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Real Bread’s Lammas campaign

first_imgThe Real Bread Campaign is encouraging bakers across the country to bake a special loaf to celebrate Lammas.Taken from the Old English for loaf mass, Lammas, on 1 August, is an ancient harvest festival where bakers and millers came together to celebrate locally produced bread.A number of bakeries have already announced activities to celebrate the day. For example, Denver Mill in Norfolk will collect wheat from a local organic farm in the morning, mill it and bake a Lammas loaf, which will blessed by the local vicar.Slow Bread in Whitstable will bake rosemary-seasoned Lammas loaves in the shape of the god of harvest, and The Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow is offering families the chance to learn to bake or to bring their bread to share with others.“Not that we need an excuse to celebrate locally produced Real Bread but Lammas is a perfect one,” commented Chris Young of The Real Bread Campaign. More information can be found at or contact Chris Young or Richard Watts at [email protected] or call 020 7837 1228.last_img read more

Jake Peavy, Jackie Greene, Col. Bruce & More To Play Jerry Garcia Tribute Show

first_imgSan Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy made headlines recently, when he brought the famed Jerry Garcia “Tiger” guitar from Indianapolis to San Francisco for the Dead & Company performance at The Fillmore earlier this year. While “Tiger” never made it on stage, Peavy told us that he brought it to a late night jam session that featured some of the Bay Area’s most prominent players.Those same players will join forces for Can’t Stop The Train, a benefit concert for both the Jake Peavy Foundation and the Rex Foundation. The show itself will take place on August 17th, and will feature Peavy (and his band, The Outsiders), as well as an all-star cast that includes Jackie Greene, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jeff Sipe, Cody & Luther Dickinson, and Jennifer Hartswick of Trey Anastasio Band. It all goes down at The Fillmore, only adding to the excitement of this show!Major League Deadhead: Jake Peavy’s Unlimited Devotion To The Grateful DeadThe show is also one day before AT&T Park hosts Jerry Garcia Day, and the benefit will serve as a preamble for the large scale festivities. “Jerry Garcia Day at AT&T [park] is always such a huge event,” said Jake Peavy in a statement. “Coming to play baseball in the Bay Area, and seeing all of the enthusiasm for the Grateful Dead among the Giants fanbase…it inspired me to do something for those fans. And what better partnering organization to team up with than the Grateful Dead’s own Rex Foundation. We’re honored to be a part of this event and it’s going to be a very special night.”Special guests are expected be announced soon, and tickets are available through the Rex Foundation website starting this Friday, July 8th.last_img read more

Chautauqua County Sees First COVID-19 Related Death

first_imgMGN ImageMAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Department of Health says an 80-year-old man has died as a result of the COVID-19 virus.Officials say the man, who underwent testing and treatment at a hospital in Erie, died due to complications of the virus.As of Monday, Chautauqua County has a total of eight confirmed cases of the virus; including the death. The other seven individuals are recovering at home, officials said.Monday’s numbers are as follows: 21 in Mandatory Quarantine (individuals confirmed positive of COVID-19 or a household contact of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case);32 in Precautionary Quarantine (individuals with travel history to CDC level 3 country or proximal contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19);18 in Mandatory Isolation (individuals who are symptomatic of COVID-19 and are pending COVID-19 lab test);98 negative test results to date; and1 death.Chautauqua County Public Health staff says they perform an intensive investigation to identify close contacts of all confirmed positive cases.“Following guidance from NYSDOH, contact tracing begins on the day the person with the positive test started having symptoms,” said officials in a press release. “NYSDOH deems this the beginning of the infectious period.”Once identified, the department says they notify close contacts of those potentially exposed and they are placed under mandatory or precautionary quarantine to monitor for symptoms.“If you do not personally hear from a public health nurse, you are not a close contact of an individual who has been confirmed to have COVID-19,” furthered officials. “Per NYSDOH, close contact refers to a person who cared for or lived with a person with COVID-19. It does not include activities such as walking by a person or sitting across a waiting room or office for a brief time.”There continues to be a national shortage of personal protective equipment such as masks and gowns, collection swabs, and viral transport media supplies. As such, officials say it is critical that laboratory testing be prioritized for hospitalized patients and ill health care workers and nursing homes residents.“PPE must be appropriately utilized by the appropriate people,” said officials. “It is critical that we protect our healthcare workforce.”Any resident experiencing a fever, with cough or shortness of breath is asked to call their health care provider first for guidance.“DO NOT show up at their office, Urgent Care, or ER before calling,” expressed officials. “If symptoms are severe and/or you require an ambulance for transport, call 911 and notify the operator of your severe respiratory symptoms.”Officials also say the COVID-19 outbreak has led to the spread of fear and panic for individuals and communities. In addition to following physical precautions guidelines, they ask resident to take care of their psychological well-being.The Chautauqua County COVID-19 Response Team meets daily to stay up-to-date on rapidly changing situations. They ask that community members do the following:Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and wash them more frequently throughout the day;Avoid touching your face;Cover your coughs or sneezes;Avoid close contact with others by keeping a distance of six feet;Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces; andStay home and avoid contact with others if you are sick.For additional information, residents can call the NYS Coronavirus Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 or Chautauqua County DHHS at 1-866-604-6789. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),The Chautauqua County department of health is very negligent in keeping the people of this county informed in regard to the status of Covid 19 in the area. We should be told what locations were visited by positive and potentially positive people in the county.We are completely kept in the dark by the county representatives, unlike the leaders of Erie County or Mayor Sundquist who understand that the knowledge they share empowers their constituents.,Totally agree!! We are being left in the dark,they only shared the location first 3 cases…WHY??last_img read more

Tax holiday

first_imgMake a list and shop salesOnce you’ve narrowed down the supply list to the items you trulyneed to buy, stick to your list.”This may sound easy, but it’s not when your kids see all thelatest school items on display,” he said. “My advice is to leaveyour children at home when you go supply shopping so they won’t begyou to buy everything in sight.”Rupured recommends comparing prices before making final purchases.But he doesn’t suggest trying to save as much money as possible onschool supplies. “Being a smart shopper doesn’t always mean buyingthe least expensive items,” he said. “Sometimes cheaper isn’tbetter.”When it comes to buying a new book bag, Rupured says to wait untila week or so after school starts. “If you can convince your childto wait, virtually every book bag goes on sale,” he said. “You canfind many for one-fourth their original cost.”Many high quality book bags are guaranteed, so make sure you fileaway receipts and related paperwork for the future, Rupured said.Above all, teaching your children to take care of their schoolsupplies is one of the best money-saving moves you can make.”Getting them into this habit will save you a lot of moneythroughout the years,” he said. Clothing allowances give kids controlIf your child has specific preferences for shoes and clothingitems, Rupured recommends giving him a clothing allowance.”Kids tend to be much more thrifty with their own money than withtheir parents’ money,” he said. “It’s a valuable learningexperience for them, too, as they quickly figure out it’s better toget two or three less expensive items than one brand-name item.”General school supplies with a sales price of $20 or less per itemare also tax exempt during the holiday. If you don’t have theschool’s official supply list, Rupured recommends just buyingstandard items like pencils, paper and glue.To save money on supplies, Rupured also suggests taking aninventory of the supplies your children have left over from lastyear. “If the crayons aren’t broken and the binder is still in goodshape, you don’t have to buy new ones,” he said. By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaGeorgia parents should plan now for an upcoming holiday that’sdesigned to help them save money. Known as the sales tax holiday,the tax-free purchase days are set to begin this year at 12:01 a.m.on Aug. 3 and end at midnight Aug. 6.Save on computers, supplies, clothes”Georgia’s tax-free holiday is a time when parents can easily save6 to 7 percent on major purchases, like home computers,” saidMichael Rupured, a financial expert with the University of GeorgiaCooperative Extension. “The savings can really add up and make abig difference to family budgets. It’s also the biggest shoppingweekend outside the Christmas season.”A single $1,500 or less purchase of a personal computer and/orrelated items is exempt. Modems, printers, speakers andnonrecreational software are also tax exempt during the holidayperiod.The exemption also applies to articles of clothing and footwearwith a sales price of $100 or less per item. Clothing accessories,like handbags and jewelry, are not exempt.”Clothing is one of the largest expenses related to back-to-schoolshopping,” Rupured said. “New tennis shoes for school are as mucha tradition in America as cake on your birthday.”last_img read more

Cuomo Has Raised Millions Through Loophole He Pledged to Close

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York When he ran for office four years ago, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo pledged to close a loophole in the state’s campaign finance regulations allowing corporations and individuals to pour unlimited amounts of money into politics.Instead, he’s become the loophole’s biggest beneficiary.New York State forbids corporations from giving more than $5,000 a year to candidates and political committees. But limited liability companies—businesses that share attributes of corporations and partnerships—are allowed to give up to $60,800 to a statewide candidate per election cycle and up to $150,000 a year to candidates and committees overall. What’s more, corporations and individuals can set up an unlimited number of LLCs through which to donate, making the caps effectively meaningless.Cuomo took contributions from LLCs while running for governor in 2010, but said at the time that he was only accepting them so that he could get elected and change the law. He has twice proposed legislation that would eliminate the LLC exception, most recently in his budget proposal in January, but it hasn’t been enacted. He told reporters Wednesday that there was little chance any campaign finance reforms would pass before the legislative session ends next week.Cuomo has accepted more than $6.2 million from LLCs in the three and a half years since he took office, according to a ProPublica analysis of state campaign finance filings. That’s more than double the amount his two predecessors, Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson, took in during their combined four years in office. The contributions make up a sizeable chunk of the $33 million Cuomo has reported raising for his re-election campaign. (The data reflects contributions reported through mid-January, when candidates last filed disclosure reports.)In a statement, Cuomo spokesman Matthew Wing offered this to explain the apparent contradiction: “The Cuomo campaign is following existing campaign finance laws, while the Governor is leading the charge to reform them, including closing the loophole for LLCs.”That’s of little consolation to campaign finance watchdogs concerned that those who have—or are seeking to have—business with New York are continuing to use this wrinkle in the state’s contribution rules to exert their influence. Much of the money coming to Cuomo through LLCs appears to be from real estate developers, with cable companies and liquor distributors among those also providing healthy cash infusions.“This is a gaping hole,” said Dick Dadey, the executive director of Citizens Union, a New York good-government group. Getting rid of it is “an easy fix that would turn the spigot down a bit of the flow of money from big contributors.”It’s not always immediately apparent who controls the LLCs making the contributions. Some, like Time Warner NY Cable LLC, have familiar names. But many LLCs don’t give much of a clue as to who’s behind the money. Some controlled by real estate interests are named for streets or addresses—Arwin 88th Street LLC or 134 W 58 LLC—that require some digging to connect the dots.Cuomo has also taken far more from LLCs since his election than any other New York State politician or committee. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has accepted about $1 million from LLCs since 2011, according to ProPublica’s analysis. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee has received about $851,000, while the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has totaled about $172,000.New York’s rules for political giving by LLCs are among the loosest in the nation.Federal regulations generally bar LLCs, along with corporations and unions, from giving directly to federal candidates. The rules vary at the state level—at least six states allow unlimited contributions from all types of donors, while others ban donations from corporations and other businesses entirely. But few states have carved out exceptions for LLCs as generous as New York’s.Maryland and the District of Columbia passed legislation to close their versions of the LLC loophole last year.Cuomo has repeatedly called for tightening New York’s campaign finance limits since his election. After lawmakers failed to pass the ethics reforms he proposed last year—including closing the LLC loophole—Cuomo formed a Moreland Commission to investigate corruption and recommend new campaign finance laws.The commission’s preliminary report, released in December, illustrated how companies use LLCs to avoid contribution limits. A “representative string of emails” subpoenaed by investigators included “a lively discussion among members of an organization about which of the organization’s LLCs should be used to make a round of outsized contributions, based upon which ones had already given outsized contributions in the past,” the report said. The commission recommended closing the loophole, among other reforms.Instead, the loophole survived when Cuomo announced in March that he was shutting down the Moreland Commission. Lawmakers had agreed to adopt new bribery and anti-corruption measures, he said, so there was no longer a need for it.But that halted the panel’s investigation into potential campaign finance abuses by LLCs.“The commission was not given the time to accomplish what it was charged with doing,” said Richard Briffault, a Columbia Law School professor who served on the commission. “None of the investigations had time to be completed.”Of the LLCs giving to Cuomo, the most generous are controlled by Glenwood Management, a real estate development company headquartered on Long Island. Headed by Leonard Litwin, a reclusive 99-year-old magnate, Glenwood has given $800,000 to Cuomo since he took office using 19 separate LLCs. Glenwood’s LLCs have also given millions of dollars to other New York candidates and committees, both Democratic and Republican.Another real estate developer, the Extell Development Co., has also given extensively to Cuomo through LLCs, including two donations last year that were flagged by the Moreland Commission.Two LLCs affiliated with Extell gave the governor a total of $100,000 on Jan. 28, 2013—two days before Cuomo signed legislation that granted a tax break to Extell’s One57 skyscraper in Manhattan, as well as properties owned by four other developers. Two other LLCs with ties to Extell gave Cuomo another $100,000 six months later. (The contributions were first reported last year by The Daily News.)“While we do not comment on any specific campaign contributions, we categorically deny any quid pro quo between contributions and legislation,” Anna LaPorte, a spokeswoman for Extell, said in a statement to ProPublica. “Any suggestion to the contrary is an attempt to inhibit our constitutional right to have our voice heard on public policy issues.”There is no evidence that Cuomo played any role in inserting the tax breaks. Without naming Extell or Cuomo, however, the Moreland Commission called out the developers’ donations, saying they created “the appearance of a relationship between large donations and legislation that specifically benefits large donors.”“Our investigation continues and we draw no premature conclusions” about whether the tax breaks were improper, the commission wrote in its December report, “but it is clear that the combination of very large campaign contributions and very narrowly targeted benefits to those same donors creates an appearance of impropriety that undermines public trust in our elected representatives.”Real estate interests may take advantage of the LLC loophole partly because of the way their businesses are structured. Developers typically keep each of their properties in a separate LLC to limit their legal liability, giving them plenty of LLCs with which to write checks to politicians.“There is a lot of business they have before Albany,” said Bill Mahoney, the research coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group, “and this is one way for them to buy more access than other folks.”Indeed, other businesses with huge stakes in New York have used LLCs to write outsized checks to Cuomo.Since the governor took office, Time Warner Cable has contributed more than $60,000 to him through its LLC; LLCs affiliated with Cablevision have given $110,000. Two liquor distributors, Empire Merchants LLC and Empire Merchants North LLC, have given over $120,000. And two LLCs affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship have contributed $115,000 to Cuomo, plus tens of thousands of dollars more to state legislators and political committees.Cuomo has not proposed any legislation to legalize professional mixed martial arts events in New York, the only state that bans them. But almost a year after he received a $50,000 check from one of the LLCs, Cuomo seemed to come out in favor of overturning the ban.“I think we need economic activity, especially in upstate New York,” he said in a radio interview in 2013. “I think this is a major endeavor that is televised, that is happening all over the country at this point. You’re not going to stop it from happening. And I’m interested in the potential economic potential for the state.”Wing, the Cuomo spokesman, said there was no connection between the governor’s comments and the contributions.last_img read more

West Babylon Woman Found Dead, Husband Critically Wounded

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 32-year-old woman was found dead and her husband was discovered with serious self-inflicted injuries after authorities came to the couple’s West Babylon home over the weekend, Suffolk County police said.Officers responded to a 911 call at the victim’s Sheffield Avenue home, where Sonja Williams was found dead and her 31-year-old husband, Kerwyn Jaggernauth, was found with serious injuries inside their home at 2:25 p.m. Saturday, police said.Williams was pronounced dead at the scene. Jaggernauth was taken to a local hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information about this incident to call them at 631-852-6392 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.last_img read more

Hotel Nestos in Duce near Omis is the first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain

first_imgLocated ten meters from the famous sandy beach Duce, one of the symbols of the Omis region, this first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain has 31 accommodation units, of which 25 rooms and 6 suites, wellness & spa, outdoor heated pool, bar and a la carte The River Restaurant. The newest, sixteenth hotel in the Bluesun Hotels & Resorts chain opens its doors on the first day of June in Duće near Omis – Bluesun Hotel Nestos, which is categorized with 4 *** stars. “Individual approach to guests, friendly atmosphere, top offer of bars, restaurants, wellness and accommodation, offer of excursions and additional facilities are what we insist on. A guest who comes to Croatia knows why he chose her. Its beauty, the spirit of its historic towns and cities, the experience of the pristine Mediterranean, hospitality and professionalism – these are what make them come. So, I believe, it will be here, in Duce. In the privacy and peace of the hotel, with a beautiful beach literally – in the palm of your hand, you can completely merge with the place and feel Dalmatia. “Pointed out Martina Kovačić, director of the Salve Regina company Marija Bistrica Bluesun took over this newly built hotel from a local entrepreneur and will be on lease for the next ten years, as long as the Contract is signed. As Kovačić points out, in the first days of June, the booking started very well and a successful first season is expected. For now, it is planned to work until October 31, but the market will determine whether it may be longer, Kovačić concludes. Although according to all announcements and data from the field, this season will be, to say the least, challenging and according to the best expectations at last year’s level, the booking situation for a hotel that has a “soft opening” is very good. center_img The first boutique hotel in the Bluesun chain  The basic service is bed and breakfast, and guests can enjoy Mediterranean specialties a la carte a restaurant whose imaginative menu, based on local gastronomy, was designed by Bluesun’s corporate chef, Tomislav Kožić. The hotel, which owes its name to the ancient name for the river Cetina, is dominated by details in its distinctive, deep blue-green color that, as a motif, runs through the walls, designer furniture and carefully designed details blended with modern materials and stone. The youngest member of the chain, is conceptually different from the existing hotels in other sea destinations located in Bol, Supetar, Brela, Supetar, Tucepi, Stariagrad Paklenica. It has a very specific architecture, and consists of three buildings connected by “bridges” with a view of the pool, or a la carte restaurant.last_img read more

Digital tools give SMEs opportunity to evolve

first_imgSmall and medium enterprises (SMEs) stand to benefit from digital tools to manage their finances and operations, as well as make strategic business decisions as the pandemic accelerates the use of technology, experts have said.Adhitya Satriadi, the managing director of TMP Accounting, said on Thursday that there were plenty of digital tools in the market to help SMEs optimize their businesses.“There are several tools that can make your life easier in order to better manage your finances,” Adhitya said in a Jakpost Up Close webinar titled “Digitizing SMEs, managing finances to weather crisis”. MokaPos, Xero, Google Drive, OnlinePajak, Gadjian and Syft Analytics are some of the digital tools he mentioned. Adhitya said the pandemic was giving SMEs the opportunity to digitize and better manage their finances throughout the pandemic, which has hit small businesses hard. Out of more than 60 million small businesses in Indonesia, only 13 percent have gone digital.Micro, small and medium enterprises account for 60 percent of Indonesia’s GDP and 97 percent of the Indonesian workforce, according to official data. An estimated 5.5 million workers risk losing their jobs as a result of the pandemic, indicating the crucial role SMEs play in the Indonesian economy, The Jakarta Post deputy editor-in-chief M. Taufiqurrahman said in the webinar.Gojek head of merchant platform business Novi Tandjung said a recent survey on its merchants in April indicated there was optimism over an economic recovery. Eight out of 10 businesses said they expected business conditions to improve in the next six months, according to the study.“Things are changing and they need to adapt. But they feel super optimistic,” Novi said. “They do have the survival mentality [and their] adaptability is high. That is encouraging for us.”Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in March, leaving brick-and-mortar stores with fewer customers, more than 100,000 small businesses have signed up for Gojek’s digital tools, according to data collected by the firm between March and May.Hoping to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this, Gojek is offering multiple tools SMEs can use to expand their access to consumers, business knowledge and infrastructure, with analytical tools and apps being used to manage supplies of raw materials.Most SMEs that had partnered with Gojek used its point-of-sales platform, GoBiz, to manage their finances, Novi said.Recognizing that the pandemic has forced small businesses to adapt, the government has partnered with tech-based companies to help 2 million small businesses establish an online presence.Big businesses are also helping, using digital tools to support their growth. Gojek’s analytical tools have helped coffee chain Kopi Kenangan identify locations that have a high demand for its products.“It is very important for us to understand consumer behavior,” said Rahmat Budiardjo, Kopi Kenangan senior vice president. “It will be very important in the future.”The coffee chain, after securing US$109 million in its latest round of funding in May, is planning to open 500 new stores this year. The firm currently operates 324 stores and delivers its beverages, including iced coffee, via its mobile app and GoFood.Between March and May, Gojek booked a threefold increase in instant food and drink transactions on GoFood.Local fashion brand Cotton Ink also uses digital tools, including social media, to communicate with its customers. The pandemic, for example, led them to double down on its strategy, according to Ria Sarwono, the firm’s founder and marketing director.Cotton Ink tried to introduce new products like cloth masks and expand its customer base by opening a business-to-business partnership to offset the losses caused by pandemic restrictions.However, like other firms, the pandemic-induced downturn forced the firm to keep revising its long-term business plan and consider taking a bank loan to stay afloat.“Before the pandemic, we had a three-year plan, five-year plan. But everything changed three months ago,” Ria said.“We do not have an emergency fund. I think this will be the first time we consider a bank loan to support our operations.”Adhitya of TMP Accounting said businesses needed to build an emergency fund regardless of their size, one that could cover operational expenses for three to six months.“In the pandemic situation, the emergency fund is one of the most important things businesses should have because of the uncertainty,” said Adhit.“In this pandemic, business owners also have to run through all expenses and cut unimportant expenses to make sure the business is running as efficient as possible and as long as possible.”Topics :last_img read more

Hernandez hails De Gea

first_imgManchester United striker Javier Hernandez believes there is currently no other goalkeeper in the world on a par with his team-mate David De Gea. Press Association De Gea has had his ability questioned at various times over the last couple of years following his switch to United from Atletico Madrid, but in February Hernandez declared his confidence in the 22-year-old, claiming that “in a couple of years he will be the number one in the world”. Since then, De Gea has helped the Red Devils to clinch the Barclays Premier League title, been named in the Professional Footballers’ Association’s team of the year and, with Spain, won the European Under-21s Championship in Israel, where he kept four clean sheets in five games. And Mexico international Hernandez told Inside United: “For me he’s the best goalkeeper in the world.” center_img He added: “We all talk about development and having to go down a certain career path and, of course, at his age many people would have been scared to give him the place he’s earned for himself. “But I think that this season (2012-13) he’s really benefited from being given the opportunity to play on a regular basis. “He was first choice between the sticks and I think that any player in the world shows his true ability when he gets the chance to have a decent run of games in the side, and David has really shown his quality. “He was voted the best keeper in the Premier League, so I’d say he’s doing very nicely thank you.” last_img read more

Region One Steering Committee installed

first_img–Moves closer to becoming GFF Regional Member AssociationREGION One has moved one step closer to becoming a Regional Member Association (RMA) of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) with the establishment of a steering committee yesterday at Moruca, sub-district Region 1.The committee was presented with its Terms of Reference (ToR), which includes among others, the development of a Constitution and the registration of clubs in the region.President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, who is among a three-man visiting team, said the GFF is pleased to offer the structure and organisation necessary to enable the region to maximise its resources:“The expansion of football across Guyana is beyond the mandate of the GFF’s Executive Committee. We also have a moral obligation to give every young boy and girl the opportunity to play football; and within the Barima-Waini community there are a lot of passionate and talented young footballers.The only way that the GFF can give them the level of support that is needed to bring structure and organization to the game is by having the steering committee start the important work of leading Region 1 towards full-fledge membership of the Guyana football fraternity.”Forde said while this is considered an ad-hoc committee under the GFF’s Constitution, with a six-month life-span, “our goal is to propose Region One’s membership to the Congress in May 2018 but, of course, that will be based entirely on the work the steering committee does to demonstrate to the Executive Committee that they’re worthy of being inducted as members of the Guyana Football Federation.”“Government’s support to this endeavour is critical, given the logistics of integrating Region 1 into national football,” said Forde. “We also take this opportunity to invite the NGOs and all stakeholders within the Region 1 community to come on board and support the work of the steering committee and do whatever is necessary to help Region One’s integration into national football.”Forde added that the establishment of the Steering Committee will see GFF’s immediate technical support to the region via capacity-building sessions to identify coaches, referees and others, as necessary. Other members of the visiting team are Dion Inniss, GFF’s Executive Committee member, and Ian Greenwood, GFF’s Technical Director.last_img read more

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