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New York Has Officially Criminalized The Use Of Ticket Bot Software

first_imgBack in October of 2015, Live for Live Music started a petition calling for the banning of ticket scalper bots in America. Amassing over 25,000 signatures, it seems that our words were not taken in vain, as a concurrent New York state investigation found that the ticket scalping industry was widespread, and detracting from an average fan’s ability to buy tickets.The success of the scalpers was largely due to ticket bots, aka software programs that can quickly navigate through the ticket purchasing steps on Ticketmaster and snatch up dozens of tickets faster than humanly possible. This software was not previously illegal, though ticket bot users could face civil charges if brought to the courts.That has all changed in the state of New York, as Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assembly member Marcos Crespo have passed legislation creating criminal penalties for ticket bot users. “This kind of ticket scalping has had a very negative impact on fans that want to enjoy sporting and entertainment events,” said Speaker Heastie in a statement. “Ticket scalpers often buy up as many tickets as possible with this illegal software and then resell tickets at prices that many New Yorkers simply cannot afford. This measure aims to discourage the tactic by criminalizing this offense.”The measure classifies use of ticket bots as a Class A misdemeanor, which could result in fines and jail time for any culprits. “New Yorkers have been dealing with this frustrating ticket buying experience for too long,” said Assembly member Crespo, who wrote the bill. “Countless fans have lost opportunities to experience the richness of our arts and entertainment industry because there are those willing to circumvent by using automated software to deprive the average consumer of access to entertainment venues. The top music, theatre and athletic talent of our nation have priced their events at levels affordable to the mass public. With this bill becoming law, we will ensure the prices to see such talent will be within reach of all New Yorkers.”Let’s hope other states follow suit and eliminate this disrespectful practice.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Listen To Bass Physics & Maddy O’Neal’s New Collab, “Self Equity”

first_imgMaddy O’Neal Upcoming Tour Dates4.22 Sweetwater 420 Festival, Atlanta GA4.27 Shady Park Tempe, Tempe AZ w/ Manic Focus5.04 Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV w/ STS95.05 Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV w/ STS95.06 Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV w/ STS95.25 Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL6.02 Illectric River, New Braunfels, TX6.14 Sonic Bloom, Rye, CO6.21 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI8.03 Summer Meltdown, Darrington, WAView All Tour DatesBass Physics Upcoming Tour Dates4.12 Fort Collins, CO w/ Eliot Lipp*4.13 Idaho Falls, ID*4.14 Boise, ID*4.15 Bend, OR*4.16 Eugene, OR*4.18 Portland, OR*4.20 Arcata, CA*4.21 Nevada City, CA*4.22 San Francisco, CA*5.11 Denver, CO (Spread The Word Music Festival)7.12-7.15 Scranton, PA (Camp Bisco)8.2-8.5 Loveland, CO (Arise Music Festival)*Tour dates with Edamame & Lapa (Ilya Goldberg of Emancipator)View All Tour Dates Bass Physics (also known as Arja Adair) and Maddy O’Neal are two talented Colorado-based producers and DJs that are quickly gaining fame in the global electronic music scene. Both artists have found themselves occupying a similar space in a genre saturated with ever-growing talent, offering up dynamic bass-driven songs that add a glitch-heavy edge to electro-soul and electro-funk while drawing on a vast range of other musical influences. While their approaches to the craft are wildly different, Bass Physics and Maddy O’Neal share a fierce creative energy, which they channel consistently into stand-out, emotive tracks with tight production and inspired and adventurous sampling.Another trait the two producers share is an impressive list of past accomplishments. Both have landed support gigs for hugely popular artists—between the two of them, they’ve performed with Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Savoy, Minnesota, and Zion I—and have been tapped to play at nationally renowned venues like Camp Bisco, Electric Forest, Arise Music Festival, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and more.Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere a brand-new collaboration between Bass Physics and Maddy O’Neal titled “Self Equity”, which feature conscious hip-hop artist Knowledge THYself. The new track, “Self Equity”, shows off the best of both producers, allowing both to maintain their unique sound while highlighting the duo’s penchant for captivating, lyric song compositions and patient, high-caliber craftsmanship.You can take a listen to the Live For Live Music world premiere of Bass Physics and Maddy O’Neal’s “Self Equity” below, ahead of its official release on Friday, April 13th. If you’re digging what you’re hearing, you can catch both artists on the road, as they both have plans to tour heavily this summer. Check out both Maddy O’Neal’s and Bass Physics’ tour dates below, and follow Maddy O’Neal on Facebook here and Bass Physics here for more updates.last_img read more

Richmond, Va.

first_imgPopulation: 214,114Public lands: James River Park System, Pocahontas State Park, Richmond National Battlefield, Dutch Gap Conservation Area, Appomattox River Conservation AreaOutdoor Highlights: paddling the James, mountain biking the James River Park System, road biking Riverside Drivelast_img

Orión Naval Campaign III Seizes 69 Tons of Drugs in 45 Days

first_imgBy Yolima Dussán/Diálogo May 31, 2019 Representatives of armed forces of 18 nations met at Cartagena Naval Base, Colombia, on May 8 to deliver the results of the Orión Naval and Riverine Campaign III carried out in the first quarter of 2019. The campaign’s mission is to disrupt transnational narcotrafficking networks in the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and border rivers in the region. Orión III featured eight combined operations in the territorial waters of each participating country. The Colombian Navy, with the cooperation of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) coordinated the exercise. Authorities seized 48.3 tons of cocaine, 19.7 tons of marijuana, 1 ton of coca paste, and arrested 160 alleged narcotraffickers. Multinational operation “This campaign has yielded significant results for us,” U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Pat Dequattro, director of Joint Interagency Task Force South, told Diálogo. “We value the effort and success of the 18 countries. We hope to include more agencies and other forces.” The armed forces of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and the United States joined the Orión III Campaign, while three countries participated as observers: Argentina, Canada, and Chile. Colombian Navy Vice Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Pérez Garcés, commander of Naval Operations, elaborated on the work conducted with SOUTHCOM. “With their help, we made a triangular cooperation plan for maritime and riverine interdiction and intelligence with several countries in the region, where we had mobile groups and generated better results in coordination, communication, and consolidation of operations,” he said. “The U.S. commitment is direct and permanent,” Vice Admiral Evelio Ramírez Gáfaro, commander of the Colombian Navy, told Diálogo. “Participating nations think of Orión as an effective and efficient operation. We know that more people will join.” Results “Here we fight against transnational enemies. We are happy to provide surface units and to prevent criminals from using the sea,” Vice Admiral Juan Randolfo Pardo Aguilar, commander of the Guatemalan Navy, told Diálogo. “We expect to participate with more units and equipment.” Since 2018, the Orión campaigns have seized 94 tons of cocaine and 27 tons of marijuana, valued at more than $3.3 billion. This result has a direct impact on consumption and lowers the supply in countries where the drugs would have been distributed. “Most of the drugs leave from Ecuador; that’s why operations were focused on the Pacific. Our country is greatly affected,” Ecuadorean Navy Rear Admiral Amílcar Villavicencio Palacios, commander of Naval Operations, told Diálogo. “This is a well-designed operation in the strategic, legal, and operational aspects.”last_img read more

Polar Vortex Brings Record Lows to Long Island

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The deep freeze that gripped Long Island Tuesday brought record temperatures that haven’t been felt in more than four decades, and in the case of New York City, the 19th century.The biting cold brought on by the so-called polar vortex, dropped temperatures in Islip to 4 degrees overnight between Monday and Tuesday, breaking the previous record of 7 in 1986, according to the Upton-based National Weather Service.Record lows were again captured in Islip overnight Tuesday with the mercury dropping to a low of 7, blowing by 1988’s record of 13, the weather service said.But it was in New York City where temperatures recorded in Central Park reached a low not felt since Grover Cleveland called the White House home. The temperature at Central Park Tuesday came in at 4 degrees, besting the previous record low of 6 in 1896, the agency said.Record lows were also recorded at JFK and LaGuardia airports (4 and 6 degrees respectively).The extreme cold that barreled into Long Island was caused by the polar vortex, which is always present in the arctic, but broke off and enveloped most of the country from the Midwest to the Northeast.The cold snap continued into Wednesday morning with temperatures on LI still in the teens. But forecasters said “warmer air” will eventually push temperatures to a high of 22—a welcome reprieve even if it’s still so frigid.Thursday will still be cool with a high of 34—which is 30 degrees higher than the 4 degrees recorded at Islip overnight Monday.last_img read more

Frequently in debt? Discover your personal pitfalls

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Joe YoungYou don’t have to be a reckless spender to find yourself in debt. CNN touts that “one in three American adults have ‘debt in collections.’”An Urban Institute study reported that 77 million people are so severely in debt that their account has gone to collections, while a Detroit Free Press article warns, “Young adults have more credit card debt than savings.”Regardless of the angle, debt, severe debt, is an American epidemic.A Break Down Of CausationAccording to, the top ten causes of debt are:Lower income, same spending habitsDivorceLack of money management skills/poor skills continue reading »last_img

Trying to understand the stock market/economic disconnect? Stop.

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » From the great cult classic movie “Big Trouble in Little China,”Jack Burton – “I don’t get this at all?”Lo Pan – “Shut up Mr. Burton! You were not brought upon this world to get it!”As U.S. equities continue their relentless march higher, the question reverberating from all corners of the investment world is, “How can the stock market completely decouple itself from economic reality in what is really just the first couple of innings of the COVID crisis?” It has been said that stocks are pricing in a perfect, V-shaped recovery. However, unless you are Larry Kudlow or Steve Mnuchin being shoved out of the White House to spread the message that all is well, there really does not seem to be too many takers of that prediction. Moreover, it really seems to us that we are backing into the V-shaped recovery scenario to explain what is happening with stocks, rather than the other way around.There really has not been any credible analysis that we have seen to show that a V-shaped recovery is coming. Rather, most analysis, as highlighted by the Federal Reserve in the past few weeks, points to a long, difficult road ahead with regard to economic recovery. Moreover, pronouncements from both corporate and private business leaders predict that major sectors of our economy are going to have to reshape themselves to operate in the world of COVID. Unfortunately, almost of all of the reshaping is negative for economic growth. For instance, this from the Wall Street Journal with regard to something even our grandparents probably took for granted, “Elevator Travel.”last_img read more

79 cities, regencies violate school-reopening protocols: Education Ministry

first_imgDozens of cities and regencies in the country have violated regulations on reopening schools by neglecting the requisite health protocols or re-operating in areas with a high risk of COVID-19 transmission, the Education and Culture Ministry said on Tuesday.Ministry secretary-general Ainun Naim revealed such violations had been found in 79 cities or regencies, which consist of 18 designated so-called “green zones”, 39 “yellow zones”, 20 “orange zones” and two “red zones”.“We understand that many people want to return to face-to-face learning in schools, but we also have to ensure that it is conducted carefully and in a controlled manner,” Ainun said Tuesday, as quoted by “Please be patient and prioritize the health and safety of the education community.” The National COVID-19 task force has mapped the risk status of all regions in the country based on 15 criteria from the World Health Organization. The indicators, which include the number of new cases, suspects and fatalities, determine whether a region falls into the green, yellow, orange or red category.Read also: Govt to allow schools outside green zones to reopenAreas considered green, or with the lowest risk of coronavirus transmission, have been allowed to reopen schools, as long as strict health procedures, such wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing, are followed. Schools are also required to limit the number of students per classroom to 18, roughly 50 percent of the previous capacity.Schools located in yellow, orange and red zones, meanwhile, are still prohibited from holding face-to-face classes — as regulated in a joint ministerial decree issued by the education and culture minister, the religious affairs minister, the home minister and the health minister.Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim previously said that the number of students in green zones was roughly equivalent to 6 percent of all students in the country, meaning that the remaining 94 percent had to continue their education through online sessions.A recent poll by Cyrus Network, however, suggested that the majority of Indonesians wanted the government to reopen schools and universities, despite the outbreak showing no signs of abating. The survey found that 80.2 percent of 1,230 respondents polled from July 16 to 20 were in favor or reopening schools, while 19.8 percent were opposed. (vny)Topics :last_img read more

German province pressured to tackle ‘pension lie’

first_imgThat meant the re-labeling of assets was used to ensure spending stayed below the credit threshold for the local government.According to the ruling, the local government now either has to dissolve the fund or change it to fit within the constitutional framework.In the parliamentary debate following the verdict, the conservative opposition party in Rheinland-Pfalz, CDU, called the fund a “pension lie” told by the left-wing government SPD.“It is not a retirement provision as suggested”, said CDU MP Julia Klöckner. “It is merely a calculation trick to lower the debt level.”In response, SPD MP Alexander Schweitzer pointed out the provincial government had achieved the first budget surplus since 1969: “Our response to the increasing pension liabilities is a responsible budget policy.”Doris Ahnen, a member of the Rheinland-Pfalz government, promised the authorities will act on the court’s decision.“We will amend the labeling of the debt investments by the Pensionsfonds immediately,” she told MPs, “but we will take time to carefully prepare further changes to the legal framework of the fund.”Ahnen also promised a legal draft “before the summer”.Initially the fund had been set up with the intention of fully financing the local government’s pension liabilities. This was changed in 2016 when the fund was reduced to a mere reserve vehicle into which €70m annually had to be paid by the government.This annual sum is also part of the double budget for 2017/18, for which the government in Rheinland-Pfalz is currently trying to get a majority in the local parliament.Within the Pensionsfonds but in a separate portfolio, individual savings for civil servants are collected – but these were not contested by the judges. Conservative politicians in the German regional parliament of Rheinland-Pfalz called the province’s €5bn Pensionsfonds a “pension lie”.The government has been accused of using a reserve fund for civil servants to buy more local government debt.In a heated debate in Mainz on Wednesday, MPs discussed the ramifications of a recent verdict by the province’s constitutional court that these investments were “unconstitutional”.Since 2006, money going into the Pensionsfonds from the budget had been invested almost solely in regional government debt, the court found. However, within the public accounts these purchases of local debt are qualified as investments rather than government debt.last_img read more

Ban on abusive men from contact with children

first_imgRadio New Zealand News 7 June 2012Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says the Government could go further than stopping abusive parents from having more babies, by banning abusive men from living or working with children. Ms Bennett says the proposal is being discussed as part of the Government’s white paper on vulnerable children that is still being developed. Cabinet is also considering allowing judges to direct parents convicted for the murder of a child, or serious child abuse, not to have any more children, and if they do, they will be removed at birth. Ms Bennett told Nine to Noon she is considering the proposals as part of the Government’s obligation to stand up for children who have been hideously abused. She says the proposals are still in the discussion stage.….Prime Minister John Key says United Future and the Maori Party appear to be concerned about the possibility that child abusers could be sterilised. He says Cabinet has never discussed that and it’s not something he personally supports. Family First national director Bob McCoskrie told Morning Report he supports the idea as dysfunctional parents should not have reproductive rights. He said the Government has to act in the best interests of children. 2011, Child, Youth and Family removed 148 babies either at birth or within a month. In 2010, it removed 177. Ms Bennett said decisions to remove a child were made case by case, usually because previous children had been abused by the parents or because of mental health issues. A court order issued when someone was being sentenced for child abuse or neglect would send a stronger message and act as a warning not to have more children. Parents would know in advance that the child would be taken from them if they did. Bob McCoskrie and Sue Bradford on National Radio Morning Reportlast_img read more

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