPS cost disclosure code

first_imgRecord Currency Management was the first manager to sign up on this basis, IPE understands. The foreign exchange specialist announced this week that it saw the code as “as an important factor in the LGPS being perceived as a value led and innovative scheme”.The LGPS introduced the disclosure template in May 2017. Its current template, available on the Advisory Board’s website, is designed to collate all costs connected with investments in listed equities and fixed income.This morning the LGPS Advisory Board announced that “most” of its major asset managers had signed up to the code, covering more than £150bn of its total assets.LGPS funds and the emerging asset pools have started including compliance with the cost code as a prerequisite for being considered for new mandates. LGPS Central, which aims to combine £43bn of assets from 10 local authority pension funds, has done this for a recent global equity tender.Private equity code progressThe Local Government Association – the representative body for UK’s regional public sector organisations – has been working with private equity managers and the UK regulator’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group (IDWG) to finalise a version of the template suitable for the private equity sector.HarbourVest, Adams Street Partners, Pantheon Ventures, Partners Group are among the top managers running illiquid or unlisted assets for the LGPS system, and all confirmed to IPE they were participating in discussions. GCM Grosvenor, a US-based alternatives manager, has also taken an active role in discussions.A spokeswoman for Pantheon added that the parties aimed to have a version ready for the end of the current financial year (5 April for local government finances).Other asset managers falling into lineA number of leading LGPS providers have indicated to IPE that they would sign up to the code in the coming weeks.Aberdeen Standard Investments will sign up in the next two weeks, according to a spokesman. According to annual reports, Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments together ran money for at least 44 of the 89 LGPS funds prior to the companies’ merger.M&G, Jupiter Asset Management, Kames Capital and JP Morgan Asset Management all told IPE they were in discussions with the LGPS to confirm compliance.Industry consensus building on disclosure templateThe UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, set up the IDWG last year in the wake of its Asset Management Market Study. Managers of private equity and other alternative assets are preparing to sign up to the cost transparency code established last year by the UK’s Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).The Advisory Board of the £261bn (€292bn) public sector system agreed last week to allow managers of unlisted assets to sign up to its code, despite there not being a finalised template for disclosure for asset classes outside of listed equities and bonds.Companies including real estate specialist CBRE and unlisted asset giant Pantheon have indicated to IPE they would sign up to the voluntary code in the next few weeks following the board’s decision.Last week’s agreement means managers can signal their intention to supply clients with all requested data related to investment and trading. Chris SierChaired by Chris Sier, who helped develop the LGPS disclosure model, the group aims to build a disclosure template for use by all institutional investors and asset managers, collating all costs connected with investments in listed equities and fixed income.Templates for private equity and other asset classes are also in the pipeline.Speaking at the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s investment conference yesterday, Sier said the standard had gained strong support from institutional investors and asset managers.The group aims to have a first version of its template ready for publication for the end of the current financial year (5 April), Sier said.“There isn’t a single asset manager that can’t get that data with a bit of effort,” he added.The LGPS has indicated that it will transition its own code towards the IDWG’s model once it is in place.center_img Roger PhillipsRoger Phillips, chair of the Advisory Board, said in a statement: “The board is very pleased with the success of its Transparency Code and continues to support industry developments in this area.“Once work on the IDWG template is complete, the board will be working with its signatory managers in its adoption, building on what is already in place with the LGPS.”last_img read more

Marcus Blondel Qualifies As International Referee

first_img Tweet 23 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share NewsSports Marcus Blondel Qualifies As International Referee by: – May 13, 2011center_img Share Share Photo credit: dominicacentral.comThe Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association has received confirmation from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) that Marcus Blondel has achieved the status of International Referee.Mr. Blondel received his official FIVB International Referee Certificate, FIVB ID Card and Official International Referee Badge; and he will now be eligible to officiate in Volleyball matches at all levels – including Continental and World Championships.last_img

Woman stabs live-in partner

first_imgFrell Suprescencia – whotemporarily resides in the said village – stabbed 34-year-old EdcellGimeno, a police report showed.  Suprescencia caught Gimeno with hisalleged mistress while inside his room on Sunday, the report added.  This prompted Suprescencia to attack Gimenousing a kitchen knife. ILOILO City – A 30-year-old woman wasarrested for stabbing her live-in partner inside their boardinghouse in BarangayPurok 2, Pavia, Iloilo. center_img The suspect was detained in thecustodial facility of the Pavia police station./PNlast_img

Defending champions among early entries for Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour

first_imgJAMESTOWN, N.D. – Defending champions Hunter Marriott and Elijah Zevenbergen are among the nearly 100 drivers, from 16 states and Canada, who have already pre-registered for the upcoming Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour.Early entries are already in hand from 63 Modified and 35 Stock Car drivers for the 28th annual tour, which travels to five tracks in North Dakota and another in Saskatchewan.Opening night is Saturday, July 8 at Jamestown Speedway. The tour travels to Nodak Speedway in Minot, on July 9, Estevan, Sask., Motor Speedway on July 10, Williston Basin Speedway on July 11, Southwest Speedway in Dickinson on July 12 and Da­cotah Speedway in Mandan on July 13.Modified features pay $2,300 to win, a minimum of $300 to start, and are qualifying events for the upcoming Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot. Stock Cars race for $800 to win and a minimum of $125 to start each night.Modified pre-entries have been received from:Randy Artz, Battle Mountain, Nev.; Reese Artz, Battle Mountain, Nev.; Cody Bauman, Eureka, Ill.;Hank Berry, Sidney, Mont.; Tom Berry Jr., Medford, Ore.; Bland Bohannon, Williston; Chris Bragg, Springtown, Texas; Brian Brennan, Rozet, Wyo.; Jarrett Carter, Lisbon; John Corell, Jamestown; Tracy Domagala, Bismarck; and Jason Grimes, Jamestown.Mike Hagen, Williston; Travis Hagen, Williston; Tyler Hall, Fertile, Minn.; Brad Hartigan, Dickinson; Troy Heupel, Williston; Vernon Hill, Black Eagle, Mont.; Rusty Hodges, Beatrice, Neb.; Jesse Hoeft, Forest City, Iowa; Jordan Huettl, Minot; Kyler Jeffrey, Williston; Wayne Johnson, Minot; Jeremy Keller, Mandan; and Billy Kendall, Baxter, Minn.Allen Kent, West Fargo; Rusty Kollman, Carrington; Tommy Lee, Grenora; Curt Lund, Redwood Falls, Minn.; Michael McCarthy, Hutto, Texas; Josh McGaha, Abilene, Texas; Les McLenehan, Estevan, Sask.; Lance Mari, Imperial, Calif.; Marriott, from Brookfield, Mo.; Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; Dale Neitzel, Shepherd, Mont.; Jay Noteboom, Hinton, Iowa; and Justin O’Brien, West Union, Iowa.Travis Olheiser, Dickinson; Tyler Peterson, Hickson; Steven Pfeifer, Minot; Crist Pittenger, Bismarck; Dallas Rice, Minot; Donald Robinson, Underwood; Lucas Rodin, Marion; Josh Rogotzke, Sanborn, Minn.; Joel Rust, Grundy Center, Iowa; Darren Schatz, Williston; Ryan Schroeder, Devil’s Lake; Jonathan Schumann, Mercer; and Marlyn Seidler, Underwood.And Kelly Shryock, Fertile, Iowa; Robert Sigman, Dickinson; Casey Skyberg, Rapid City, S.D.; Shawn Strand, Mandan; Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz.; Marcus Tomlinson, Turtle Lake; Myles Tomlinson, Turtle Lake; Travis Tooley, Bismarck; Travis Ulmer, Mandan; Tyler Wagner, Weyburn, Sask.; Jason Wolla, Ray; and Justin Zeitner, Malvern, Iowa.Stock Car drivers already pre-registered are:Jeffrey Abbey, Comanche, Texas; Westin Abbey, Comanche, Texas; Jayden Bears, Smithville, Mo.; Tim Compson, Valley City; Austin Daae, Estevan, Sask.; Beau Deschamp, Bottineau; Cody Dignan, Burlington; Chris Ellis, Surrey; Dalton Flory, Williston; Joe Flory, Williston; Scott Gartner, Aurora, Colo.; and Greg Gill, Muscatine, IowaMike Gotch, Regina, Sask.; Gary Goudy Jr., Stoughton, Sask.; Chris Hortness, Estevan, Sask.; Jason Kniffen, Minot; Matt Lang, Turtle Lake; Curt Lund, Redwood Falls, Minn.; Keith Mattox, Ray; Kevin Mattox, Ray; Perry Misner, Albert, Kan.; Angel Munoz, Lamar, Colo.; and Shane Nehring, Williston.Cody Nelson, Kenmare; Jake Nelson, Williston; Joe O’Bryan, Round Rock, Texas; Kyle Pfeifer, Hill City, Kan.; Jason Schoenberger, Russell, Kan.; Randy Schultz, Swift Current, Sask.; Scott Sim, Williston; Chad Sterling, Stockton, Kan.; Jeremy Swanson, Westby, Mont.; Michael Vennes, Minot; Jody York, Lubbock, Texas; and Zevenbergen, from Ocheyedan, Iowa.Title sponsor Kupper Chevrolet provides tour point funds of $2,000 for the Modifieds and $1,000 for the Stock Cars. Drivers in both divisions also earn contingency awards from numerous IMCA and local sponsorsIMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National, Side Biter Chassis North Central or EQ Cylin­der Heads Northern Region, and Allstar Performance State points will be awarded at each draw/redraw show.Transponders and RACEceivers are required in both divisions.A Modified past champion’s provisional will be given on opening night while pre-registered drivers only will be eligible for single high points provisionals each of the next five nights. A sponsor’s provisional will complete the starting grid for each Modified main event.Modified drivers are also required to compete at a minimum of three tour events to become eligi­ble to qualify for the $10,002 to win Corral Sales Legendary 50 on Friday, July 14 at Dacotah Speed­way.All six Dakota Tour events as well as The Legendary will be broadcast by IMCATV with a daily or yearly subscription (to subscribe visit Highlights will be featured on the IMCA Racing Rewind and the Dirt Knights documentary series via cable channel MAVTV at a later date to be announced.last_img read more

Depth gives Ellsworth girls’ basketball 2-0 start

first_img Latest posts by Taylor Vortherms (see all) Bio Latest Posts ELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth girls’ basketball team pulled away from close halftime scores to win its first two games of the season.Ellsworth broke a 24-24 tie with Central en route to a 52-39 victory at home Tuesday night.“Central is a very tough team defensively,” Ellsworth coach Andy Pooler said. “All it takes is one big shot to really kick us into gear.”That shot came at the end of the third quarter when Kate Whitney hit a 3-pointer with less than a minute remaining, giving Ellsworth a 37-33 lead.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textPooler said Whitney, a senior transfer student from Machias, has drastically added to the team.“She brings a tremendous amount of basketball knowledge and skill,” Pooler said. “She complements our team really well. It takes the pressure off of them.”Pooler said Whitney’s presence frees senior Madison Card up for shots as well as senior Caitlin Bean to play the post where she’s comfortable.“She’s just such a scrapper,” Pooler said of Bean. “And Madison has been playing really well.”Momentum stayed with Ellsworth in the final period, when the Eagles outscored Central 15-6.Bean knocked down a total of 14 points, and Card added 12 to pace Ellsworth to the win.Pooler said that with the depth of talent on his team, he doesn’t know who will be the team’s leading scorer in a given game.“Each night, it’s somebody different,” Pooler said. “We’re small, but you can’t measure our heart.”Ellsworth 53, Foxcroft 39Ellsworth rolled past Foxcroft behind Kate Whitney’s game-high 23 points for the season-opening win on Friday.Madison Card and Hannah Sargent each contributed 11 points for Ellsworth.Piscataquis 52, GSA 40Piscataquis never trailed on Monday en route to earning its second win of the season.Morgan Dauk paced George Stevens Academy with 15 points, and Mazie Smallidge added 12.Sumner 50, Bucksport 41Taya Moore and Anna Young led Sumner with 12 and 11 points in helping the Tigers defeat Bucksport on Monday.Breanna Coombs led Bucksport with a game-high 16 points, and Cassie Coombs added 11.Searsport 50, DI-S 28Melinda Ogden poured in 20 points to lead Searsport by Deer Isle-Stonington on Monday.Ally Eaton paced DI-S with 11 points.GSA 55, DI-S 15Morgan Dauk and Mazie Smallidge combined for 17 points in the first quarter to lead GSA to the season-opening victory on Friday.Dauk recorded 22 points and 19 rebounds while Smallidge scored 16 with 12 rebounds. Hanna Gutow recorded five assists in the first half.Ally Eaton led DI-S with eight points.Searsport 38, Bucksport 26Searsport topped Bucksport on Friday.MDI 62, Old Town 31Sierra Tapley scored a game-high 22 points for Mount Desert Island in the team’s season-opening win Friday.WA 59, Sumner 41Nicole Mitchell scored 21 points to lead Washington Academy to victory on Friday.Taya Moore led Sumner with 13 points. Taylor Merchant added 12, and Casco Haley had 10.Ellsworth’s Caitlin Bean drives in past a Central defender for a layup on Tuesday. PHOTO BY TAYLOR VORTHERMSEllsworth’s Madison Card dribbles past a Central player on Tuesday. PHOTO BY TAYLOR VORTHERMSEllsworth’s Hannah Sargent fakes out a Central player with a no-look pass on Tuesday. PHOTO BY TAYLOR VORTHERMSFind more photos of this game here. Part 1: Invisible, incapacitating concussions are sidelining high school athletes – July 19, 2016center_img Part 2: When the injury is inside your head, some “don’t get it” – July 26, 2016 Taylor VorthermsSports Editor at The Ellsworth AmericanTaylor Vortherms covers sports in Hancock County. The St. Louis, Missouri native recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and joined The Ellsworth American in 2013. EHS names new boys’ soccer coach – July 13, 2016last_img read more

Oduduru Joins Team Visa for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

first_imgVisa has announced that Nigerian athlete, Divine Oduduru, has been signed on to join their global Team Visa programme for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.Speaking at his unveiling yesterday in Lagos, Oduduru, said: “Joining other athletes from across the world as part of Team Visa has been a dream come true for me.“As a track and field athlete, having a strong support system is important and so it means so much to me to have a partner in my corner that provides me with the same opportunities as other athletes competing in Tokyo 2020. Divine-Oduduru “I am very proud and honoured to be representing Nigeria and Team Visa at the Olympics this year.”Vice President, Visa West Africa, Kemi Okusanya, said of the partnership:“We are excited to welcome Divine Oduduru into Team Visa for the highly anticipated Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 competition.“His dedication, record of accomplishment and consistency in the track and field category over the years, has set him apart. At Visa, we embrace the culture of extending support to sports men and women to assist them in ways that can motivate them and enable them achieve their goals,” said Okusanya.She further noted that Divine’s journey has been truly remarkable and inspiring. “His tenacity, dedication and passion to the sport are a perfect fit for Team Visa,” she added. “We hope to provide him with a global stage at The Olympics to tell his story and inspire other athletes in Nigeria to follow their dreams and never give up.”Visa has been a global Olympic partner for more than 30 years and the first and longest-standing global Paralympic partner (since 2003). Since 2000, Team Visa has given aspiring athletes the support they need to pursue their goals, both on and off the field of competition, regardless of origin or background. Visa provides tools and resources – including funding support and financial literacy training – through its Team Visa programme. Since the programme began in 2000, Team Visa has supported over 400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls from around the world.Divine Oduduru, is the second fastest athlete in Africa after finishing 100 metres race in 9.86 seconds and 200 meters in 19.73 seconds at the NCAA championships this year.He actively began his career in 2007 and has since gone on to set groundbreaking records at both local and international levels. The Nigerian sprint sensation broke into limelight five years ago at the 2014 World Junior Athletic Championship, and recently made his debut as a pro-athlete at World Championship Diamond’s league with active preparations underway for his participation at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Tipp’s camogie players go down at hands of Wexford

first_imgPhoto © Tipp FM & Denis Vahey Photography Tipp’s camogie players went down at the hands of Wexford yesterday 2-12 to 2-7.It was the third game for the Premier in Group 2 of the All Ireland Championship, and it was a must-win for them to go forward to the All Ireland Quarter Finals.At half time Wexford led, 1-5 to 4 points, with Tipperary coming back to level to pull themselves right back into the game, only to have it slip away once again. The girls have yet to play Offaly in their final game of the group.last_img

Djokovic thrash Nadal to retain ATP Tour title

first_imgNovak Djokovic capped off a phenomenal autumn by defending his ATP World Tour Finals title with an impressive 6-3, 6-4 win over Rafael Nadal in a duel between the two dominant players of the season on Monday night.There’s no doubt Djokovic is the man to beat on indoor hard courts. And just for the record, his 22 consecutive wins to finish 2013 matched top-ranked Nadal’s best stretch of the year. Djokovic’s winning run started after a U.S. Open final defeat to Nadal, and during a span when the Spaniad replaced him atop the rankings. His victory in London denied Nadal the only big trophy missing from his glittering CV.  Having produced one of the most memorable comebacks in tennis, Nadal lost in a deciding match for the second time at the tour finals and missed the chance to join Andre Agassi as the only players to have won all four Grand Slams, Olympic gold, the Davis Cup and the year-end tournament. Djokovic has now beaten Nadal 10 times in 19 finals and is unbeaten since losing at the U.S. Open in September.There’s no doubt Djokovic is the man to beat on indoor hard courts. And just for the record, his 22 consecutive wins to finish 2013 matched top-ranked Nadal’s best stretch of the year. Djokovic’s winning run started after a U.S. Open final defeat to Nadal, and during a span when the Spaniad replaced him atop the rankings.His victory in London denied Nadal the only big trophy missing from his glittering CV.Having produced one of the most memorable comebacks in tennis, Nadal lost in a deciding match for the second time at the tour finals and missed the chance to join Andre Agassi as the only players to have won all four Grand Slams, Olympic gold, the Davis Cup and the year-end tournament.Djokovic has now beaten Nadal 10 times in 19 finals and is unbeaten since losing at the U.S. Open in September.last_img read more

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